“Deep Recon”

“Gate’s coordinates verified” – the verisimilitude of war and terror has reared its ugly head and unfortunately for Team Doberman, it’s hardly a pretty picture! There seems to be little doubt that Majestic Prince has moved into uncharted territories – the woe and adversity that beset this war have never been far from the surface, but such crude reality was, for certain, acknowledged more overtly this time around! The humans are on the losing end and Majestic Prince has in no way tried to conceal their beleaguerment – all hands on deck, Earth is desperately trying to find a silver lining and huge sacrifices sometimes come in lockstep with such foolhardiness. I readily admit, the bombshell hit me really hard when it blew up – Team Doberman has dodged more death flags than I could count and I have fully expected them to survive this latest ordeal. Even if some of them were fated for an untoward demise, I sure as hell didn’t expect Rakesh Chandrasekhara (Fujiwara Yuuki) to be the last man standing – Chandra’s the one “bummer” who was the least fleshed out and he certainly hasn’t made as strong an impression as his teammates. Patrick, in particular, has grown on me big-time in the last few episodes – his unrequited love for Tamaki makes for some good laugh-out-louds, and it’s immensely regrettable that such puppy love will never get to see the light at the end of the tunnel! The unfortunate fate that befell Patrick occurred in no more than a split second – it was afflictive, galling and above all, brutal, an advent that stands in stark contrast to the typical upbeat tone of the show.

Patrick’s abrupt death was pretty unsettling to say the least – Randy’s, on the other hand, wasn’t nearly as lurid! As a matter of fact, it’s the complete opposite and his final moments in the spotlight were surprisingly full of pep, a grand terminus befitting of his larger-than-life character. There’s no denying it – Randy is a bona fide badass, and the supreme fortitude that he displayed in the front line was truly one of a kind. His words of encouragement were what spurred Chandra forward at the most crucial instant – and despite his goofy persona, Randy has proven time and time again that his leadership skills are unparalleled. Team Doberman has, needless to say, earned my utmost respect – we’ve known right from the beginning that this mission was fraught with peril, and that’s a fact that Commander Simon has made no effort to sugarcoat. The ensuing aftermath was hardly the most ideal – but at the very least, both Patrick and Randy can rest in peace knowing that “Operation Eagle Landed” was indeed a success and their heroic sacrifice wasn’t all for naught! As many have correctly surmised, the humans intend to destroy the Wulgaru’s “portal gate” in an effort to impede their ongoing anabasis. Whether such an endeavor would prove to be worthwhile or not is a question that remained up in the air, but it is also undeniable that this is a step in the right direction, an expedient which makes a human triumph within the realm of possibility!

The ill-fated passing of both Randy and Patrick is going to eat the Zannen 5 alive – and as if the existing albatross wasn’t arduous enough already, such heavy news will surely have an adverse psychological impact on all of them, especially Izuru who, I suspect, is going to be the one that is most profoundly stricken! Speaking of Izuru, there appears to be something fishy going on with the state of his health – the excessive usage of the JURIA-AHSMB combo might have taken a toll on his body and such a contingency could come back to haunt us toward the end. The next grand showdown will probably set the stage for a conclusion and with Team Doberman out of commission, the Bunny’s role as the vanguard will now be more imperative than ever. Lutier (Yukana), the busty Wulgaru Commander, is very much cognizant of the human’s reconnaissance effort and it’s safe to assume the alien race will take precautionary measures to counteract any incoming attacks. Then there’s also the question at issue that surrounds the prevailing gap in technological know-how – as it turns out, the Earthlings have yet to travel past Saturn, and unfortunately for them, the very “portal gate” that they are targeting is located way beyond the sixth planet! All of that points to a bumpy road ahead for the Zannen 5 and while I still fully expect an eventual victory for the humans, it sure as hell doesn’t look like a Wulgaru defeat is going to come easy – which would, of course, make the ultimate happily-ever-after ending all the more invaluable!

Random tidbits:

  • “Who are you calling a failure? I’m a bummer” – RIP Randy! RIP Patrick! Majestic Prince will never be the same without your goofy charms.
  • “Are you eyeing Master Daneel?” – Poor guy, Tamaki still thinks he’s gay. Being Patrick is worse than being Kuroneko, and that’s quite telling!
  • “Doesn’t this actress kinda resemble Captain Amane”? – I wholeheartedly agree with Randy’s superior taste in woman. The onee sama type is simply the very best! Does that make me a masochistic freak?
  • “It looks like an erected…” – Oh Randy, I miss you already! A badass and a pervert, he would make a great protagonist for High School DxD!
  • “Please pick up that new porn I’ve ordered!” – That was, indeed, Randy’s last words, right before he was blown into smithereens.  A badass bummer till the very end!
  • “I’ve only got my eyes for guns!” – What the hell is wrong with him? Ataru needs a good dose of Akeno sempai, if you ask me!
  • “She looks like his mom” – Ouch! That was pretty harsh. To each his own, as long as Chandra is happy!
  • I got the chills when I heard the first OP, “Watashi wa Souzou Suru”, playing in the background.  I’m a huge fan of Ishikawa Chiaki’s work and lucky for us, she has graced us with a brand new piece – “Respect Me”, the fourth ED of Majestic Prince!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 19:There are only so many death flags one can dodge – the first blood has been drawn, make that two! #Anime
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ED4 Sequence

ED4: 「Respect Me」by 石川智晶 (Ishikawa Chiaki)



    1. Yeah I swear those guys were just throwing up death flags one after the other. Hell i was sure they guy who said he was gonna get married after the war was gonna be the first one to go. I mean it was just so cliche with how many common death flags they were setting. At one point during the episode I just said to the screen “DAMMIT WE KNOW THEIR GOING TO DIE ALREADY STOP WITH ALL THE DEATH FLAGS!”.

      1. Pattrick!Andy! I knew it if they were going to kill anyone they were the secure targets, poor bastards. I salute you guys, you died as real soldiers and I hpoe Izuru rips Jiart apart at the end in your honor. This episode must be remember as the king of deat flags in just a single rise by a trio. By the way Haseo-san, nice name you have there bro.

  1. And I thought you’d be alive if you were to promise a confession to the girl, not ATTEMPT (and fail) a confession before you go.

    Then there’s the problem with the lack of weapons the Bummer 3 had. ONLY 2 SWORDS for constant use? There should be more armaments for them heading out on those big boosters.

  2. I already feared the bullet dodging was over when they announced the mission for team Doberman. It sounded like a straight suicide mission and it unfortunately was. Pretty harsh for the team to meet the elite fighters of Wulgaru while in non-AHSMB gear themselves, which brings me to my main point of suspicion since the start of the show.

    Every time there’s a mission (repairs, convoy guiding, abandoned bases, recon/search, etc.), mission control expect no resistance or any hostile activity. But the Wulgaru manage to arrive there every single occasion (or even lie in ambush) which leads me to assume that it’s some kind of setup (masterminded by both earthlings and Wulgaru!).

    It would fit the story as the Wulgaru are so fond of hunting their prey, so maybe they don’t mind some role playing wargame or just simply partaking in interesting set-pieces (just look back at the event with the mindset of a Wulgaru).

    Either that or the Wulgaru also have a spy among the military top of the earthlings, I suspect the commander with the weird visor aka Geordi La Forge wannabe 😛

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Wulgaru spy hidden somewhere, but I don’t think it’s going to be Simon – he’s somewhat of a mystery, but he hasn’t done anything that would suggest that thus far 😡

  3. Ironically the guy with the biggest death flag is the only one who made it.
    But yeah,I really like this episode and it was sad to see Randy and Patrick bite the dust despite not getting as much spotlight as the Zannen 5.
    I also noticed how the new ed shows 3 dots of light flying into space but at the end of the ed,2 of them fly off,leaving the other dot alone. “Respect Me” indeed.
    RIP Randy and Patrick,you will both be missed.

  4. Team Doberman has to have some kind of record of how many death flags they tripped in an entire run of a series. Its practically a mine field at this point and the only thing they probably left out was eating pineapple salad. Alas plot armor can only bring one so far.

    Patrick’s death was really tragic, it was all completely pointless and he never did achieve anything. At least Randy got to die in a blaze of glory. So at least I can salute Randy and recall his final lesson: That getting boners makes one feel alive and motivates one to defend others. Granted that doesn’t make much sense but I’m going to remember it for his sake!

  5. Chandra might not survive either. The way the scene ends seems to suggest he may have died from lack of oxygen. His helmet was cracked and his RHINO was heavily compromised so some venting is possible. It would be more dramatic also.

  6. Patrick said he ordered some of Tamaki’s favorite food. I wonder if there’s a chance she’ll get the gift. Maybe he even wrote a note for her. Just a thought, assuming he had it mailed to her anyway. I’d like to think so, considering the last thing he was thinking of was getting to see Tamaki again, it’d be nice to know if she got it. Who knows, maybe it’ll be Tamaki’s turn to take out a Wulguru commander, Lutier, for Patrick’s sake. Either way things sure are heating up, can’t wait for next week’s episode.

    1. I say that it’s about time we see berserker tamaki. But patrick’s and randy’s death is definitely heart wrenching.

      Even with those deathflags (they could have just titled this ep deathflags) this is definitely one of the best death scenes of side characters i have seen recently. The dobermans were properly built as characters making their deaths have emotional impact on the audience and not just a convenient device to keep the plot going (i am looking at you valvrave 3:) ).

      A salute for the fallen doberbros.

      Oh, and maybe it’s time we add porn viewing on the list of death flags 😉

  7. I said it back when they were introduced, I’ll say it again: there’s no way you can keep raising so many death flags.

    It was weird though, that the guy with the most concrete plans for the future (He gots a fiancee!) was the one who survived, whereas the carefree disappointment and the airheaded guy both were lost.

  8. 2/3rds of the doberman, gone. Damn, but if you think about it they really had gone overdue with their deathflags.

    And blonde-kun died like a dog! He was almost home! Fuck shit, no one deserves to go like that. And Tamaki still thought he was gay.

    Raise your glasses to the doberman, folks. They died doing their duty and they did it well.

  9. I knew this day was coming, as much as I wish they could keep dodging the death flags I think a lot of us knew Team Doberman was someday going finally pay for raising so many death flags but I was personally hoping it would be in the final battle (Or even better if they kept dodging those flags)

  10. I thought this episode was brilliant – overdoing the death flags to the point where you couldn’t even tell which ones were real anymore, followed by two well done deaths on the extreme ends of the spectrum: instant w/o warning and heroic last stand, with dying words speaking of Randy’s one true love – porn. Bravo Majestic Prince.

  11. Damn death flags, damn. lol XD

    The first deathflag I met in the anime was “when I return, I will marry.” I learned it in the anime “The Tower of Druaga”, the first anime I read and followed by randomc. I found randomc looking information of “The Tower of Druaga” and after reading the post of omni, I interest to watch the anime . And since then randomc is the blog where I read and find out about the anime of the season, and also knew much more information.

    Amusingly is also in TTOD where this deathflag, marked on Utu, did not work. Chandra was lucky, and I hope he lasts until the end of the series.

    I will miss much to Patrick and Randy, they gave their best T_T

    I already want the next episode. I’ll read you in the next Seishun. Take care of yourself.

  12. This was rough. And then when the opening starts playing it’s like a knife. Cause you know it’s going to be awesome. You also know it’s going to be tragic. So sad. Team Doberman were some of my favorite supporting characters in a long time.


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