「授業参観、はじまります!」 (Jugyō Sankan, Hajimarimasu!)
“The Class Observation Begins!”

“Are you glad you met me?” – I can’t speak for everyone, but I sure as hell am! True to its repute as the very apotheosis of ecchi, there has never been a lack of gorgeous, extraordinarily attractive females in High School DxD. Every one of us surely has our own preference, but let’s face it – nobody in the right mind would be able to resist Rias sempai’s charm and she is truly the embodiment of an ideal divinity, a goddess that is so flawless, yet not entirely out-of-our-reach! Her striking appearance is, without question, a clear standout, but that’s not all there is to Rias – the president of the Occult Kenkyuu-bu has so much more to offer and not least of which is the unswerving benevolence that she exemplifies. As a matter of fact, I am struck by just how down- to-earth she seems and her ingratiating presence, while seemingly picture perfect on the surface, is perhaps just as human as any of us – Rias cries when she needs to, she feels remorse when her strength fails her and she’s certainly not above the pettiness of a jaundiced eye. Rias always has the best interest of her peerage in mind, but the fact that she sees Issei as more than a mere pawn is also beyond doubt – actions speak louder than words, Rias is clearly head over heels in love with him and my heart literally skipped a beat when she sealed the bargain with an affectionate kiss! Her supreme fortitude can easily pass off as one of the toughest warriors, but Rias is indisputably still a woman at heart – inherently complex, somewhat spoiled, but never fails to be endearing! Issei is fully cognizant of all that and the aspiring Harem King is, no doubt, deeply captivated by his beloved buchou. Almost every time, I get the chills when the show teases us with the cute little twinkling that those two share – and just this week, Rias, in her moment of vulnerability, quietly reached out to Issei’s hand with her very own. High School DxD has the entire shooting match going for it, but it’s the seemingly trivial minutiae that makes the series so special – its character drama and the elements of romcom that ensue are, no doubt, one of the most exquisite, if not the very best!

Clearly, Rias and Issei are made for each other – but that doesn’t mean the rest of the girls can’t put up a good challenge and we all know, for sure, the pervert in Issei would never say no to the beautiful ladies, well-clad, kinkily dressed or buck naked! Akeno sempai is, without doubt, a force to be reckoned with – both a class-S looker and a self-proclaimed sadomasochist, the Ikazuchi no Miko has quite a hearty dose of nymphet going for her. Akeno is well-versed in the fine art of seduction and she would unquestionably make one hell of a mistress – not to mention a very sly and sneaky one! No matter when or where they are, Akeno almost never missed a chance to play up her promiscuous ways, even when Rias is right under her nose. In fact, I have a feeling she gets a kick out of driving Rias up the wall and such a characterization fits snugly into her peerless sadism. The queen of Rias’ peerage, for certain, is a constant tease – but Akeno has also admitted overtly that she cares about Issei a whole lot. Issei’s ever-expanding harem will always have a spot for her, but I don’t think our Sekiryuutei will come to see Akeno as anything more than an enchantress and a sex symbol. Despite his overwhelming libido, Issei’s heart only truly belongs to one girl and that person is none other than Rias – this is something that I feel very strongly about and I sure hope Issei doesn’t prove me wrong, not now and not ever! Then there’s Xenovia, the oh-so-baka Xenoviachii, who is quickly emerging as a shoo-in for the big-laughs. Her unique brand of baka shares certain similarities to Asia’s dewy-eyed naiveté – after all, they were both raised in the same secluded environment and it’s only normal that they lack the conventional know-how of an everyday man! But make no mistake about it – Xenovia is no dovelike-nun, and the newly-minted knight packs a great deal of oomph in just about everything she says and does. “Let’s first make use of these and practice” – while proudly brandishing an assortment of condoms, Xenovia orated all of that with a straight face and in front of the entire class, no less! The former Church minion is saucy tomboy through and through – her outright veracity and candidness can push the wrong buttons at times, but they sure as hell do make for some of the darnedest side-splits and that, in and of itself, has made me one of Xenovia’s biggest fans!

Xenovia is not the only one who has the crack-up jokes in hand – she has a legitimate contender this week and nothing, not even Xenovia’s tomfoolery, can come close what Serafall Leviatan has in store for us! Standing tall as one of the Four Great Satans, Serafall or better known as Levia★tan is quite a handful to say the least. Both a siscon and a mahou shoujo fanatic, Serafall took the big stage by storm – from the way she speaks, her childlike demeanor, right down to her cutesy pink get-up – everything about the Maou Shoujo is bound to raise the devil with her all-too-serious younger sister! Souna and Serafall are nothing alike, icy and composed on one end, zesty and frivolous on the other – whether it’s their character disposition or the disparity of their bust size, the stark contrast between those two is nothing short of staggering. Serafall has surely made her mark – but she’s hardly the only one who struck an impression this week! Vali, the host of the Vanishing Dragon, continues to be one of the most fascinating elements in the mix – he’s pretty much still a closed-book, but there are bits and pieces of his persona that are slowly raveling out, starting with the blatant jeer and brickbat that he slammed in Issei’s face. The course has been set for Issei and it doesn’t look like he has much of a say in this imminent confrontation – Issei’s fate is, to a great extent, tied to the long history that surrounds the Two Heavenly Dragons, and Vali is clearly the yin to his yang, a rival and a nemesis that he can in no way shuffle off! A showdown between the Nitenryuu is bound to happen sooner or later – but before we can get to the ultimate clash, there’s a new mystery at hand that needs to be addressed first. As it turns out, Rias has a second Bishop – a mysterious being, whose flair and ability are supposedly fraught with hazard, so much so that even the likes of Rias, a High-class Devil, couldn’t cope! Gasper, the friendly towhead, is most probably the new character in question, and if the teasers and its new OP are any indicator, there’s definitely more to all of this than meets the eyes – a slew of secrets, shockers and dramatics that await us in the killer second half!

Random tidbits:

  • That kiss and that cute little moment when Rias reached out to Issei’s hands – Chills, I tell you! Chills! I’m not sure if I can contain the fanboy in me any longer, “Kyaaaaaa!”
  • “Buchou’s oppai, her waist, her thighs, I’ve saved so many backups in my memory, I’ve even tagged and sorted everything into folders” – Now that’s what I call ART! A perverted mind like no other, Issei and his ecchi ways are truly one of a kind.
  • “Cover your stump before you hump” – Practice makes perfect, gotta give Xenovia props for being such a responsible kid! She even got Asia on board, “Arigatou Gozaimasu”!
  • “I would’ve gladly suck it out for you” – Gosh, Akeno is such a tease! I wanna strip her naked, pin her to the wall and… Bleep… Bleep
  • “Call me Levia★tan! Kira ☆~(ゝ。∂)” – Serafall ain’t no Mahou Shoujo, she’s a Maou Shoujo, one that comes with the bounciest boobs, complete with a jiggling goodness of sound effects!
  • Yes, I fully realize I’m falling behind with my blogging commitments – Sorry about that and I hope I can bring things up to speed again very soon, thanks for bearing with me! I’ve included some PV screen caps in this post – High School DxD’s second OP and the latest piece from Zaq (best known for Chuunibyou’s “Sparkling Daydream”)!
  • Random question #1 – Do you think I should make a “who’s your favorite High School DxD girl” poll? Let me know if there’s any interest and I’ll see if I can make one for the finale post!
  • Random question #2 – What’s your favorite brand of rubber? I’m a Trojan Thintensity guy. TMI? You’re welcome.

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – High School #DxD NEW 08: A primer for a wannabe Harem King – safe sex is the best sex, multicolored condoms are always welcome, “finger-job” is good for your soul and Maou Shoujo for the win! #Anime
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Eyecatch & Preview


OP2: 「 激情論」(Gekijō-ron) by Zaq


  1. I love this show. It retains its magnificent OPPAI shots while still having that subtle feel of danger on the background.

    Like you know something is about to happen or go down, but you are just….fascinated by Onee-samas…………

    Ummm, what was I talking about?

  2. Xenovia asking for it and to have safe sex in school, sexy bitch!
    *Bonus points for Asia’s red-face and double panty shot*
    Rias clay-statue, 20,000 yen!
    Akeno want to be Issei’s clay model while trying to sex-up the Harem King in training, Nice!
    Levi-tan’s childish get-up, so cute that made me want to hug while her nipples are sticking out.

    Story-wise, I notice that Ddraig’s explanation about him and Albion’s current state was split from Issei’s declaration to suck Rias’ tits in episode 2 (just like Akeno’s affair attempt and Rias mad jealousy).
    As for Vali, he can be such an ass and a bad-ass at the same time.

  3. Seriously enjoying DxD. The story, conflicts, and characters are leaps beyond the previous season’s. Getting attached to the characters certainly help with the humor and DxD has always been great at the OPPAI so…

  4. Even though they go big on the whole harem scenario in this series, I find that I can’t help but just root for a simple Rias x Issei ending. The rest of the girls do have their appeal (especially Akeno and Xenovia), but Rias simply trounces any competition.

  5. Whether she’s flirting with Issei alone or in front of Rias,Akeno really seem’s to be having fun no matter what.This season’s made me like her so much more,lol – so much that I’d love knowing a bit more about her.Especially after we got teased about her being the daughter of a one of the leaders of the fallen angels & all.By the looks of the opening,it seems we’ll be getting just that so I don’t think I’m wrong in getting my hopes up 😀

    I also wonder if the Akeno & Rias rivalry will get more intense.

  6. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, err ahem, that moment aside, great comedy episode. Xenoviachii may be a Baka but she is a safe Baka! Issei…. all I can say is…. good job man!
    On a side note I feel ashamed for not noticing Kei and Rias-sempai have the same VA 🙁
    But oh well! Make that poll seishun! MAKE IT. Don’t worry about the late posts, I always like reading your posts since you make up with not being timely with having fun and quality reading material. In my opinion of course.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad you like my work!
      Let’s hope I can get things back on track before this season ends – I feel awful about falling behind. Thanks for bearing with me everyone 😡
      LOL how could you not notice? Hikasa Yoko has a pretty distinctive voice :3

  7. Oh my…
    DAT SRSFACE Xenovia with “protection” in the middle of the classroom!
    I LITERALLY fell off the chair.
    As long as Issei keeps to having naked females as theme, he can be second coming of greatest sculptors of antiquity!
    The role reversal between responsible cool imouto and anime-crazed cosplaying oneechan was great too. <3 Levia-tan!
    And DAT KISS! we all knew that Rias is madly in love with Issei but I think no one save those who read the novels already expected for her to make such a bold move. I guess the pressure by Akeno's competition made her decide…

  8. so um if all set

    1. vali appear give only want to talk give issei, rias, etc being hmm wonder his planning (give notice it sadou maou (vali) vs emi the hero (rias) all over again).

    2. issei’s dragon arm talk history how dragons so much arguee cause 3 faction to team-up to stop the dragon.

    3. xeno trying get “patch” stuck on issei give one to asia of course rias still hmm on akeno take on issei.

    4.school family day give issei shown to be artist making rias figure, then meet student council’s pres sister aka levia doing magical girl.

    5. meet rias’ father give lead feast in issei place with rias going why my family is so doing this to me then issei check-up on rias & got kiss.

    6. & rias’ brother it’s time for rias to unleash her other “bishop”.

  9. So many bitches in heat. I know Issei is a kind-hearted pervert, but he should knock these girls up when they ask it!!! Rias wants it, Asia doesn’t want to be left out, Akeno wants to enter the competition, Xenovia already made her point twice and Koneko despise the perverted way of Issei.

    As for Seishun’s questions:
    1- YES, you should do that!
    2- I’m a combination man, never rely on one and only birth control method. Rubber isn’t foolproof, twice I broke it with my girl. One time I had to “cheat”. :'( But since its the rubber band, I use Trojan extra strength.

    1. While he is still the kind pervert we are seeing now, the fact that he got killed by his first date ( and the tight lease in combination with the interruptions he keeps getting don’t really help either ) made him uncertain in how honest they are with their love for him.

      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. +200 Seishun Points for answering my second question, you’re the only one who did, bravo my good Sir LOL
      You forgot all about Yuuto, he clearly wants a piece of Issei as well nishishi~

  10. This is the first series ive seen in a long time that is able too do echii correctly; not to mention this season is much above the first one (although i definetly enjoyed the first season immensely)

  11. Issei gets to properly meet his arch-enemy and learn some important history in this awesome episode of DxD!

    I wasn’t expecting the story behind Ddraig and Albion’s feud to be so deeply connected to the mythology of the DxD universe. Their massive power and refusal to end their fight led all three sides in the Great War to actually form a truce to stop them, and that holds major implications with the Summit coming up soon. It can’t just be a coincidence that the Welsh Dragon and the Dividing Dragon have finally encountered one another just as all three sides are coming together again. The history of it also puts a lot of weight and importance on the future conflict between Issei and Vali, a fight that’s spanned centuries with the same dragons but different players, and with this context in mind I could feasibly see Vali as a “final boss” of sorts for Issei. Personally, I really like how Ishibumi-Sensei handled this, as conflicts with meaning are always the best to watch, and that’s not something you often find in a harem action show. DxD has always been a step above some of its predecessors, and it’s good to see that continuing moving forward.

    Speaking of the Dividing Dragon, we finally get our first real meeting with Vali and at first glance he seems to be an affable fellow. Never dropping his sneer, he basically calls out Issei on how weak a Devil and Sacred Gear user he is, probably in an attempt to goad him to become a more worthy opponent for their eventual fight. There’s no personal vendetta or scorn in it, and with how weak Issei is compared to him, I can see Vali not putting much stock in the fight because there’s seemingly no challenge in it. The best he can do is get Issei to at least try and better himself so that there’ll be a little challenge. But beneath that exterior lies a side of him that I feel was briefly seen when the Occult Club confronted him. If Kiba and Xenovia hadn’t sheathed their blades, I have a feeling Vali wouldn’t have batted an eye at killing all of them right then and there. Compared to his power, most other beings should seem like ants, so it’s not his problem if they challenge him. I can see Issei earning a true acknowledgment as an arch-enemy by Vali as a major achievement he’ll have to earn in the future. His connection to the Fallen Angles, and exactly what he is aside from being Albion’s user, still remains a mystery but I’m sure all that and more will probably become clear around the time of the summit.

    With Issei’s art prowess in this episode, I’m left wondering if there’s anything that man’s lust can’t do? Well, aside from winning over Koneko I guess. Issei’s perverted lust might just be the key to closing the gap between him and Vali, because if the thought of suckling breasts is enough to let him briefly overpower Kokabriel, then his lust may just give him the edge he needs to be on an even playing field with Vali. Though power isn’t all Vali has over Issei. Vali has a completely evolved Balanced Breaker, while Issei still only has a ten second armor. The power of dragons are on par with God and Maou, and if Issei wants to stand a chance against Vali, he’s going to have to start tapping into it fast.

    I wonder if Xenovia propositioning Issei for sex at the most inopportune and awkward moment is going to be a running gag?

    Akeno’s offer in this episode made me realize something… Issei has never properly seen Akeno naked. He’s seen Rias and Asia, but not Akeno. I’m expecting this to get rectified in the future.

    Observation Day, AKA, embarrassing family moments day. At least that was the case for the cast of DxD. We got to meet Sona’s sister Serafall Leviatan, which I wasn’t expecting, who provided a hilarious look at how human culture is seeping into the world of devils and a terrifying glimpse at what their leadership is like. There’s been glimpses of it with Sirzechs this season, but Serafall basically confirms that all the Four Satans are both massively powerful and “out there” mentally. I pity the poor souls who work under them, and I’m scared to meet the rest! Here’s hoping they’re not all siscons. All in all though, it was nice to get some development for Sona even when she’s not part of the Occult Club or the harem. And an embarrassed Sona is a massively cute Sona.

    We also get to finally meet Lord Gremory, voiced by none other than the incredible Show Hayami, and boy is he young! Poor Rias has to deal with her doting brother and father, and I’m left wondering when we’ll finally get to meet Mrs. Gremory. As it’s highly likely Rias got her looks from her mother, and considering how Lord Gremory looks, I’m expecting to meet a very fine woman indeed!

    We got some good relationship moments from Issei and Rias in this episode, with Rias still reeling from Akeno’s advances on Issei and the awkwardness of her family barging into the home of the guy she loves, and Issei dealing with how he sees Rias as a woman that he wants for himself but can’t have. I think Issei’s reaction is the result of a lot of things, some of which is partly Rias’ fault, such as how he can’t see women being legitimately attracted to him after Reynalle and how Rias from the start of their relationship treated him more like a cute pet than someone she sees as a lover. Of course the situation’s changed, and if Rias giving Issei a second kiss means anything, it’s that he’s not just another member of her peerage, he’s the man she’s in love with. And it looks like she’s going to start fighting fire with fire to beat Akeno, though where that leaves poor little Asia is anyones guess. Though with Rias having taken two of Issei’s kisses, I wonder if they’ll be a chance of another member of the harem locking lips with him in the future?

    Next week it looks like we’re finally going to meet the secret Bishop of Team Gremory. Going by Rias’ reaction and the fact that the Bishop was sealed, it seems that despite having been with the group for a while, Rias isn’t as close to them as she is with the current members. In any case, with Xenovia having already joined, it seems like the group dynamic of the Occult Research Club is drastically changing. I foresee some team development in the future as Xenovia and the new Bishop get better acquainted Issei and the rest of the cast. And considering Rias’ high standards for her peerage, I’m very interested in seeing just what this new Bishop is capable of.

  12. Just a side thought that occurred to me. Can you imagine the power the two of the dragon hosts could muster if they worked today. Issei powers to max, diving divides it stealing it. Doing this for such and such amount of time. Together they could defeat any power.

    1. To answer your question

      Show Spoiler ▼

  13. Pretty good episode, but TBH, a bit of a let down for me with the continued deviations from the LN. Levi-tan’s introduction was pretty much a non-event – very matter of fact and not nearly as funny (IMO) compared to the LN. (Ise wasn’t like “Oh, so that’s Levi-tan”. More like “WTF!? THAT’S the maou Serafall Leviathan!?” Saji didn’t know who she was either and was shocked as well. They even changed the event location for some odd reason.)

    Maybe not a big deal for some/many anime viewers, but OTH, I see absolutely no reason for the deviation. HS DxD LN source material is just fine exactly as is. No need to deviate or cut/add scenes with a 2 LN vol per cour pace.

    Not sure how many RC Levi-tan fans there are (I can’t be the only one – right?), but for me Levi’s character design wasn’t quite up to expectations, especially given the great job they did with Xenovia and Irina. Close, but not quite as good as the LN illustration. JMO of course. Still, I do appreciate the NSFW eye-catch. Before I forget, thanks Seishun for all the great weekly screen shots!

    Rias’ dad’s character design was a real surprise. AFAIK, there isn’t a LN illustration of him, but he looked completely different than I imagined (reminds me of a lead singer for a grunge rock band – except for the clothes of course). Hard to believe someone who looks like this having an 17 or 18 year old daughter not to mention an even older son. From LN content, I always imagined Rias’ dad as a stately gentleman somewhere around Ise’s dad’s age. Plus (not sure if this = a spoiler, but just to be safe) Show Spoiler ▼

    Curious to see how the anime handles the next character introduction. Really hope they don’t cut Show Spoiler ▼

      1. @Seishun I thought they handled Serafall’s introduction pretty well… That’s the issue I have. It’s “fairly good, not bad, okay, etc.” rather than “good, very good, hilarious, etc.” Worse, from what I can tell, there’s no valid reason for doing so. It’s not like any time was saved. The director for this series has it “easy” in the sense that the source material does NOT need any ad hoc “improvements”. Just follow the LN making as few changes as necessary to fit within allotted air-time. It’s that simple.

  14. I can’t wait for the next book to be translated, lol.
    And as for your comment about Akeno never being more than that….nope. Denied. She gets her own special place for everybodies favorite pervert.

    1. FYI – LN volume 15 is just about completely translated. I expect it will be up on BT fairly soon. However, it’s split b/t short stories (mostly character background) and a little bit of plot progression (really a surprisingly small amount). Still, it’s entertaining as you would expect from the series. The “wolf’s story” is hilarious IMO.

      Other good news is that AFAIK, LN volume 16 should be released in the next few weeks. The LN translator is awesome (very fast!) so not much delay once the new volume is released. Really looking forward to reading it :D.

  15. I can’t wait for the day when…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    At the very least, if Issei fails to become a demon lord/harem king, at least he still has a bright future as a sculptor of deliciously ecchi figures. XD

    Of course, I’d prefer for Issei to succeed in becoming harem king and enjoying the perks that come with it. (With Rias getting first dibs on Issei, if you know what I mean… *Nudge nudge*)

    On an off-topic note…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. Now that number 9 is out…
    Sorry, I have to say it out loud:
    Admiral Ackbar: “Take evasive action. Green Group, stay close to holding sector MD-7.”
    Crewman: “Admiral, we have enemy ships in sector 47!”
    Admiral Ackbar: “IT’S A TRAP!”

  17. new episode is up, and boy did it bring hilarity up to eleven with new bishop!
    it’s a Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  18. The 9th episode is hilarious indeed. *o*
    Starting off with the new bishop brings new wind into the “Occult Research Club”.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  19. Seishun, please review episode 9 for the LOL and ROFL! Along with the 1st Anual Admiral Ackbar Award.
    P.S. Hideyoshi is not technically a Trap, but a bishounen that (idiotic) people confuses him, label him a trap and give him a third gender category despite wearing regular guy’s clothes and reaffirming his male gender. Even though he disguises himself as a female wittingly and unwittingly.

  20. Lol, can you guys stop talking about gasper being a trap? Almost seems like a pointless running gag for some people, even though we all freaking know already!! (alright, after the admiral ackbar award was given to someone, then we can seriously stop, plzzzz?)

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