「Nadeko Meduusa So no Yon」 (なでこメドゥーサ其ノ肆)
“Nadeko Medusa Part Four”

So after four episodes, what do we get? Besides a wacky story with a just as wacky ending, I’d have to say that this might be one of the strangest arcs that Monogatari has had. Then again, now that I think about it Sengoku’s original arc was pretty wonky as well! I mean, it wasn’t like Araragi succeeded in exorcising the curse — if anything Sengoku and Araragi were worse off before they started. And staying true to form, this arc’s ending was definitely felt like another one of those herp-derp moments.

Because who would have ever thought that the damsel in distress, our cute Sengoku, would end up being a complete lunatic? I almost chalked it up to idiocy when she decided to eat and merge with some omnipotent snake deity but boy was I wrong. Not only did she fabricate an intricate lie that managed to transcend barriers of luck and chance but I couldn’t believe my ears when it was revealed that Kuchinawa, the white snake, was a complete figment of her imagination. A twisted personification of her desire to maintain what she believed should be the status quo, it’s a little disgusting how she managed to use him as a crutch to hide her intentions and instead rely on him to give her the confidence to follow through with her plan. A plan let me remind you, was created because she found out Araragi had a girlfriend. Which eventually leads to the extremely odd ending to this arc — a ridiculously overpowered Sengoku out to murder every girl that stands in her way of maintaining her unrequited feelings for her beloved senpai.

Seeing how the end of this week’s episode was a rather abrupt “to be continued” instead of the usual eyecatch, I’m really hoping that we get a real answer next week. Since as things currently stand not only is Sengoku somehow overpowering the omnipotent “plot-armor” that Araragi should have but seeing every single girl including Shinobu either dead or dying makes you wonder just what the hell is this show trying to do? Besides leaving no room for the story to continue I’m confident that if every girl were to die (especially to the hands of a homicidal Sengoku) it would alienate a majority of the fan base for the show. That and, why does it feel like Ougi is so evil!?

Luckily though, in the world of Monogatari anything can and will happen so who knows what’ll pop up next week? All I know for sure is that there is more source material to cover which hopefully means something fun is in store for us!



    1. Kanbaru’s foreshadowing bout Nadeko being the true Last Boss turned out to be true (see Nisemonogatari episode 3). Though I don’t think even she thought it would go to this extent :P.

    1. I don’t think she ever “turned into a monster” I think she always was one, just a cute one. It’s funny, but I never did like her character from the beginning. And in Nise that’s when I started to distrust her character all together. I think it’s because out of all the girls her “animal representative” was then snake. Everyone else’s fit them well. Hitagi:Crab (I mean come on) Tubasa:Cat ect.
      Snake just seems evil compared to the others.

      Rios III
      1. I kind of disagree, She may play the victim card and she may be weaker and not as impressive than the others (star athlete, model student, ancient vampire, witty ghost) but at most she’s a jobsworth who runs away from problems.
        Yeah sure she was always a bit funny in the head and loses it in the end, but I won’t forget that everyone else also agitates her. The teacher who eggs her on, the problematic class, the brutally honest vampire, and the cryptic-yet-tactless childhood friend.

        All in all. What she does is not that different from what everybody else did on this show. Seduces Araragi? Kanbaru outright harassed him. Being crazy jealous of Senjougahara? Hanekawa (and the cat) was jealous too. Harming others because she cannot cope with her own sadness? Alternate Shinobu ended the world out of sadness.

        I’m saying every girl on this show is messed up, but I won’t go as far as saying that they are monsters from the start

      2. @amKoranot
        I totally agree with you. In fact, i never got over the fact that our protagonist picked Senjougahara. But personal preferences aside, each girl had their own trigger. I wonder if they are going to do anything with the girl who triggered Sengoku’s illusion in the first place. You know, the girl who handed over the white head/wrist bandanna.

      3. Nah, I think it’s quite clear Ougi is the real antagonist here, from Mayoi’s second arc onwards. Her appearances so far have always seemed to aggravate something in the plot, and she knows way more than she should. Not to mention Ougi has her own novel (coming out this fall apparently!) and her arc’s called Ougi Dark of all things. She’s stirring up some real shit here.

  1. What pops up next week: a recap, as usual.

    I can’t help but to think that epilogue was just another one of Nedeko’s delusions, although that pale in comparison to the scenes that actually took place. Heck for all I know, most of that could have been delusions too. They certainly trolled about it enough during that serpent dialogue.

  2. Next week will be a recap and the ending of Sengoku’s arc won’t be revealed until we enter the final arc (Koimonogatari), which will be after the next (Onimonogatari). Time to sit back and patiently wait.

  3. I actually found the end of this episode to be ironic. In a sense she fell in love with Araragi, and since the snake said she created him when Sengoku first saw Araragi’s girlfriend, her mind kind of escalated towards making her a victim (and unknowingly the aggressor as well). And another irony is that she became a god, which in a way kind of suits her since sometimes gods are described to be closest to human emotions than human themselves.

    I’m not going to lie, it’s a lot to take in because although Araragi was not the best of fighters, he wasn’t the one to immediately solve Sengoku’s problems nor beat her, and in a way its kind of amazing how a simple jealousy and unrequited love became the existence of a goddess.

  4. Nadeko was fixated on this mental image she had of Araragi for several years and used that unrequited love as a convenience to turn down any guys who liked her. Then she saw that Araragi had a girlfriend and this messed with her mental image, so she prayed to the (dead) snake god for either Araragi to love her or both Araragi and Senjougahara to die. Eventually Ougi ran into her and told her that the snake god wasn’t in the shrine, but could be revived using the talisman that was in Araragi’s possession. So she devises a scheme to steal a house key and then search for the talisman when everyone is out.

    All the while, Nadeko is actively deceiving herself to the point of inventing delusions so that she genuinely believes she is just a victim taking the only route available to her, which allows her to be very convincing to a lot of people including Araragi.

    Since the viewpoint is Nadeko/Araragi, who both believe she is just a victim, the people who see through her act and call her out on it (Shinobu, Tsuhiki etc.) are portrayed as cruel antagonists, just like Oshino was portrayed in the Suruga Monkey arc when he blamed Kanbaru for her actions.

    ^ This is from tumblr by skyholic.
    I just thought this was a damn good post for those of you who don’t get the whole arc.

  5. it was so…mindfuck episode in monogatari style. it was awesome. best stuff so far in all monogatari series. everything just connected to previous episodes like the long conversation with Ougi. it was amazing.
    hanekawa?hachkuji?Nadeko steal the show. what an amazing preformance!
    I’m afraid (unfortunatly for you Takaii) that we won’t see an immediate continuation for the exact same point. probably recap next week and afterward we’ll enter Shinobu arc..plus the epilouge showed us all a flashforward with all the characters…so we wont get to it that quickly.

    anyway. great episode. <3

  6. At least for me, the ending to this arc has the same bittersweet feeling as the ending to Madoka Magica.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I sincerely hope that she will return to the cute normal girl she once was, but a cute snake goddess is fine, too.

    1. I actually believe this entire arc was a deliberate “fuck you” to anybody who thought of Sengoku as nothing more than a cute girl. I don’t know about you but I think, as a character, she’s way better off as a bat shit insane god.

  7. I liked this episode. The fact that Shinobu (to my surprise) was rendered so infective adds for a new twist IMO. I also like the “trailer” type ending as a change of pace as well.

    While I was surprised that the snake was at first a figment of Sengoku’s imaginations, I do think that fits in well with the Monogatari series. IIRC, both Black Hanekawa and Tsubasa Tiger both stemmed from Hanekawa’s buried emotions. Here, the snake appears to be born from Sengoku’s jealousy of his relationship with Senjougahara.

    While Sengoku may have achieved “final” boss status (certainly full-blown yandere), how impressive and level headed is Senjougahara? “I assume Araragi is still alive.” Since she can’t threaten Sengoku physically, she manipulates her mentally. Sometimes I wonder if Senjougahara is the real “final” boss.

    1. ” IIRC, both Black Hanekawa and Tsubasa Tiger both stemmed from Hanekawa’s buried emotions. Here, the snake appears to be born from Sengoku’s jealousy of his relationship with Senjougahara.”

      To be fair the explanation behind the snake provided in this episode is rather mind-fucky to digest at first, but it does makes sense if one views the snake as an alternative version of the tiger, and the Neko:Kuro version of the cat (Tsubasa Cat/N:S version doesn’t count in this case due to it got more and more capable of having better, more humane perspective and methods on the situation). Both Hanekawa and Sengoku “pumped” their actual feelings into these oddities while they themselves were averting their eyes of reality, but while Hanekawa’s oddities were based around the concept of causing havoc in order to vent out frustration either caused by stress or envy, Sengoku’s oddity is based around the concept of making Sengoku’s delusion so strong she literally becomes oblivious of anything that could shatter her image of she being the victim of a forced retribution (and being a shy girl who doesn’t want to cause harm or inconvinience, and doesn’t want anyone to question her intentions or mistook her as a bad person), while the snake lures her towards her actual goal with carefully providing information and “motivation” without revealing so much at once it breaks her plan, and ultimately, her delusion apart. Sure, she got some recollection when Tsukihi told her that Koyomi already has a girlfriend, but she being in “delusional mode” percieved it the way she exact way she deluded her entire self – being agitated to hear this, but at the same time, being satisfied with loving him from afar, and having no intention of inconvinience him, nor duke it out with Senjou, all while not being bothered by the fact that her love is an “itsy-bitsy” too intense for a mindset like this (which Tsukihi noticed).

      Snakes in many stories and mythologies are pretty much the last things one would call trustworthy or honest, and the intensity Sengoku lied to herself, plus the unintentional ability of manipulate people in her favour pretty much made him the perfect fit for her. In this sense the snake is essentially the knowledgable persona while Sengoku herself is the delusioned one, and Sengoku’s explosion in the previous episode might as well be the result of the snake (=knowledgable persona) taking over for a short amount of time, since the snake technically didn’t lied when he said he didn’t said what was in his mind, rather he just “read it out loud” what was in Sengoku’s mind deep down, from the frustration of being forced to do something she wasn’t capable of accomplish but didn’t had the courage and self-confidence refuse, to the self-loathing of being cute and having nothing else worthwile in her (which IMO explains the “weeell?” shtick Sengoku kept using in that scene).

      Her fooling almost everyone else in the process despite all this was just the icing on the cake, and while the part about the “shy girl” isn’t exactly a delusion per se (since she *is* a pretty timid, albeit very naive girl), that still doesn’t make Shinobu’s and Ougi’s arguement invalid about her cuteness being the very “weapon” that is her only worth, and ensures her comfortable life of being the victim all the time. The situation is far from black and white since IMO her actual problem is the massive amount of insecurity that prevents her from expressing herself without being afraid of viewed (by both outsiders and herself) as a bad or weird person, but that doesn’t change her fault of being too naive and child-like to see how her actions could be viewed in a different light that paints her in the very same unpleasent colour Shinobu and Ougi painted her. For example she viewed saying “sorry”, or being silent and avoiding eye contact as a way of avoid danger (=being treated as someone with bad or “weird” intentions) that no one could percive as selfish or spoiled behaviour, but in a different aspect, she did became “bad/weird” and dodges responsibility when she once realised in the past that turtling up like this works as an escape mechanism, and almost no once called her out for this. To be fair, she knows in the back of her mind that what she does is wrong and she’s not malicious by nature, but as I said, her mindset is too naive/child-like to not make this train of thought loop back to the “I’m innocent/don’t mean any harm, and I would like people to not question this” point. This mentality made the snake’s job easy of keeping her self-delusion as strong as possible, but at the same time, it made Sengoku crush under the weight of getting cornered and being (rightfully) accused of her behaviour with no way to escape without people coming to despise her. Even at that time she was aware that she done something wrong and Shinobu was right all along, but it was too late for her when she decided to eat the talisman, and while she did became aware of herself in the end, the result is the the exact moral opposite of what Hanekawa went trough and archieved in her own arcs (=realising that she paid too much of a price for having a gold of heart to the extend she did).

  8. Guys, I read a bit about the novels on wikipedia (not talking about spoilers)

    Are they not adapting “Hanamonogatari” (a.k.a. Suruga Devil)? Because it’s listed before Otorimonogatari. Looks like they’re skipping it altogether.

    1. Hanamono is slated for 2014(not winter cause Shaft will make Nisekoi <3) probably Ova like Nekomonogatari kuro.

      Kizumonogatari was supposed to arrive a lot before as a movie. they delayed it over and over again. due to those delays and unknown release date so far..I doubt it'll goes to cinema..maybe a full-time movie but directly to blu-ray or TV…that would be my guess.
      however it is a bit..unfortunate. cause Kizu was written after bakemono (i.e it's the second title of monogatari series). and it's very important. we saw the lacking of it in Nisemono, and everytime Shinbou is showing like in Hachkuji arc this season..so for those of you who haven't read Kizu it's a bit unfortunate….recommended. it'll probably be important next arc – onimonogatari (aka shinobu arc)

      1. I wonder why they’ll release it as an OAV… I mean, I can’t see the reason to go for Hana instead of other arcs… Guess it has something to do with how the overall plot unravels.

  9. Another interesting note is try watching Renai Circulation and then Mousou Express.


    Aside from the animation and direction, it feels very different from Renai’s upbeat and cute atmosphere, almost bordering on hauntingly creepy (but still catchy). In a way it does reflect Nadeko’s…well descent into madness. When Hanazawa-san said she wanted to play an evil character, Nisio Isin definitely delivered in writing this story.

    1. What I always got from Delusion Express was that it was a rolling back of the Nadeko we knew from her first arc. Renai Circulation painted her as this meek, hardworking, adorable girl, while Delusion Express reversed all that, replacing it with the lazy, self-centered one that she really is.

    2. interesting:

      didnt notice it before.. but all (or most) of the actions are reversed on both openings:

      -Nadeko drawn in dark colors
      -she is walking backwards
      -she not doing her homework at all..just sleeping
      -when she walks over the “water” the waves move to hear..instead of out
      -pulling on Araragi instead of just walking
      -closing her notebook instead of opening it
      -removing her head band instead of tying it.

      in general the feeling i get from the opening is that she is just tired (of everything mebe?)

    3. @lvlln – I’d probably add obsessive your list, as in her obsessive “love” for her Araragi-oniichan.

      @inanis – I’m actually beginning to think everything we saw in Renai Circulation was the lie and the Nadeko portrayed in Delusion Express is the real Nadeko.

      Either way I give props to SHAFT for the direction of that opening song.

  10. This is probably my favorite arc in the Monogatari series so far, mostly because I really didn’t like Sengoku in the first season. She was pretty much the Moe archetype, “only cute and nothing else” as Shinobu put it so nicely. Nisio Isin really deconstructed that archetype to hell and back.

    That said, I think the story, as presented by the Snake, is a little too convenient, with too many answers still open:

    How did Sengoku know that the talisman was in Araragis room?
    Why did Ougi give Sengoku that white scrunchie out of nowhere, and why did Sengoku choose that as her snake effigy of all things?
    In Hanekawas arc, the story skipped chapters when Black Hanekawa was in control, to show that the story was still going on without Hanekawas control. Not so in this arc. Not to mention that, after meeting Ougi, Sengoku described that loss of time as if somebody stole it from her, which doesn’t sound like a different personality was acting. What’s up with that?

    1. Story-wise, Nadeko Medusa is also my favorite arc so far. Nadeko was once just a flat character, now I think she is more defined than most characters (personality-wise, not background story related to oddities-wise).
      Also, I’m glad that–in a twisted way–this arc didn’t end up the way I fear it would be. Judging from the discussions in forums and imageboards, I always pictured that it would end with Nadeko being a sad, pitiful, lonely, self-hating trainwreck. It turns out that she became an assertive, villanous, and powerful adversary. Which I think is better.

    2. Ougi told Sengoku that the charm was there, from Shinobu’s remark and other events Ougi seems to be deliberately stirring up trouble.

      The scrunchie was Ougi knowing how Nadeko’s mind works (presumably the same way Ougi knew how Nadeko would respond to knowledge of the charm) and the scrunchie was just convenient for Nadeko. Something new that she can pass a delusion on to.

    3. Looks like no one answered your last question yet, here’s my answer.

      In Hanekawas arc, the story skipped chapters when Black Hanekawa was in control, to show that the story was still going on without Hanekawas control. Not so in this arc. Not to mention that, after meeting Ougi, Sengoku described that loss of time as if somebody stole it from her, which doesn’t sound like a different personality was acting. What’s up with that?

      Black Hanekawa was something completely cut off from Tsubasa, out of her control and awareness. Kuchinawa is something Nadeko created so that she could continue her convenient cute, shy girl act. Nadeko controls Kuchinawa, that’s why the way Kuchinawa speaks and the way Nadeko spoke while she was yelling at her teacher and classmates are the same (ore-sama, aaah?? at the end of sentences, etc). There were other hints at her true personality, like her smile when Koyomi found her at the park and her glare before screaming “as she should” when Tsukihi cut her hair.

      As for her “time being stolen” when she talked to Ougi, she stole it from herself by choosing not to remember hearing about the charm in Koyomi’s room and receiving the scrunchie. With those memories ignored, for her “a lot of time passed although we talked only a little.”

    4. Thanks for answering my questions, @Grant and @q. That does explain the inconsistencies, though I still hope for a kinder explanation of Sengoku’s behavior than “she’s just mental”.

      1. I believe in a show as mindscrewy as this, DeathOfTheAuthor is in effect. At least in most discussions, the explanation people accept depends on whether they like the character or not. People who dislike Nadeko (some to the point of using the S word) will readily defend the opinion that she’s always crazy evil. Whereas viewers who like her will point out that she’s just a confused preteen who can’t take the pressurw.

      2. @Sonic:
        FWIW, though I’m enjoying this arc without question, I can’t honestly say I really like Sengoku though I do not hate or even dislike her either. IMO she’s OK/has her moments, and thus ends up at the bottom of my list in terms of the Araragi “harem”.

        TBH, I have trouble understanding how someone could consider her “evil” (pre-snake goddess version). Yet, I also do not think she’s entirely an innocent victim. Her situation is one that admittedly creates some level of sympathy, but IMO she brings part of that upon herself, or at least makes a bad situation worse. As others have said, she plays the victim and takes advantage of her cute appearance because it’s the easy thing to do.

        JMO. Main point is that not everyone has a polar view of her.

        Lastly, agree with what q and Grant posted above – especially Grant. When I found out it was Ougi who gave her the scrunchy, and even worse, told her the location of the talisman, I immediately thought “What an evil b***h!” IMO if anyone is “evil” in this arc, it’s Ougi. Wonder what Oshino Meme would have to say about all of this.

  11. So the snake was just an imagination before the talisman was swallowed? Pardon me if I don’t accept that explanation so quickly. If anything, it could be another lie by the Kuchinawa… Seriously, I’m having a hard time telling the truths from the “unreliable narrator”-ness of this show. Damn you postmodernism…

    1. Why not? All the other ‘characters’ (including Nadeko who is the real voice behind Kuchinawa) seem to see that as what happened and it follows what we saw in Nisemonogatari where fakes can be even more true than the real thing.

      1. Continuing the whole fake thing, that makes sense. But if we took into accord that snakes are usually portrayed as untrustworthy liars, then as I said, it could be a lie by Kuchinawa to push the already insane Nadeko to the limit. Nobody could hear Kuchinawa but Nadeko, and Nadeko is not on her right mind. The others believe the whole “just her imagination thing” because they cannot sense the not-yet-revived snake god before.
        Yes, Nadeko is the narrator, and she was convinced of that. But she could be an unreliable narrator, as some people has said before.
        “The greatest trick the devil ever played is convincing people that he doesn’t exist.” anyway.

    2. Except Kushinawa isn’t in control, the one in control is Nadeko. She has become the untrustworthy snake, in a way its similar to Tsubasa Kuro and Shiro. In that the spirit is malicious like Kako but it is under Nadeko’s control, and unlike Hanekawa who wasn’t aware of the truth and made an effort to change once she realized what was wrong, Nadeko on the other hand knew all along what was wrong, but preferred to delude herself from the truth, going so far as to destroy everything around her so that she can continue to look like the innocent moe character who never does anything wrong.

  12. When the author interviewed Hana Kana about what kind of character she wanted to play, she said an “evil” character. So this whole arc is basically written with evil Hana Kana in mind. Evil indeed… And insane. :p

  13. Mindfuck, Monogatari style.

    Sharp dialogue, placement of foreshadowing, brutal action, fantasy and romance-driven plot. The epicness we got from Bake is strong with this one.

    Senjougahara Hitagi
  14. Nadeko is so f*cked up! I thought that the ending was clearly a hallucination of hers, ’cause in 6 months the group will have enough time to think about a plan to defeat her (Araragi and his harem dying is not an option =/)and save her (if she still can be saved) and have a happy ending =) BUT, this is Monogatari, so you never know x) Next week a new recap? Oh man! That sucks!

  15. I always knew Nadeko was psychotic. Why else would she kill all those snakes in the beginning?

    I don’t care what anyone says or what might be revealed later, but Ougi is definitely a villain at this point. She’s the classic manipulative, don’t get her own hands dirty villain. She’s probably not even human.

  16. Naedko is only the second last boss. Who will be the Perseus to slay this Medusa?

    Ougi is the true Phantom Menace here, manipulating everyone from Nadeko to Shinobu (including betting on Shinobu being a b!tch enough to provoke Nadeko to swallow the talisman) to achieve her Xanatos Gambit objective of reviving the Snake God for unknown reasons.

    There’s just something creepy about Ougi. Either she’s Oshino Meme’s evil relation, or she like Shinobu, she could be an oddity whose will/power is supposedly bound to his by them sharing the same surname. (A theme heavily used in the series)

    Yet Ougi must be a pretty independent familiar, to be able to act in a malicious manner without Oshino’s oversight, despite being tied to his name.

    That said, Ougi may have a run for her money for the title True Mastermind from none other than our own Senjougahara.

    Gahara-san sounded rather unconcerned over the phone about “her man” being in mortal peril, while managing to stroke Nadeko’s ego of her new-found god-status by slowly increasing the time being bargained from Nadeko from a day, a week, to SIX MONTHS – which Nadeko instantly agreed without much conditions.

    This suggests Gahara-san still has cards up her sleeve which a “cute brat” like Nadeko would never have expected.

    And once she obtained the time bargain from Nadeko, she showed no reservation in talking down to Nadeko at once before hanging up, knowing Nadeko must keep her end of the bargain.

    As the Snake God talisman was given to Araragi by Gaen Izuko, who appeared briefly in Nekomonogatari, we shall probably be going back in time to cover how Araragi met Gaen first to cover a few loose threads.

  17. If you think about it, the stories of Hanekawa and Nadeko’s jealousy for Senjougahara are opposite sides of the same coin.

    Nekomonogatari has Hanekawa accepting her jealousy in a positive way, allowing her to come to terms with Black Hanekawa and the Tiger, and move on with her life.
    i.e. If I can’t have Araragi-kun, I guess that’s too bad but I’ll have to move on.

    Otorimonogatari has Nadeko accepting her jealousy in a very negative way, allowing her to believe in her own delusions of the (initially) made-up Snake God, and move on with her fantasy.
    i.e. If I can’t have Koyomi-onii-chan, then no one else is allowed to have him.

    1. If you’re going to go that far, you might as well tell all. But it’s not THAT incomprehensible since that trio+senpai deals with creatures like that “snake god” for a living.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  18. “feel that ougi is evil”? I believe its pretty clear enough already. unless we go with the typical morality of the bakemonos in monogatari then “maybe” she’s not evil :/
    props to the author to make one of the most minds screwing and unique ways to conclude an arc. I do believe no one else has done this or have the gots to attempt something like this, and get away with it.

    now if only nisio gave this amount of intent and focus on medaka box…

  19. Two things.

    1. Why is Nadeko so evil now? Well, as stated on the Bake-wiki: “In the official guidebook, Nisio Isin did an interview with all of the voice actors, and asked Kana Hanazawa on what character she would like to play, in which Kana Hanazawa replied that she’d like to play an evil character, probably becoming the basis of Nadeko Medusa.”

    2. If you are hoping for a continuation next episode, or even an ending to this, you are going to be disappointed. This episode was the end of Nakedo Medusa. The next story is “Shinobu Time”.

  20. Sengoku: If we’d met each other in a different manner,the two of us might’ve been able to become friends.

    Senjougahara: No,that wouldn’t have happened.I’m sorry,but I have cute brats like yourself more than I hate my past self,Sengoku Nadeko-chan.

    Hitagi for president!

  21. Well, if this is the end of Nadeko in the series there goes my reason to keep following. All the females surrounding Koyomi are interesting, just not interesting enough for me. Nadeko was the oddball, to say the least, out of the girls. Everyone else is weird while this girl is normal. It didn’t feel right and thus I wanted to see where Nadeko went. I saw where she went and I loved every moment of it, and wanted more. Only to be denied.

    It was fun while it lasted, but the car is out of gas for me. I’ll coast and see if a gas station appears in the distance.

  22. is a girl mutilating and crucifying snakes on a shrine is normal… then yeh , Nadeko is normal.

    PS: there are NO normal (“named”) girls on Bake

    PS2: as Medusa- I mean Nadeko said.. the story is “to be continued” in some months (when Araragi graduates) .. likely on a “season 3” (IIRC “Season 2” ends leaving 3 or 4 novels w/o an adaptation)

  23. I haven’t got a chance to read through the comments yet but I’m so happy that there’s such a huge discussion going on.

    While I shouldn’t care about comment count, it makes me really happy to see such a high number on my own shows.

    <3 you all.

  24. So, in those six months while waiting for the ‘promised time’, she’s at the shrine all the time? She doesn’t go to school or return home? What about her parents? Friends? Do they forget about her altogether (their memory erased)?

    Someone please enlighten me.

    Lone Wanderer
    1. I was gonna think about that too but then I just decided to turn off the part of my brain that was pestering me about it.Unless it’ll be explained later on or some LN reader cares to enlighten us if they perhaps skipped some things about this arc,I think that’s the best 😛

  25. I really like that they took the “Moe character without anything other then being moe and a damsel in distress” and just subverted the crap out of it.

    Finally. Some part of me was really hoping for this.


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