「強まるのは、絆と手綱。」 (Tsuyomaru no wa, Kizuna to Tadzuna.)
“What’s Strengthened Is Our Bond and Our Reins”

Yaho! Zanibas here, subbing in for Stilts while he’s out doing dubious activities. Such a shame, since he missed out on a great showcase of all the side characters and all the bonding that comes with it. Before we dive in, quick plug for a great mashup called Walk the Dinozaki by Triple-Q. Give it a listen!

Oh Seo and Wakamatu, they are so far from a couple that it hurts, at least for now. They make a hilarious duo, but as an actual couple, they’re miles away. The saying ‘opposites attract’ is actually untrue; this episode ices the cake on how false that saying is. Seo’s own oblivious attitude towards literally everything and Wakamatsu’s distorted view of the world makes for a humorous disaster on their date (most likely not their first one), where they constantly contrast in reactions. I’d be sick too (and suffering from second-hand awkward) if I was next to Seo in that movie theater. That doesn’t take away from the comedic value though, as one is either amazed that Seo can be this oblivious and pure yet cause trouble for everyone, or amazed that Wakamatsu still puts up with her even though everything says he shouldn’t.

As the way things are panning out, Wakamatsu’s “shifting” moment will be when he finally realizes who Lorelei is. By that point though, we should also see some good qualities come from Seo as well, who perhaps may wise up and see her actions in a new light. Really, all this speculation is just a way of saying, “Get together already! You guys are such a cute couple!” It’s just so fitting, because even though they both are oblivious, they actually act in opposite ways. Seo wants to be nice but ends up causing trouble for others, whereas Wakamatsu wants to cause trouble and get back at Seo, but ends up being nice to Seo instead via shoujo. If they end up working on their problems together, it could make for an amazingly sweet team. It was nice to see this pairing come up again and I definitely want to see more of them before the series ends.

With the second half of the episode came the rest of the main side characters, illustrating a beautiful mix of misunderstandings, incapabilities, and friendly coercion. Gekkan Shoujo shows strength through its well-developed side characters, as well as its balance of screen time for each character. Consequently, this balanced screen time also connects all the characters slowly together, as evidenced by today’s second half. Seo and Kashima completely contrast with singing capabilities, while Kashima, Hori, and Mikoshiba form this weird jealousy triangle. Old characters meeting each other for the first time keeps the show fresh, all without leaving a bad taste from a clash of character personalities. Although Seo is brutal in giving the verdict for Kashima’s singing, Nozaki and Chiyo can’t help but agree. Even though Mikoshiba makes for a great dramatic sub, making Kashima a bit jealous, it all works out because Mikorin can’t be beat in fickleness. Add in a dash of Nozaki who can’t interpret his own works properly, some obligatory Chiyo blushing, and you’ve got a mess of characters on stage. A beautiful mess though. With every new character interaction comes a shift in the old ones, keeping the relationships between characters dynamic and changing. Seo and Kashima further Wakamatsu’s confusion of who Lorelei is, while Mikoshiba’s acting further highlights Kashima’s desire to be acknowledged by Hori-senpai. Thanks to this dynamic approach to character development, every episode of Gekkan has always been a fresh treat to enjoy, which is actually hard for a comedy to achieve.

Now that we’re approaching the end, I’m sad that this show will be ending soon. It’s been a dry spell for excellent romantic comedies, but with the advent of Kawaisou last season and Gekkan Shoujo and LOVE STAGE!! this season, I am quite pleased with how the genre is holding up so far. Looking forward, I don’t expect any of our couples to finalize anytime soon, but I hope to see some sweet moments that’ll tease at some hope for the future, if a second season ever comes.




  1. Haha, oh Waka you lovable puppy. Too bad they cut 2 small scenes that I remember from the manga. I was waiting for Waka’s turn to fall asleep during the movie when Seo was humming. As well as, Kashima and Nozaki switch places, so Kashima can see Hori act (she even wore a sash that says “Nozaki” and Sakura giving her a look).

  2. My two favorite girls being the focus of this episode makes it one of my favorite to date! At this point I can’t see anybody else to be a perfect match for Seo except Waka, since he’s the only one who can put up with her. It really mirrors what Stilts said about these two already practically dating but they never realized it yet. Also, Kashima’s singing was so bad it was distorting the screen. And let’s not count out Nozaki’s acting, Chiyo’s cuteness, and Mamikoshiba’s last minute appearance.

  3. Malchus
  4. What I love about this series is that while it repeatedly sacrifices any sort of romance on the altar of the comedy gods, the force of OTP is still strong with.

    Tsubaki Izumi knows shippers and exactly what to do to keep them craving for more without actually making any pairing canon.

    Ruri Random
  5. Jikai! Sleepover and surprises! I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode. My 2 favorite chapters are going to be adapted! YAY!

    I hope they’ll make 2nd season or an ova adapting the beach-onsen arc from the manga

    1. Considering that according to sales projections Nozaki-kun will be the best-selling new anime of the season (not considering the two powerhouse sequels SAO 2 and Free Eternal Summer, I mean), it’s safe to assume that a second season will indeed be made!

  6. What I find impressive about GSNK (apart from its sheer ROFL value) is that it actually makes me care about the romance . . . without it actually being a romance. Funny that.

    And Chiyo, Good God Chiyo. She’s like the actual successful attempt in anime to create a “cute girl” character. While other examples of her type just grate on my nerves and irritate me to no end, there’s something about the way Chiyo is written and portrayed that elevates her from “super fake lolicon bait” to “so goshdarn adorable precious dork”. I can’t even tell why! Chiyo just IS!

    1. It’s a gag manga with no actual resolution of the romance 50+ chapters in. He hasn’t found out in those chapters, and thus far the adapted chapters have only reached into the 30s.

      There is is a “hole in the narrative” only when this is a straight up romance–and it is not. If you’re looking for that, sorry, but you’ll be disappointed.

      1. Ah, that was already explained during Kashima’s introductory episode. Basically, Sakura was so obsessed over Nozaki to the extent that she did not notice any of the popular figures in school, be they male or female.


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