「じょうらい」 (Shourai)

If this week’s episode was any indication where the story’s about to go, we’re going to be in for a bumpy ride.


As if the story didn’t already drive the point home, I don’t know how much more I can take of it constantly reminding us of Megu-nee’s untimely death. From the flashbacks of when she first founded the club with Rii-san to the somewhat creepy opening scene that hints at what she’s been up to ever since she sacrificed herself, it really makes you wish that we could still see Yuki’s projection of her. Because as pathetic as it might sound, I sort of miss seeing and hearing her character.


Sort of a side point, but after taking a closer look at all the changes in the opening sequence, Taroumaru’s shot during everything is one of the few that hasn’t changed yet. Based on just how grim everything else in the opening has become though, I can’t help but feel that our little furball has something ominous waiting for him somewhere down the line. Then again, maybe his scene will forever stay as one of the happier ones throughout the constantly more depressing opening.

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Evacuation Plans

Oh boy. After Miki reaffirmed Rii-san’s suspicions about why their school was as well equipped as it is, I could already hear alarm bells blaring inside my head. Because just as Rii-san herself said, it wouldn’t be too uncommon for newer buildings to have some of their amenities, but it is a bit strange to have them all in a building that’s not normally designed to house people for long periods of time. I mean, when was the last time you associated a school as a sustainable place to live?

But lo and behold, it looks like the truth has been finally revealed – and it isn’t a pretty one. Like, we’re talking about Cold War levels of bad here. Biological weapons capable of causing a pandemic? Plans in place to ensure the survival of the human race in the event said weapon somehow goes out of control? Even if you try to avoid thinking about just how many people something like this would have had to go through before even being developed, it’s a little disgusting knowing that there were plans already in place for something that ridiculously dangerous. Because from the sounds of things, it was always just a matter of when the thing would be unleashed.

Looking Ahead

With the situation deteriorating quickly, it feels like the story is about to kick itself into overdrive. From the flashes of what can only be a zombie Megu-nee and the revelation of a super weapon that somehow went out of control, I’m sure none of our girls are going to be able to keep still for much longer. Luckily, it looks like things are going to calm down a bit because of Yuki and it probably couldn’t have come at a better time.

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  1. the WHAM! episode…
    “Biological weapons? Evacuation procedures? What the hell???”
    but it seems they want another light-note fanservice filler before descending into darkness…

    1. With 4 episodes left, I’m thinking it’ll be Show Spoiler ▼

      Wheh… even writing that got my pulse racing >.<

  2. This episode was great as usual!! I wonder ed why the school was so well equipped for a school. I mean, it was kind of suspicious. And to think there’s a biological weapon behind all of this. I really hope megu-nee is behind this, (even though i read the manga) however, we will just have to see and wait to what’s going to happen. Next week will be a swimsuit episode!! Can’t wait!!!

    1. No. I need my Kurumi fanservice to make it through the horror that is to come.

      Kidding aside(maybe… not really), it was a little heavy. But hey, no guys around, so what do they have to be modest about? 😛

  3. Since the school is (suspiciously) well-equipped, I can’t help but wonder if those solar panels…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Also, that JoJo-esque visual SFX (GO GO GO GO GO)… XD

      1. I love Resident Evil but I´m loving this story much more, the way they focused on this girls and their hardships in that insane world is just amazing. If only only Resident Evil could develop its character this way and give you so much emtion for them the franchise wouldn´t have suffer so much in quality in the resent years.

      2. Personally, I never really saw the reason for so much hate the recent RE games have had (6 mostly). The only reason I really see given is, “It’s too much action!” And yet many of these same people continue to give endless praise to RE4 which, when one thinks about it, was the cause for the formula shift to be the way it was with its popularity; away from the traditional “creepy” horror with unintelligent zombies to a more action-oriented horror with, by comparison, extremely intelligent, human-looking B.O.W.s.

        And the way the story has progressed supports it too with Umbrella being publicly exposed after Raccoon City’s destruction and, realistically, their various bio-weapons ending up on the black market via former employees or others behind the scenes, greatly increasing the chances of more incidents like Raccoon City. So it’s only natural that, rather than lonely, isolated incidents like Raccoon City, where the world was otherwise completely ignorant of any of the things going on with Umbrella and B.O.W.s and those bio-weapons being limited to Umbrella-related and controlled areas, now you have government sponsored task forces specifically to combat them because of being so widespread now as well as those B.O.W.s becoming far more intelligent and dangerous than ever before, so of course it’s going to become more action.

        Of course, not to say RE5 and 6 were masterpieces. No, they still had noticeable flaws, but for me, it wasn’t the settings or the general game play, but other things. Like with RE5, my problem was that, aside from those B.O.W.s specifically Uroboros-related, almost everything was just a rehash of RE4, with the B.O.W.s being created using (better) Las Plagas, feeling like RE4 v2.0, and not really having much related to Uroboros explained (Wesker’s character also being reduced to a pretty typical villain to where even Chris has to ask if he gets his speeches from comic book characters).

        Or RE6, how “The Family” wasn’t really too present aside from Simmons himself (who was acting far more on his obsession with Ada than The Family), and whatever that “greatest creation” of Carla’s was that we never get to see before Ada blows it away in her ending. Jake conveniently being Wesker’s son also came off more like just an excuse to find SOME way of keeping Wesker “alive” (same with Alex and Uroboros in Revelations 2) as many people weren’t happy with his death in RE5.

      3. I get what you mean Demon-san, I´m not saying the resent games are bad, it´s just that it is not what was expecting. In my personal opinion after Resident Evil 3 Nemesis there hasn´t been any character development for old timers and new characters alike, it´s just kill the most resent monsters and stop the new virus, only Resident Evil 6 (which I like) had any character development on Chris and Leon and Resident Evil Revelations 2 that focus more in the characters than the virus itself.

      4. Yeah, and other characters we may have come to like or at least want to keep track of just seemed to disappear entirely or barely make many appearances after their intro game.

        Like Rebecca hasn’t been seen or heard from since after RE1.

        We haven’t seen hide nor hair of Billy since RE0.

        Barry only just recently reappearing in Revelations 2.

        Jake going off the map at the end of RE6.

        Now we have the knowledge of Alex Wesker’s experiment actually being a success, so there’s most likely going to be a Revelations 3 or she’ll somehow be involved in some other main title.

        No info on Jill after the events of RE5.

        Nothing on Carlos after RE3.

        …and it makes me think it probably would have been better if Chris retired and Piers lived to take over his role, especially with the whole amnesiac PTSD Chris went through and finally moving on from the past, then we could have had Piers having to learn and experience different things in such a role for future games, but I guess Chris’ popularity was just too much to let go.

  4. Cute episode. That pciture with Kurumi marrying Shovel-kun. Wow. Just wow.

    Now it all makes sense now, the conveniently placed convenient store, the excess supplies, the strange and secretive workplace of Megumi in episode 3 where we get a glimpse of. It’s all part of the Umbrella conspiracy to work on their biological weapon.

  5. Jeez. And here I was willing to not question why a school had all this stuff by way of willing suspension of disbelief. I mean, hell, maybe the school was run by hippies or something, I dunno. But no, nothing is ever simple in this show. Because from this revelation it’s all too clear their world was screwed long before this plague hit – this is merely the ultimate result. An inevitability waiting to happen, if the government was preparing to this degree. Makes me fear what the rest of the world looks like.

    Goddammit, Wesker.

    Zombie Megu-nee was disturbing too. I was kind of hoping she’d have been completely torn apart or something, but no such luck. Her continued writing in that diary is only the icing on the cake. And knowing that that picture is from the last day she was alive…man :/

    At least we can always count on Shovel Knight to lighten things up. Those facial experessions!

    1. It also kinda shows that someone really dropped the ball. The teachers had these guidebooks, yet we saw how badly they were taken by surprise when everything went to hell. I mean what, did they expect the teachers to see zombies and then read them? Kinda backwards there. And where was the warning that the infection was heading their way?

      At the very least the principal should’ve been in the loop enough to coordinate better. Something’s still off there, cause for what’s basically turning out to be a zombie fallout-shelter, the school failed rather spectacularly. Four out of several hundred is not a good turn-out, no matter how cute those four are.

  6. If the girls have cleared the school of zombies why is the whole place such a pigsty? You would think with all the time on their hands they would have cleaned many of these rooms up. For sure they should be fixing or sealing up some of the windows. What are they gonna do when winter and snow hits?

    1. For what it has been shown they have only cleared most of the second floor and rely on the barricades ever since, you have to consider that only Kurumi and Rii-san can fight, Yuki is useless in that areaand Rii-san doesn´t look very strong either, and there way too many zombies for just two small girls. Kurumi is athletic and fast so she is the main attacker but it would only be a matter of time she is overwhelmed by such huge number of zombies, to clear a large building like that school in a zombie outbreak you need a small team of veteran fighters or a large group that knows team work and they have nothing of the sort.

      Sooner than later the girls will have to abandon the school for lack of food and build a new base somewhere more isolated, preferably somewhere they can grow their food.

  7. Last week we were given the idea, with the girls’ dreams flying away, that their quest would become one of escape. But the conflict these girls will have to deal with is within the school itself; the truth of the disaster, the truth of Megu-nee that Yuki will have to face – all things they’ll need to deal with in order to ‘graduate’ from this nightmare, no doubt.

    More of my thoughts here: https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/gakkou-gurashi-08/

    On another note, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not be shovel-kun and marry Kumiko. The intimacy would be nice; the blood and gore she’ll put me through (literally), not so much.

  8. Just like the experiments of Umbrella in Resident Evil this biological weapon was a disaster the moment some idiot doctor thought that it was good idea to reanimate the dead, such a fool is this creature called man, always messing with knwledge better left untouched. The pattern can be seen in The Stand by Stephen King, all you need is one sick mind all the world to hell and let me tell you something guys that “a kind heart is no longer a virtue” on the manual is BS, that way of thinking what destroyed the world in the first place; that kindness is what made Megu-nee save the girls and makes Yuki smile to help everybody in the club.

    The big concern here is that the quarentine obviously failed and this infection has spread far beyond the city, otherwise help would have come long ago or the goverment would have nuked the entire city to destroy the infection and the evidence. With this in mind the only hope for this girls is to find some place safer and creat a new base in the future because the schools may have resouces but it won´t last forever, specially with that many zombies around.


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