「野に咲く花に鎮魂の歌を, ベイビーマグナム破壊戦 I」 (Nonisakuhana Ni Chinkon no Uta Wo, Beibii Magunamu Hakaisen I)
“A Requiem for the Flowers Blooming in the Field, The Battle to Destroy the Baby Magnum I”

For those of you who feel that Heavy Object follows a sin curve when it comes to how its episode will be, fear not! I think we’re almost at the peak of the curve — and boy could this peak be intense.

Dat Fanservice

Before diving into the depressing part of the episode, can we all take a moment and thank the people in charge of this show for giving us some amazing shots of Froleytia? Because right when I thought we’d seen her in almost every outfit and angle imaginable, the people behind Heavy Object took it one step further and gave us Froleytia in her gym clothes. And not your simple uniform from P.E., but an amazing sports bra and some painfully cute gym shorts.

Dangerous Foreshadowing

I’m not a fan of sad stories, but I really don’t like where things are going at the moment. If we were to compare what happened this week to your typical anime tropes, you could say all the death flags in the entire Heavy Object universe were just raised. Starting with an extremely melancholic monologue from Qwenthur, you then had Melinda actually getting some proper dialogue and screen time, an actual gift from Qwenthur, and a horrifyingly bad trip that legitimately scared me. I mean, holy shit (sorry), if my lights were off and I had been a bit more tired, I might have had to hit pause to recollect myself. It was that creepy.

The worst part of it all though, is that it looks like we might have hit the point of no return since Melinda is literally acting like North Korea except following through with her threats. Something that doesn’t look like it’ll fair well with any of the world powers currently watching the carnage unfold. Luckily, it looks like the Intelligence Union (or more specifically Ohhoho) isn’t completely brain dead and understands something fishy is going on here.

Looking Ahead

I’ll be honest here — I really like Melinda. She’s as minor of a side character as you get, but there’s no denying she’s the perfect girl for Qwenthur. In any case, I really hope Qwenthur manages to find a way to use that super powered plot armor of his. Because if he doesn’t, I’m not going to be happy one bit. If we’re being truly honest though, I can’t help but see the obvious connection between a program called “The Mirror of Truth” and the fact Qwenthur JUST happened to give her a perfectly polished “mirror” that has all the good feels packed into it. Hopefully, if it does end up going this way, we get thrown around a bit, since this is a prime opportunity for the show to do so.

Anyways, I’ll see you next week where all will be revealed. See you!

P.S. Yes I know the preview cap is with the other caps. With the ending being skipped and an brilliant end card showing up, I changed it up just this one time.

End Card


  1. Why does Heavy Object always explain the plot during fanservice scenes?

    I think must have rewound that part three or four times before I could completely catch what Thunder Tits was saying.

  2. funny how this whole thing could’ve been prevented if they just cut the wires leading to the house. which should have been the obvious thing to do once they saw the circuit box hijacked.

    1. yeah, that are many complaining. But then, this “blackout” was needed to start this all. See it as sacrifice for the final arc to get moving

      also, if they need to rescue her, someone has to get inside unharmed or at last alive. But Objects in Battle mode and normal mode, are not easy to enter. Or he knows the Override Code to open the entry door for the tunnel to the cockpit…

      also, i bet they need to sync their actions with Ohoho. She playing the bait for them to open the Access door to the Cockpit

      1. or the forceful way. Ohoho must pin her in a corner where she cannot move or shoot her immobilize, but then the “eject override” we saw some episodes ago, kicks in

        so, Ohoho shoot her Object Armor or critical hit her immobilize like in her previous duel

  3. I hate brainwashing and mind-control subplots. Always have. They’re too easy and degrade everything about a story. Only thing they’re ever good for is forcing stagnant relationships forward, but even that is usually thrown aside or outright forgotten afterward.

    And right now I’m betting the “ending” will be Baby Magnum’s, since it’s obvious Qwenthur’s mirror will save Milinda.

    1. I don’t feel like it’s brainwashing but confusion. She is taking her orders to mean something else, not going to someone else’s side; so there’s it’s not out of nowhere and degrading the story, maybe.

      1. It’s at least a bit brainwashing, since they said right now she can only hear the secret conotation of an order, and only in the most negative way. But yeah, she hasn’t switched sides so I’ll just call hypnotism. Pretty much just as bad, and still cheap. She could still end up hurting allies if given the wrong order.

    2. She is temporally confused. I do hope at some age this Brain Programming of the Elite Pilots do not stay forever, right now only her consciousness is manipulated, until some subconsciousness memory (the Mirror) trigger or erase this temporally override memory. Her natural Protecting will save her. But until this happen, she running havoc

      – That would be out of my mind, and feels reasonable. Survive until the Prince in shining white Armor find a way in to trigger happy memories to wash out the black parasite one

      1. the gist?

        i take the gist of some Evangelion CPU Hacking Angel, and nearly succeed into self destruct the base. But in the end, they counter attack it and wipe out the hacker Angel in the Main Computer.

        So with help of my past, the future can be build

      2. also the others could give them in secret a hand. because this attack of the Pilot can be done on their ones, too. So all of them try to get rid of this risk

        and perhaps after this event, their Object data cyrption protocol surly gets an Upgrade

  4. As a bodybuilder, I find that benchpress bar catcher very risky and uncomfortable to use, because putting back the bar exactly in that narrow space requires accuracy which one might lack due to fatigue. There should be a support on which you can put the bar and then slide it slowly to the catcher…
    And Froleytia is doing half-motion wrong… she should start from the chest, instead she’s working the triceps more than the chest…
    It’s not like I expect the anime to portray those things accurately, but I find those details amusing. Yay for Froleytia spreading legs!

    1. Amen. Personally, I use a squat rack (in my own home gym—I’m not dickish enough to take up the rack in a gym for bench press, when I’m not opting for dumbbell presses anyway) so that if I get tired and drop the thing, I just freak myself out instead of dying. Plus the catcher is longer and shallower, so I’m less likely to miss out of fatigue.

      I have no problem with her abs, though. Damn girl. Just damn. More exposition like this, please. (And less dumb mind control plots, ugh)

  5. Ah the better dialog vs logic problem in plot. They had to have the idiot ball to not take out the transmitter first, go to house second. The plot can still move forward the guy would have to send the final command before they took out the tower. But if you do that you lose a lot of the fun tension and dialog. What to do realism or drama? Ah the problems of writing.

    Well Froeytia might need more tricep work na correct that she needs lots of chest and back work to support things.

  6. Ah a thought on our corrupt power mad leader turning into a suicide case for a cause. It is my impression few can actually be corrupt without still trying to justify their actions in some way. So when his power in the object only world was destroyed he fell into making his cause his actual motivation to be when I’m sure that before grabbing power was his objective with little care to the object vs broader war cause.

  7. I don’t think Milinda will kick the bucket. Remember the Old guy’s word. You’ll be a hero when, besides taking out an object, you’ll save also the guy in it. Which is exactly what I’m expecting from Qkwehhhrmm, him to do.

    Another thing I’m expecting … him to do is timing up with Ohoho. Ok, I admit, this is just my own wishful thinking, but, man, I’ve waited for ages for them to team up. Please…

  8. Picturing the next episode, I’m suddenly imagining Melinda channeling HAL from 2001: Space Odyssey.

    “Qwenther…what are you doing Qwenther? This is Highly Unusual” 😀

  9. Qwenthur needs to hit the gym a little more often if he’s gonna be wearing such thick plot armor all the time.

    The mirror gift did flash in one of the weird hypnotizing images, which probably caused some kind of interference.

  10. Ep 24:

    Good conclusion for me, and a good warp up in the end. the show get an AA Rate from me. Since Honey Suckle appeared, the rating of story good up. From B Move to now AA Movie


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