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Koi to Uso – 05

「命がけの恋」 (Inochigake no koi)
“Risky Love”

Who knew, Ririna does make for a good Diana.

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Knight’s & Magic – 05

「Hide & Seek」

I never understood how hi-tech advanced mecha don’t have the mechanisms in place to prevent a hijacking.

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Kakegurui – 05

「人間になった女」 (Ningen ni Natta Onna)
“The Woman Who Became Human”

Get your girl a taser, girls love tasers.

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Ballroom e Youkoso – 04, 05

「ダンサーズ・ハイ/ パートナー」 (Dansaazu Hai/Paatonazu)
“Dancer’s High/Partners”

Welcome to the Ballroom is certainly full of shounen tropes, of that there can be no doubt. But it works in spite (and maybe even a little bit because) of that.

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Centaur no Nayami – 04

「ラブレターをもらって困惑する… その心は? / UFO, UMAの類を信じるか信じないかでタイプが分かれるよね.」 (Love Letter o Moratte Konwaku Suru… Sono Kokoro wa? / UFO, UMA no Rui o Shinjinaika de Type ga Wakareru yo ne.)
“Why Are We So Bewildered When We Receive a Love Letter? / You Can Tell What Type a Person Is by Whether They Believe in UMAs and UFOs or Not.”

They have the Discovery Channel, don’t they?
ACHTUNG! Some images may be NSFW just in case

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Hina Loji ~from Luck & Logic~ – 06

「寝るヒナは育つ」 (Neru hina wa sodatsu)
“Sleep Brings up a Hina Well”

A tropical island vacation without air conditioning sounds rough, but none of that matters when you’re with your friends and having fun.

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Boku no Hero Academia – 30

「決着」 (Ketchaku)

Stain is defeated. Mostly.

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「すばらしい日々 This is the actual beginning, isn’t it?」 (Subarashii Hibi)
“Wonderful Days This is the actual beginning, isn’t it?”

It just wouldn’t be living without a surprise or two.

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Made in Abyss – 04

「アビスの淵」 (Abisu no Fuchi)
“The Edge of the Abyss”

This robot sure is handy.

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Shoukoku no Altair – 04

「犬鷲の共闘」 (Inu washi no Kyoutou)
“The Eagle’s Joint Struggle”

The end of the beginning.

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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e – 03

「人間は取引をする唯一の動物である。骨を交換する犬はいない」 (Ningen wa Torihiki o Suru Yuiitsu no Doubutsudearu. Hone o Koukan Suru Inu wa Inai)
“Man is an Animal that Makes Bargains: No Other Animal Does This – No Dog Exchanges Bones with Another”

Can’t say that I didn’t see that coming…

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Gamers! – 03

「星ノ守千秋とすれ違い通信」 (Hoshinomori Chiaki to Surechigai Tsuushin)
“Hoshinomori Chiaki and StreetPass Communication”

And now: chaos!

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Hajimete no Gal – 03

「はじめての黒ギャル」(Hajimete no kuro gyaru)
“My First Spray-On Gal”

Junichi is even wearing a shirt with a cherry on it.
NSFW Tanned

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations – 17

「サラダ、走る!!」 (Sarada, Hashiru!!)
“Run, Sarada!”

A joke on the internet I quite like to buy into would be that Sasuke probably just sent Sakura a phial marked “clan revival”, having no time for stuff like procreation.

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Sakura Quest – 17

「スフィンクスの戯れ」 (Sufinkusu no Tawamure)
“The Sphinx’s Antics”

Did you download butts again, jiji!?

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