「浦の星女学院」 (Uranohoshi Jogakuin)
“Uranohoshi Girls’ High School”

With only a few episodes left, I’m starting to feel physically ill as I think about how little time we have left with our Aqours girls.

General Impressions

Man, even though not all that much “happened” throughout this episode, it felt like a nice present from the showrunners to all the fans. Gathering all the feelings we’ve built up since the start of the show, you could feel this appropriate sense of optimistic brooding as the episode reached its climax. Along the way though, I absolutely loved how every single one of our girls had an opportunity to take the spotlight and show off how they’ve grown since this second season started. From Hanamaru taking no prisoners and dropping burns on Yoshiko without a second thought to Mari breaking down and being honest with her feelings about all that’s happened, there was literally something for everyone watching. Plus, for those of you who have been trying to find that true OTP, there were some key moments between a few characters that could help feed your soul -wink-.

Changing gears to the story itself, I still can’t get over how well Sunshine is doing as it heads toward the finale. Its story isn’t afraid to throw us for a loop every now and then, it doesn’t ignore the basic fundamentals of reality when you’re dealing with a small ocean town far from the cities, and last but not least it isn’t slowing down for anyone and anything which I sincerely appreciate. With the past few weeks flying through different scenarios that all have their own part in creating the world that Sunshine exists in, it truly feels like this show has finally hit the point where everything is fleshed out to the point where you wouldn’t feel too sad to see it come to an end.

That said, it would be nice if Sunshine could keep on going for another few months. With the finale only two episodes away, I can’t wait to see where this journey of ours will end up at. At this point, I wouldn’t even be mad if Aqours didn’t end up winning the Love Live competition (that’s a partial lie — I would probably still be mad). Based on next week’s episode preview though, I’m a little worried that things are going to take a turn for the worse right before the end. Hopefully I’m wrong, but we’ll have to wait until then to find out.

See you then!




  1. When the Seniors joined Chika’s crusade I thought this was the group Aquors, and it’s irreplaceable members. They will be together forever, white on rice as we say but I was wrong. Last week’s episode where Maria decided to go to Italy for continued education, Dia aiming for continued education and Kanan who wants to be certified as an instructor for something random over seas; basically reminded me these girls never joined Aquors simply to enjoy youth and their school club along with their peers. No, that is secondary and what the seniors really wanted was to finish what they originally started and to resolve the tension Maria, Dia, & Kanan built between each other due to quitting Love Live!

    This just stinks seeing how Chika couldn’t SAVE the school, that the cog is in motion and can’t be stopped by dancing school girls. In the end what Chika had set out to do was too great of a task, instead the club should go finish off the school year and their gig on a good note and move on. Because we are seeing such a defeat episode 11 became sombering to me, Love Live! Sunshine!! is ending.

    I was really hoping Chika got to SAVE their school… 🙁

  2. Personally I’m still batting for the fact that the combined school will be named Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. What I have noticed is that we are running out of episodes for the actual Love Live competition. I wonder if they will put this in a companion movie?

    BTW, you notice they didn’t consider making the school co-ed 🙂

      1. Whatever happens, we’ll see more Love Live!. They make too much money from the Blu Rays, CDs, Figures, and the other merch to give up after Sunshine. Even if they wrap Sunshine with a movie, they’ll announce Love Live! *Title here* at some point for a 2019 release.

        They’re in such a unique position in that this franchise makes so much money compared to other shows out there.

      2. Not to mention there’s the new batch of school idols in Love Live! School Idol Festival as part of the “Perfect Dream Project” or PDP–which I’m only interested in because Kanata Konoe shares the same birthday as Girls und Panzer‘s Hana Isuzu, Kantai Collection‘s Asashio, Miranda Otto, Krysten Ritter, and yours truly. Never mind that I’m not fond of mobile games.

        (Note: Getting delayed watching this at the usual haunts… Did their video players convert to using DASH playback or something?)

  3. Well, that was quite the poignant episode… “All good things must come to an end.”

    So might as well savor the funny moments while we can:

    – You and Kanan in those squeakingly cute walrus costumes (yes, yes, I know the actual name of the mascot is “Uchicchi”) surprising the heck out of Ruby and Yoshiko. (And immediately reminding me of MythBusters‘ Jamie Hyneman.)

    – Mari stamping approval seals on a few Uranohoshi students’ foreheads, including Dia. (Not to mention cooking her “Stewshine” again.)

    – Riko providing the dramatic background music for YoshikoYohane’s fortune telling… (I wonder if Riko can play “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor”?)

    I hope two episodes will be enough considering the show has built this season up to be Aqours’ last shot at immortalizing their group and their school in Love Live. (That is, if their actual Love Live performance won’t be ported over to a movie instead.)


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