「ヤルダバオト」 (Yarudabaoto)

Well we all knew what was coming, but damn, Overlord certainly knows how to keep on surprising. Beating up on the Eight Fingers was to be expected after than grand buildup at the end of last week, but I don’t think anyone expected it to basically be over that fast. Ten seconds or less? Geeze Sebas, whatever happened to the teasing, the sense of suspense? Oh well cannot complain too much, not when you’re doing it in style.

If there’s one key takeaway from this episode it’s that you should never piss off Papa Bones. As Sebas bluntly showcased through mass decapitation no one is on the level of Ainz Ooal Gown’s top brass, and for the chosen few who could be there’s always another putting the upstarts in their place. This was tragic irony at its finest, all that time spent showing off the Eight Fingers’ best and brightest greatest, only for one angry butler to put his Saitama glove on and wreck face (literally) without a sweat broken. Oh yes, I laughed. Hard. The only thing which could have made it better was Shalltear getting involved, but I think I can get away with taking a few cute faces. Plus we got to watch Entoma go wild in her cute-but-definitely-disturbing fashion (just look at that adorable arm noming), so life isn’t too bad. Well, except my dreams, those will be interesting for a while.

The surprising bit this week, however, lay with Demiurge and what will likely prove to be an ulterior plot at work. Take that mystery man (or woman) Demiurge placed off limits to killing, that wouldn’t happen unless the person can assist in a particular manner, and the only reason a Floor Guardian would want such assistance is to further their (i.e. Ainz Ooal Gown’s) position. If Hilma of the Eight Fingers is the right target (I will seriously giggle if Mare took her by accident), the implications speak for themselves: Ainz (or at least Demiurge) wants to use the Eight Fingers and their powerbase to expand the control of Ainz Ooal Gown. Might look a little convoluted on the surface, but a woman like Hilda would have access to material and contacts which would help immensely for a quiet takeover of key institutions. You know, like the national government. Need look no further than Princess Renner’s network for example, a lot of power can be had before anyone even notices something is awry. What supports this idea as well is how Ainz via his Momon persona (or Ainz’ double, see Rej’s comment previously) just so happened to show up at the right time to “stop” Demiurge. If Momon winds up “killing” an unstoppable demonic threat to the Kingdom, he suddenly gains even greater fame, and with it more material reward. Considering Ainz is a little desperate for cash of late, I wouldn’t put it past him to use the situation with Sebas and Tuare for such a purpose. Paying the bills and expanding political control? Killing two birds with one stone never looked easier.

Of course someone must suffer for all of this winning, and good guy victims of the moment look to be the Blue Rose. This I felt was always going to be inevitable given the reveal of Princess Renner’s true personality (the cannon fodder flags were real), but I’m still surprised that at minimum Gagaran, Tia, and Evileye could put up such a fight and actually overpower a Pleiades maid—seems Overlord isn’t a one trick pony after all. Didn’t wind up saving best ninja and Climb’s one true lover (seriously Climb, take the snu snu offer already), but hey, cannot fault a good and honest attempt. Plus with Evileye still hanging on for some additional thrashing, we haven’t seen the last of this fight just yet.

With a random Demiurge-Ainz showdown now looming, the real fun is just getting started.


    1. Agreed, hopefully the manga covers more.

      I was sort of laughing when those 6 arm members didn’t seem to notice Solution. Shows how weak they are.

      Notably, it’s nice how cooperative everyone is when it came to saving Tsuare. While a majority of Ainz’s subordinates are Evil incarnate, they are also the absolute embodiment of loyalty.

      1. Well you pretty much count only with two hands the non-evil aligned people in Nazarick. XD

        Sebas, Victim, Pestonya (the Dog head maid), Yuri Alpha and Show Spoiler ▼

        Round up the good aligned people in Nazarick.

  1. While i understand that they were under time-constraints, the way ainz showed up out of nothing feels too sudden, too random. I did check in the previous episodes if he got called for a job and all, but so far nothing that explains why he would be so far away from home as his momon persona.
    Same for the hilda part. Here, it is just like they just barged in randomly and took hilda for no reason other then her being thought of as the owner.
    However, besides the rushing ( which might be excused thanks to time-constraints i guess ) it is a pretty good episode. Entoma is a lvl 51 and evil eye is considered around a lvl 50 so that makes it easier.
    Pancakes, you probably know this from other games already, but if you have an opponent of a higher level, you can still beat them if the teamwork is good enough and the level difference is not that much.
    Still missing the little teasing our hilda did in the LN where she tried to seduce Mare and failed in the best ways.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Renner mentioned she had a request in for strong adventurers with the guild, and Ainz said last episode he had something else to take care of so he left things to Albedo and Demiurge. Not perfect, but the set-up is more-or-less there. They clearly wanted it to be a surprise, though, so of course they left out the specifics beforehand.

      Likewise, why they grabbed Hilda instead of just killing her is probably supposed to be a mystery. We can assume that Mare was there because her mansion was one of the eight targets on the map, but we can also trust that we’ll be filled in more later if it’s something more important than that. With multiple POVs going on and Demiurge not even telling Sebas the full plan I feel like it’s an acceptable gamble on the audience.

    2. Yeah, I agree with you with the sudden crubstomp, Sebas did with the other members of 6-arms. The LN only one he suddenly one-shot killed was the Lich calling himself undead king, For Eldstorm he cut off her head so fast that she didn’t realize she was decapitated for a few sec., the other two he made sure they realized he was way out there league before one-shotting them.

    3. I always pegged Evil eye at around upper 50s to lower 60s in the level chart. (since specializing in an element gives you the adv of being able to cast higher ver of elemental spell than you would normally could.) and Entoma is the weakest among the Pleiades as she’s more of a hybrid-support class compared to the rest.

      1. Actually the weakest is the robot maid, she’s if im not mistaken she’s Lvl 48, but to make up for her low level she has the most number of high class weapons. Entoma is Lvl 53.

        Evil Eye is actually the same level as Entoma, but she has an anti-bug spell. Which means she deals critical damage to Entoma. As such Entoma is a bad match up for Evil Eye.

        Narberal is the strongest maid at level 68 but most of her power is magic spells. But Yuri Alpha has the better equipment and her specialty is combat.

        Then there is the actual leader of the Pleiades, Aureole Omega another maid that hasnt appeared, she’s level 100 and it’s immortal. She’s also the only Human NPC in Nazarick, but has horrible stats for combat as such she’s the ultimate support NPC with resurrection spells and mass healing (healing speculated only, but if she can resurrect, pretty sure she can heal). She is the one that hands out Rings of Ainz Ooal Gown for teleportation purposes and Ainz trust her so much she’s the only NPC allowed to use his Staff when he’s not in Nazarick.

        Of course all the Pleiades answer to Sebas, who is also level 100, but its one of the top 3 fighters in Nazarick together with Cocyutus and Albedo.

      2. @Shadow

        Thanks for the info, didn’t know that Shizu was the weakest among the Pleiades in terms of Level, I forgot that Class, Equiptment and Spell Selection also factors in alot in terms of combat effectiveness (Ainz vs Shalltear fight) XD

    4. Oh yeah the teamwork aspect and overcoming more powerful foes makes sense to me, this is just the first time we’ve had a fight where a member of Ainz Ooal Gown didn’t curb stomp the competition with barely a finger raised. It’s a nice change from the usual shenanigans, because while fun watching Ainz and friends own everyone, it’s good to know they’re not always invincible.

  2. I ave an feeling that this Tunare here they found is not the real one. She was looking up from the ground but her face was in shadows. This is an “cliche” that they have the wrong one or she was brainwashed

      1. Lets see. We both agree that something is here fishy and we only have the Men faces as proof so far

        But from experience.. an face where the eyes are covered in shadows even in bright daylight = not good…

  3. Finally an episode worth of Overlord.
    Sorry but this was the only episode for me on par with season 1 imho, a really disappointing season.
    Too many new characters introduced at lighting speed that was only confusing and really weak fights except for this episode.

    1. Season 1 had a lot of still shots too, particularly involving Ainz (since he doesn’t exactly have lip flaps, and wears a mask/helmet a lot) but they compensated with a lot of great ‘camera’ work. I feel like season 2 has less of that, and less of the good animation bits from season 1 like – just for example – Albedo clawing at herself in the village when Ainz was disrespected.

  4. I loved the scene where Sebas lost his cool at the wannabe Undead King and that entrance at the end, WOW! I was not expecting that. I thought the rest of the Blue Rose group to show up but boy. I’m really looking forward to next weeks episode.

    1. I agree Entoma’s Cool, but the one thing I’ve always wondered after finally seeing her in animated form was, how anyone would mistake Entoma to be attractive XD. I mean sure at first glance, you’d prolly mistake her for cute, but spend any amount of time looking at her and you’d definitely notice her insect parts (esp her hair) XD

      1. @Devastaot001
        Never doubt the capacity of people to find things attractive, especially when they come equipped with a cute(-ish) face beetle mask thing. Terrifying bug monster hidden under Entoma’s disguise? Nothing a few blush lines cannot fix 😛


        Look at the sharp recesses of that clavicle, the sheen of those ribs, the curvature of the humeri. It’s truly a body to behold, the height of beauty no mere mortal can dream of obtaining.

      2. The attractiveness stems from her juxtaposition and demeanor. She is perhaps the most hideous among the Pleiades but is juxtaposed against her cute personality that she treasures. She hates how her real voice sounds and perhaps even how she looks and tries her best to keep up the carefree and cutesy Enotoma that we know her by. In a lot of the omakes, her antics and interactions with the other characters are just downright charming.

  5. As you can see, the “Dark Heroes” are giving the light an hand to help them out, because they have both the same goal. But in the end they are Dark ones, as you saw. Well, in Sebas case i agree with his manners. They deserve that full hearted. But the others are an other story. See what good background story can do with our emotions. The one how say “background” is not important like to watch “No brain” popcorn movies…

    Sebas being on the dark side, did care today my empathy, because his “victims” deserve it.

    But then again. last time they used Shalteer as an “boss fight” in Season 1. Do we have here the temporary allies “Blue Rose” or the fight Momon vs Demiurge?

    So season 2 are about to end like season 1? Also in Season 1 when Ainz-sama gave these assassin the Hug of Death, it feel like Sebas “light” version.. As you can see, they nearly followed the same Season 1 formula, just tweak here and there the “graphics”.. but bow, this time the background are way better and more empathy are in the air..

    Humans that treat other humans like shit or subhumans deserve to be like punished the Overlord way

    1. also this “Maid/Tunare” act could be build in GATE, when they where about to storm the castle.. There was also slaves to set free and such.. but they cut it out.. See GATE production team, what you left out?… You still have the Manga

    2. That is the whole issue actualy with ending it at this arc.
      This arc doesn’t have a boss fight to end it on, only hints at what might be coming later on in the story.
      if they animate 3 volumes a season, then they can make 2 more at the current rate, maybe 3 depending on how fast the novels get out in combination with when the seasons get released.
      Also, the seasons after this, with the exception of volume 8 might be more interesting for the viewer although i do hope they don’t take the same pace as in this season.
      It worked in the first season since the novels itself also had that high pace. Starting from the lizard man arc however, the pace in the novels are slower in order to place the pawns in a proper way without it being too sudden where-as the anime has kept the break neck pace from the first season it seems.

      1. Yeah I agree, in hindsight they’d have a lot more room to work with if say they limited the Lizardman heroes arc to only 4 eps instead of 5 and then devote the extra ep to the Kingdom arc.

      2. Although it’s not split cour, I do wonder if Madhouse will announce Season 3 after Episode 13 airs. Or if they will do recap movies again with a Season 3 announcement following? Recap movies seem to be the clearest indicator something is coming back.

      3. Personally I don’t see any continuation for a while yet, the producers don’t seem to be in a rush to milk this franchise just yet. I could be wrong (and would be happy to in this case), but I think we have a few years before we see Overlord III.

      4. There’s always the risk that people will lose interest if they wait too long. I think studios generally like to milk a franchise when it’s still going strong right? The way they produced the two recap movies before season 2 suggests Madhouse cares, I guess the disc sales will likely be the deciding factor if we don’t get an early announcement.

  6. Sebas is maybe not one-punch man but 10 seconds curbstomp against four of the six arms? This shows the difference in power levels.
    On the other hand Pleiades and other lower-level denizens of Nazarick can run into trouble when faced with best fighters and especially mages of this world. Entoma had the unluck of running into mage who made spell custom-made for killing her kind. When Demiurge showed up though, it was all over in sconds, just like Sebas.
    I have a hitch that person that is forbidden to be killed is none other than our (un) lucky favored of the monster princess, Climb.
    You see, it seems Demiurge infilrated somehow the Princess war council and its from there he got the locations of targets to be raided. Therefore he was able to see the potential consequences for Nazarick if any of its servants killed Climb. Even demons dont want to mess with the princess Renner?
    It seems AOG might be taking on his Momon persona to further become hero for the kingdom by “saving” Blue rose members from Demiurge…

    1. Instead of cautious, they might’ve even approached Renner about a deal after seeing how atypical she is. A human that’s hyper-intelligent, in a position of power that they can easily move upward, and values human life about as little as Demiurge and Albedo? She could be a great tool for them.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20II/Overlord%20II%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2013.jpg
    Those fools lasted less than 10 seconds. Sad none of them felt despair before dying.

    Obviously, those idiots are one of the last people I would want in Tokyo Ghoul. So our bug maid ate a human, big deal. I wouldn’t care if a monster ate criminals or death row prisoners, it’s an effective way to make use of humans in fantasy worlds.

    Anyway, in regards to Gagaran and Climb, I don’t understand the “virgin” joke in anime, it is annoyingly overused. Unless the animators are trying to tell fans “please increase our birthrate.”

    1. in “ancient” times and even today… What happen with a Boy that lose his Virginity?

      He grew up as a Men in the eyes of others. So she is just playing with him to make out an Real Men of him.

      i think

      1. @ Worldwidedepp I can understand what you mean by “ancient” times but, in modern times now, only an idiot would take to face value the idea that “a Boy that lose his Virginity becomes a Man.”

        Yeah no kidding. The labeling is so overused to the point where it is annoying. IF anyone makes a big deal about such a thing, I would call them an idiot for being obsessed on such stupid things. Anyway, I know the “virgin” thing is just a joke but you really think animators would realize that they are just boring people with that sort of repeated joke.

      2. This thinking “Grew up to be an real man!” is still there, look outside into the Villages. Also, it was common speak (for pre-teens) “i will make her into an Woman!”.. Same base, just opposite gender. I agree this talking was for half-strong and with help of many alcohol. But we cannot deny it that it sill survive in the “outlands”

        So, i think here she is just joking with him and he and all knows it. She is some kind of female “Conan” here (yes, the Arnold Schwarzenegger “barbarian”), or Princess would also “love” to kill her.. So she was perhaps the first “master” that teach him to stand on his own feets, to find his courage.. Perhaps like an “big Warrior Sister”

        So, she is friendly not an mean woman

      3. Hard rough skin on the outside, an softy inside her heart.. an female Macho, if you want an big comparing.. but an lovely female macho. She can not babysitting him

    2. Interesting arguing a joke that is realistic, and how people thought to right just recently, should not be used because it’s not politicly correct in modern times. Plus they are actually being modern in that a woman who is not typical build is being free with her sexuality. And Climb is a fool by this point for his princess who is not the person he thinks she is. And traditionally the virgin hit is on people who are still that way because they lack the self-confidence to act on natural needs when they are going out to kill people. It’s not insulting a person for a firmly held belief it’s insulting a person without that firmly held belief for lack of self-confidence. And it’s being done in the way that troops rag on each other in a nonserious way most learn you just insult lightly back and your all fine and it is something you bond over. This is why pilot call signs given by their peers are often somewhat insulting even if somewhat true, people bond over the light insult. The merry men would pick on Frier Tuck over his weight and eating habits but never his virginity as he was a Frier but they would pick on a Climb’s virginity. And Climb rightly is not seeming to be bothered by it as he knows it’s not serious.

  8. So Demiurge and Renner each send eight teams to raid each of the Eight Fingers bases. In the first case Sebas, Climb, and Brain show up together and cooperate – but these are the only characters who are likely to do this. The second case where Entoma encounters three members of Blue Rose should be more typical – the adventurers decide to attack the “monster”. If the same thing happens at the other six bases there are going to be a lot of dead adventurers before the night is over.

    1. Oh yeah there’s going to be quite a bit of death before this is all said and done. At bare minimum I’m expecting a few more Blue Roses to wind up dead, especially when Demiurge and Ainz reveal the real purpose behind their “fight”. Something bigger is coming, and it’s going to be guaranteed deadly.

  9. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20II/Overlord%20II%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2004.jpg
    I just realized that while it was good the kid had dyed his armor, as I can understand how sensible that is, I am curious why doesn’t he wear a helmet; that should be the first thing anyone should do when going into battle.

    And can someone tell me who is that person that Demiurge had made forbidden to kill?

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      Vol. 10, specifically if we get a Season 3 XD

      1. I see, thank you very much.
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. You forgot something else.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. @Shadow
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Gah can’t wait for April 27 release of Vol. 13 XD

  10. What is this now ? I was under the impression that it was a honest to goodness fantasy world they fell into, not another Log Horizon ! And now it is episode 24, and ordinary humans start talking about race\class changes and levels ? What is this crap ?!

    1. Blue rose members aren’t exactly normal humans, they’re Adamantite Class and considered close to the top of what regular humans can achieve in the world and are somewhat privy to some of the secrets of the world. Show Spoiler ▼

      So them knowing about existence of class/race change and level isn’t so unusual if you stop to think about it.

  11. This is one of my must watch animes…So many twists and it goes dark so effortlessly. I was rooting for Blue rose and then they had the inevitable meet up with Ains group and I knew it would end badly. I like that they don’t reveal everything and keep us on our toes. Ains is the man with a plan but i have a feeling it won’t go fully according to plan. Will see. Sebas is the boss.


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