So far this season the weekly rankings have been all over the map, but Dororo is the one constant. Even with a controversial Kobayashi interlude two weeks ago, its reign on the top spot has been largely uninterrupted for the past two seasons. As befits a season with a lot of candidates but not many standouts, the spring series are seeing their vote widely split so far.

With this week’s Ask the Writers, I wanted to give a glimpse into what out team is passionate about besides anime. And it’s certainly an eclectic list…


Weekly Staff Poll

Dororo (2019) – 19 points, 3 first place votes
Kimetsu no Yaiba – 14, 1
Fruits Basket 2019 – 13, 1
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari – 8
Sarazanmai – 7


Ask The Writers

“What would you be blogging about if you weren’t blogging about anime?”

  • Stilts: Probably craft beer. Barleywine is life.
  • Passerby: Faberge eggs.
  • Choya: I’d either go two routes: get back into watching more films so that I can blog and analyze them, or commit time to a blog dedicated to the food I come across, eat, and/or cook. I’ve always been a film buff, so it would be fun to get back into watching films more often to write more thoroughly about them. I also sparingly contribute to an Instagram blog where I post food that I’ve made or ordered, but if I channeled more time into it, I would put more into adding all of the food pics I have and dedicate more time into writing about food, tea, coffee, beer, and hipstery things I come across.
  • Zaiden: “Competitive League of Legends, Politics, Restaurants and Food, Agony Uncle”.
  • Pancakes: The intricacies of 1/35 model building and how if you hand paint acrylics you’re going to lose your mind in the gleam. Also the life and times of Ariq Boeke and the totally not Mongolian brother Khubilai.
  • Miss Simplice: I’d want to blog about live music shows and events. I love discovering new genres and artists but I do have particular taste (jazz, R&B, classic rock, indie rock, etc.). I’ve always loved the feeling I get when I see a live local band in a different country (whether I planned to see them or I just happened to come across them during my travels). So much is happening in the crowd when a band or artist comes on stage. Eyes light up, smiles get wider, and emotions are flying left and right. It’s my favourite way to discover a place, their culture, and learn more about music as well as its influence on people. So I’d love to blog about the experience and of course, the music itself!
  • Takaii: I’d probably be blogging / doing content on video games. Probably in a variety-show style.
  • Enzo: While it would indeed be easy to just say manga, and there are surely other entertainment niches that would interest me, I’m going to follow the same broad path as Stilts and say whisk(e)y. While I love beer and wine, I’ve come to view scotch and bourbon as the ultimate in complexity where spirits are concerned. I love everything about the experience – buying, opening, nosing, tasting, discussing. A whisk(e)y blog would be a lot of fun.


  1. One of the first things I tried to do as a kid online was blog anime. I gave up after two episodes and left my grammatically challenged blog to die. I don’t really consider myself much of a writer for things like that and respect those that can make great posts on subjects like this.

    1. Me too, actually. I started a blog on Blogger for anime and manga with school friends. They lost interest though, and that’s how it died. Understandable since some of them moved on from anime and manga as their primary forms of entertainment. So I’m really lucky to have a team in RandomC that is dedicated and passionate about blogging anime.

      1. was on Blogger for years – that’s how a lot of us got started, I think. I knew for a long time I had to get it off there and onto WP but was always too lazy to take on the job. Then Google made the decision for me, and that was that.

        I was actually doing a lot of wine reviews way back at the beginning…

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