“The Little Girl Is Fascinated by the Snow.”

「ちいさな娘、 雪に感激する。」 (Chiisana musume, yuki ni kangeki suru.)

Bouncing back from last week’s despair event horizon, our favourite devilish cinnamon bun goes back to school with her friends, and she seems set on making Dale the best present she can think of. Latina works hard and makes Dale a handmade present, and it’s a fabulous one too! As a dude who doesn’t have many material desires and gets themselves most things they really want, these kind of heartfelt presents would easily be the ones that I’d want over anything else. So in that sense, I can really relate to Dale’s profound sense of joy at receiving such a meaningful gift. It was truly a wonderful and heartwarming scene! If someone reading this ever intends on giving a dude some gift, I’d understand if you started worrying and overthinking things, but Latina’s way would definitely be the way to go about it.

In terms of this episode, I’m just a bit bummed that they skimmed over Kenneth taking Latina to the bank, explaining to her how the system works, and getting her to leave her hard-earned money in a saver’s account with accumulating interests. That would have been excellent to see, because it was without question another one of those moments that highlighted Latina’s remarkable intelligence and uncanny ability to quickly pick up on things.

But what we did manage to see was snow at this time of year — quite a rare sight at this time of year for most countries in the world, barring Australia off the top of my head. And it was Latina’s first time seeing snow as well. She looked so excited! Speaking of building snowmen and using magic, some rookie kidnappers waylaid Latina while Dale was off adventuring, and it looked like she might have gone on a magical rampage not dissimilar to a certain Queen of Arendelle. Fortunately, Mister Jilvester shows up to save the day, and crikey does he look like one heck of a menacing grandpa impression! So you better but some respeck on his name, as the youngsters of English-speaking society would yeet out in this day and age. That does the trick in fending them off and the city guards deal with the young ragamuffins, who are heavily hinted to be slave traffickers that were up to no good. It’s a good thing they didn’t tell Dale, because if the past episodes are anything to go by, he would really demonstrate no restraint in destroying their lives as much as he possibly could. *shudder*. Nevertheless, I’m sure the vigilante within me would have been morbidly jubilant if that scenario played out. Continuing from last episode, this episode made it abundantly clear that being a devil in a human settlement will be far from easy for Latina. But with a top adventurer as her guardian, and important people in the town being regular patrons of the pub who dote on and look out for her too, she might have her fair share of troubles but I trust she’d remain in relatively good hands.

If you’re still keeping up with this show, I take it you must enjoy seeing cute kids and can tolerate how overbearing Dale’s doting can be. Because those are the reasons I’ve stuck around — plus I know that while there’s nothing particularly outstanding down the line, it’ll be enjoyable fluff all the way that offers something different from the densely packed shows we have from this season. It will continue being very much the same, so if that sounds like a good thing to you, you’ll definitely want to stick around. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post, and see you next week for some more Uchimusume goodness!


  1. I was disappointed that they didn’t have the bank part too. And Latina almost told them something that she had been told not to tell. It’s not surprising that she hadn’t been taught what Kenneth was showing her. After all Show Spoiler ▼

    And the guards said that it was a good thing that Dale wasn’t the one who caught the kidnappers. Also Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I thought I would give a little info on the Demon Lords. Even though it should come up in the anime before it is relevant, I will put it spoilers for those who want to wait. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I keep hoping for a little more world building especially more about the demon world would be good. I did like how the questioning between Kenneth and Dale asking if she was taught how to do anything or if it was all done for her. The answer was interesting with “Nothing was decided yet, but I think . . . “ and then she clammed up. Just who is our little hime-sama?

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