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OP: 「まほうのかぜ」 (Mahou no Kaze) by (Akane Kumada

「もらったもの」 (Moratta Mono)
“Things Received”


I believe everything we do has an intention behind. Whether we are conscious about it or not. Since Episode 01 I’ve been enjoying this show’s slow pace and the meaning every action or inaction carries. But I hadn’t really looked into what it was about the slow pace that pleased me. Then I remembered watching a 15min video on Youtube where this guy does 4 things: builds a fire, roasts his coffee beans, grinds them and brews his drink. These 15min in which all I did was accompany every detail that was shown in the video felt like a strange meditation. Patience can be an exercise and a retreat.

In our age of endless scrolling, instant information, manicured appearances and: save immediately; ends tomorrow; limited time only; special offer; don’t waste time; subscribe for more; buy now. It doesn’t surprise me that we feel a little overwhelmed and even breathless.

While some shows might cut scenes like the unscrewing of a carrier box, Super Cub makes it a point to show in detail how Koguma performs this task for the first time. Another example that caught my attention was the helmet conversation during lunch: Reiko asks Koguma something and what follows can be considered (to some) an awkward moment as a viewer: Koguma doesn’t answer right away. She sets her lunch down and opens the carrier box to take her helmet and then she answers. As a writer there are many ways to write this scene and as a director there are many ways to cut this scene. But instead we are shown it in this way. Action by action. Detail by detail.


We’ve seen Koguma happily cleaning her Cub and also making a drawstring bag for her helmet on Episode 02. On Episode 03 we also see this emphasis on taking care and knowing the real value of things. 

Both of our main characters own second-hand bikes and aside from Honda’s clear statement of quality and longevity of their products, part of the reason why things last a long time is due to the care that the owners give to their objects. Although we experience the evident monetary value through Koguma’s financial situation, I feel like the show also addresses the emotional value of things. 

In a way to care about our things is an extension of caring about ourselves.


With the carrier box Koguma had help from Reiko and I also thought the same would happen with the wind protection. I mean, Reiko was basically doing the shopping for Koguma—Reiko’s such an assertive and enthusiastic bike otaku, it’s cute—yet when faced with a bigger issue: I can’t afford any of these. In a cool turn of events she finds a solution and buys protection goggles (plus her keychain) at the Home Center.

I didn’t mention this in my introduction post, but my academic degree is from Product Design and one thing that I found absolutely fascinating in my course was that we were constantly instigated to find solutions to our own problems by thinking unconventionally. That is a lesson that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

The joy of conventional or unconventional problem solving doesn’t solely apply to complex projects or problems, but to day to day ones as well! Conquering “the small things” can be highly underestimated! I love how we get to experience Koguma’s happiness each time she conquers one of these.

This made me think: could Super Cub also be a love letter to patience, personal accountability and problem solving? *grins* I know this show is sponsored by Honda, but part of a good branding and marketing strategy is to convey your brand’s core values to your audience thus creating an authentic human connection. Anyone have thoughts about this?

Many thanks for reading this review and if anyone wants to chat, I’ll be down in the comment section~

Erratum: it seems that on last week’s episode I made a mistake regarding Koguma announcing to her classmates she drove her bike to school! I thought this event had actually taken place but instead it happened in her mind, hehe.


ED Sequence

ED: 「春への伝言」 (Haru e no Dengon) by (Yuki Yomichi, Ayaka Nanase, Natsumi Hioka


  1. >This made me think: could Super Cub also be a love letter to patience, personal accountability and problem solving? *grins* I know this show is sponsored by Honda, but part of a good branding and marketing strategy is to convey your brand’s core values to your audience thus creating an authentic human connection. Anyone have thoughts about this?<

    If Honda would had the full control of this Anime then i think we would see more of these Pictures:

    But i am happy, that they let the Anime free hand and i like it. This are some sort of "Let's play!" Advertising like in Yuru Camp. The Product is not the Main Cast, but it enriches her Life now

  2. I feel like this show at risk of getting a bit too on the nose with the advertising. It’s not any one thing in particular, it’s the way Reiko talks about literally nothing else, it’s the ‘the bond between cub riders is deeper than friendship’ line. Like, dial it back just a littttttle bit.

    There’s a fine balance to be found to keep it from becoming tiresome and I think they need to watch out to avoid tipping it. Still, it’s early days, we’ll see how it goes.

    1. I’m definitely curious to see if there’s more to Reiko’s character than her being a bike fanatic! I can see myself getting slightly bored if that’s all there is.

      But just like you said, it’s early days and we’ll keep watching to see how it goes!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. The whole context of Koguma projecting her identity in her cub feels so wholesome because she starts from such a sad state. I don’t recall a character starting from so low (she keeps reminding us that she has absolutely nothing, not even a career goal).

    I mean, what other show defines a challenge as daunting as accessing the microwave for lunch?!?

    Really happy that she has the backing of Reiko in general.

    Finally, this episode where she upgrades her bike somewhat felt a bit like a fantasy show where she levels up and gets new gear, not too far off from Kumo desu ga lol.

    1. The microwave! I laughed so much when this matter was addressed once again in this episode. Kogu-chan was so unhappy with her cold curry afterwards σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡ but one step at a time.

      I loved how you had this image of her leveling up once she upgraded her bike because that’s exactly what I had envisioned to what it would feel like once she uses the classroom microwave hahahaha.

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts!

  4. More than a week late, but watching the episode again, and some quick thoughts…

    One very good reason to avoid “friends”: peer pressure.

    The first piano piece made me think. I don’t know of any Japanese pianists but back in the day, by which I mean 60+ years ago in the previous millennium, there was Mrs Mills and Winifred Atwell — on 78 rpm vinyl, and these days, also on YouTube.

    And the real reason for this note, watching Koguma unfix the box: screws. An everyday item we take for granted, but there are so many standards, and Japan has its own. For a fascinating (YMMV) read, see: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_screw_drives .

    Jijii ; -)
    1. Well, with some Pictures i got the feeling that this Anime is settled around 1990-2000. Because of the colors and such. Would not someone opened my eyes that her Bike drive license is from 2021 then i would not believe it

      So happy to see that i am not alone of dreaming of the past


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