Introduction – A Backbone of Japanese Values

Hello there! My name is Gabie. I am a self-employed Brazilian designer, social media strategist, copywriter and digital marketer. I am also the mother of two cats (a midget devil called Jupiter and an adventurer called Mago) and two lady dogs (a blind husky called Jerry Bonksalot—yes, she bonks in a lot of places—and a highly anxious mixed beagle called Pina).

My day to day life consists of working, cooking, baking, weight-lifting, watching anime with my boyfriend, reading manga, fanfics, trying to understand human behavior and drinking tea.

I recently binged One Piece starting on episode one all the way to the latest episode available, which I think was 964—in a total of two months and thirteen days. I had just taken a step back from overworking and was a bit lost regarding my professional career.

When going through periods like these some might take a sabbatical, go to a retreat or simply spend some time in nature away from everything. But given the current situation, me being an introvert, and the fact that I live in a tropical island in the middle of Southeast Asia where the only nature I get is either going to the garbage-littered tourist beaches or to the ass-sweat-snake-jungles, I decided to give this epic saga a go.