Introduction – “The only heaven I know is heaven in the sound”

Quite a weird title for an introduction post I know, but I thought it’d be nice to use a line from Stereoman, a song by ELLEGARDEN and also the name I’ll be using here on Random Curiosity, so hello everyone, Stereoman is now a part of RC!

So why did I throw myself into this? – Simple, I love this site. I’ve been following this blog since 2006, making this site one of my daily visits; however, I haven’t really written much in the comments section. I’ve also been around the IRC channel as a quiet stalker.

When Divine decided to bring in some new writers, I felt like I just had to apply. To be able to contribute to one of my favorite sites pleases me very much and I hope my writing will appeal to you.

You won’t have to wait for the Spring shows to see some of my posts because I’ll be covering the remaining episodes of Senki Zesshou Symphogear starting with the 10th episode.

As for my taste in anime, it’s quite diverse. I usually watch 15 shows every season even though I try to convince myself to watch less. My favorite shows are mostly shounen and josei but I do watch a lot of shoujo and seinen too. You can check out my anime list to find out more about my preferences.

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