The Best of Anime 2016

Now that 2016 is officially over, it’s time for our yearly foray into annoying everyone with our questionable opinions, the Best of Anime 2016 post! As with last year, this post is a collaboration between the writers who watched the most series this year, me (Zephyr) and Samu. Through hiatuses and other real-life obligations, we both still managed to watch approximately 100 series this year, making us somewhat informed about whatever we’re wrong about.

Disclaimer: As always, disclaimers abound. Please keep in mind that “best” is subjective. What’s best for us isn’t necessarily best for you, and that’s perfectly fine. This list shouldn’t be taken as some kind of inviolable truth, but rather the opinions of two guys who had too much time on their hands and spent it conjuring up a list of picks based on all the anime they watched. Naturally, our choices will be influenced by our own tastes, experiences, and personal impressions, and ultimately these are just recommendations of series we feel most people will enjoy, nothing more. Before you go bashing one of our choices, please make sure you’ve at least given the series a chance so you may know where we’re coming from. Aside from that, we ask that you respect our opinions and the opinions of others in the comments, just like we respect yours. Thank you.

Disclaimer #2: The choices in this post are not reflective of the opinions of all Random Curiosity writers. They are solely the opinions of myself (Zephyr) and Samu, save for where otherwise noted. Thank you for your understanding.

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