Random Musings – The Big Winter Break II Edition

Come this time of year, most anime series take a week or two break (last year was no different). To clear up any lingering schedule uncertainties that you may have, here is a table of what’s airing and what’s not for shows that I’m currently blogging.

Series This Week (12/25 to 12/31) Next Week (1/1 to 1/7) Following Week (1/8 to 1/14)
Pumpkin Scissors Episode 13 on Monday No Episode Episode 14 on Monday
D.Gray-man Episode 13 on Tuesday No Episode Episode 14 on Tuesday
DEATH NOTE Episode 12 on Tuesday No Episode Episode 13 on Tuesday
Negima!? Episode 13 on Wednesday Episode 14 on Thursday Episode 15 on Wednesday
Bleach No Episode Episode 109 on Thursday Episode 110 on Wednesday
Soukou no Strain No Episode No Episode Episode 10 on Wednesday
Kanon Episode 13 on Thursday Episode 14 on Thursday Episode 15 on Thursday
CODE GEASS No Episode Episode 12 on Thursday Episode 13 on Thursday
Ayakashi Ayashi No Episode Episode 13 on Saturday Episode 14 on Saturday

Please make particular note that Negima!? and Bleach will be airing episodes on Thursday, January 4th. They are being preempted from their normal Wednesday spots on January 3rd by an Enka New Year’s Special and then the Japan vs. Mexico Boxing Grand Prix. Unfortunately, this means that that particular Thursday will be completely hellish for me since it’ll be four shows on one day (maybe even five if I end up watching Saint October). And on that note, you can probably expect the Winter 2007 Shows Preview to go up sometime later this week.