Sousei no Aquarion – 14

Short Summary:
Silvia wakes up after having several dreams of Baron, as if she were in Apollo’s shoes. She goes to Sophia for counseling, and Sophia suggests that Apollo’s dreams and memories are now hers. An alarm goes off and the Shadow Angels are at it again. Reika, Jun, and Pierre are sent out to battle an invisible enemy. Neither Aquarion Luna nor Aquarion Mars can do it though.

Tsubasa Chronicle – 13

Short Summary:
Our group arrives in Jade Country, which oddly looks like Sleepy Hollow. There’s a legend here that speaks of a princess who leads the town’s children away at night, never to be heard from again. As Syaoran and company arrive in town, they find that they are unwelcome, but are taken in anyway by the town doctor after Syaoran explains that they are there to write a history book. The first night, Sakura wakes up to see a golden-haired girl leading some children away. She tells this to the townsfolk the next day after it’s discovered that children are missing.

Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo – 01

Short Summary:
Asaba Ureshiko is a magical girl, but she’s getting, well, old (at the ripe age of 27). She’s a bit of a klutz, as shown by when she trys to fix a vacuum using magic and screws it up. In fact, there’s a new girl in town, Kurenai Sayaka, who wants to replace her. When Sayaka goes crazy in her new school using her magic, it’s Ureshiko who arrives to stop her. Sayaka wants Ureshiko’s ring, but after Ureshiko refuses, we start a chase scene.

Oku-sama wa Joshi Kousei – 01

Short Summary:
Onohara Asami, 17 years old, is a high school student. Her secret is that she’s married to her teacher, Ichimaru Kyousuke (whom she calls Danna-sama). The first half of the episode centered around Asami trying to cook for Kyousuke on his birthday but failing miserably. He ends up liking the one bit of food that’s not ruined, which makes her very happy.

First Impressions: He Is My Master – 12 (END)

Short Summary:Izumi’s still feeling pretty down when Mitsuki and Anna tell her that Yoshitaka is up. Visiting him in the hospital though, it seems he isn’t feeling much better than Izumi was. She slaps some sense into him and they go to take back his house. Takami is there waiting …