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Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – 17

「醜態の果てに」 (Shuutai no Hate ni)
“Disgrace in the Extreme”

If people aren’t dying, people aren’t remembering… which is another kind of suffering and despair.

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Mob Psycho 100 – 03

「集いへの誘い~簡単に言うとモテたい~」 (Tsudoi e no Sasoi: Kantan ni Iu to Motetai )
“An Invite to a Meeting ~Simply Put, I Just Want to Be Popular~”

You want anime? I got your anime right here.

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D.Gray-man HALLOW – 04

「聖戦ブラッド」 (Seisen Buraddo)
“Blood Crusade”

Well, that escalated quickly.

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Macross Δ – 17

「 拡散 オンステージ」 (Kakusan Onsuteji)
“Scatter on Stage”

As both sides finish up their respective preparations, a last array of performances give way to romantic sparks, fan-service, and the revelation we’ve all been waiting for.

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Amaama to Inazuma – 04

「きらいな野菜とコロコログラタン」 (Kiraina Yasai to Korokoro Guratan)
“Hated Vegetables and Bits in Gratin”

Even an adorable show like Amaama can’t escape the clutches of kids and their eternal disgust with vegetables.

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Shokugeki no Souma Ni no Sara – 04

「追跡者」 (Tsuisekisha)
“The Pursuer”

Not a surprise how the battle ended, but that means that our next shokugeki with Souma is going to be that much more awesome!

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DAYS – 04

「命かけて僕は生きたいんです」 (Inochi Kakete Boku wa Ikitain Desu)
“I Want to Put My Life on the Line to Live”

Holy shit. DAYS has won me over. Did not see this coming.

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Love Live! Sunshine!! – 04

「ふたりのキモチ」 (Futari no Kimochi)
“Our Feelings”

I never expected Hanamaru to leap straight into one of my favorite girl spots! Because honestly, how can I not love someone who appreciates the goodness that we call Hoshizora Rin?

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91Days – 03

「足音の行先」 (Ashioto no Ikisaki)
“Where the Footfalls Lead”

Putting all the pieces in place.

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orange – 04


There’s still eight more episodes of this? I’m already sweating from an overdose of emotions.

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Rewrite – 04

「いつかあの日に帰るまで」 (Itsuka Ano Hi ni Kaeru made)
“Until We Return to Those Days”

Er… was that it?

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Tales of Zestiria the X – 03

「聖剣祭」 (Seiken-sai)
“The Sacred Blade Festival”

This feels like a flagship series in the making.

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Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu – 04

「陸の都と水の都と」 (Riku no Miyako to Mizu no Miyako to)
“A City of Land and A City of Water”

A new adventure in a new city.

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Amanchu! – 03

「わくわくと幸せのコツのコト」 (Wakuwaku to Shiawase no Kotsu no Koto)
“The Story of the Secret to Excitement and Happiness”

It’s only the third episode and Amanchu! is already offering enlightenment.

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Battery – 02

「池のほとり」 (Ike no hotori)
“The Banks of the Pond”

It’s probably no exaggeration to say Battery isn’t a series that’s going to play to the masses.

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