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WORKING’!! – 07

「恋のバッドチューニング」(Koi no Baddo Chūningu)
“Bad Tuning of Love”

Rumor has it that a molester is hanging around the neighborhood but that doesn’t stop our characters from doing anything they usually do.

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Fate/Zero – 07

「魔境の森」 (Makyou no Mori)
“Evil Forest”

Any concerns out there about the action dwindling down should have quickly subsided, though I don’t think anyone truly expected all the Masters to simply cooperate once Risei ordered a temporary truce until Caster is eliminated. Kiritsugu is naturally on top of that list given his assassin mindset, and not without reason due to the suspicion of a secret pact between the Church, Kirei, and Tokiomi.

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Bleach – 346, 347

「完現術の能力者·銀城空吾」 (Furuburingu no Nouryokusha · Ginjou Kuugo)
“The Fullbring User · Ginjou Kuugo”

It’s not often we see Ichigo seriously losing his cool.

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