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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD – 07

「うん、先生が最強だよ!」 (Un, Sensei ga Saikyou da yo!)
“Yeah, Sensei is the Strongest!”

This was a superb episode. My main qualm with season 1 was that while the comedy was great, the plot was weak at times. Not so here.

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Sankarea – 07

「おさな…なじみ…」 (Osana… Najimi…)

Finally… A whole episode devoted to Ranko! For all the Ranko fans, I can see why you love her so much now.

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FAIRY TAIL 283 – Natsu VS. Sabertooth

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Eureka Seven AO – 06

「ライト・マイ・ファイアー/noblesse oblige」 (Raito Mai faiā)
“Light My Fire”

The Truth is out there.

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Shirokuma Café – 07

「半田さん改造計画/ラブラブドライブ大作戦」 (Handa-san Kaizou Keikaku/Rabu Rabu Doraibu Daisakusen)
“Mr. Handa’s Make-Over Plan/The Great Love Love Driving Operation”

Today’s keyphrase is: Tag team for great shenanigans!

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