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Accel World – 22

「Determination; 決意」 (Ketsui)

We’re nearing the end of Accel World and I can’t believe how quickly this 2-cour show flew by. The fight involving Rust Jigsaw was short-lived and although there wasn’t much of a resolution with him, his loss was the reason that Haruyuki came to his huge epiphany.

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Moyashimon Returns – 10

「すれちがう思い」 (Surechigau omoi)

The resolution may have been delayed, but the end definitely is about to click into place. All seems well…for now.

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Sword Art Online – 10

「紅の殺意」 (Aka no Satsui)
“Crimson Killing Intent”

Let the duel begin!

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Shirokuma Café – 23

「半田さんの相談/パンダママの日常」 (Handa-san no Soudan/Panda Mama no Nichijou)
“Mr. Handa’s Discussion/Panda Mama’s Daily Life”

Oh man, oh dear, oh my, oh gawd, oh…*devolves into a fit of excitement*

Go Go Handa-san!

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 400 – Counterattack

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Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – 10

「ボクの居場所」 (Boku no Ibasho)
“Where I Belong”

This episode could’ve been something special but…

NSFW screenshots

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「無限城へ!」 (Mugen-jou e!)
“To the Infinity Castle!”

As the filler train is heading towards its final destination, the story keeps getting better and better!

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Eureka Seven AO – 19

「メイビー・トゥモロー/the day」 (Meibī Tumorō)
“Maybe Tomorrow”

Whenever and however the last two episodes of this series arrive, they’re going to have their hands full wrapping up this story.

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