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This blog was originally started by Omni in late 2004 on Blogger in hopes of having a place to write about what he watched. Unfortunately, a lack of interest and time basically put a temporary stop to that. He eventually revived this blog with the intent of keeping up with the latest series around early May 2005. After he got fed up with the set of features that Blogger had, Maestro offered to host the blog as part of the AnimeBlogger Community, where it remained for five years. Over that period of time, it has grown tremendously and has featured many different writers.

In late March 2010, Omni announced his retirement from blogging, sending waves across the anime blogsphere. As the only other regular contributor at the time with roughly two years of history on the site, the decision fell on me as to whether I wanted to keep it running and the large community of readers together. Using an updated version of WordPress and a revamped theme we were hoping to switch to at some point, I created a copy of the site here under its own domain, randomc.net. This copy was originally meant to serve as an archive for the blog’s five year history, but given the tremendous outpouring of support from our readers, I started updating it regularly with new content, leading us to where we are now.

While Omni is technically retired, he currently serves as both an administrator of sorts for the site as a whole. Much like before, we still communicate regularly as fans of anime, so he sometimes influences what comes out of this site.



Current Writers
Divine  |  Prooof  |  Takaii  |  Guardian Enzo  |  Stilts
Zanibas  |  Cherrie  |  Zephyr  |  Kairi  |  Passerby



Joined: April 16, 2008

I don’t really care to talk about my personal life, but my introduction post should serve as an indication of what my anime background is. Anime has always been a rather big pastime of mine and I enjoy conveying my thoughts about it via blogging, but there is actually very little in the ways of it influencing my daily lifestyle. None of my friends are really into anime, so this blog provides me with an outlet for talking about it with other fans. When I originally started blogging here, I was heavily detailed-oriented and provided in-depth summaries along with impressions, but I’ve since moved away from the former and concentrate solely on the latter in an attempt to make each of my posts a more enjoyable and (hopefully) worthwhile read. I watch my anime primarily raw nowadays (i.e. without subtitles), and if you wish to contact me, please see this page. For a list of anime I’ve watched and am currently watching, please refer to MyAnimeList.


Joined: April 21, 2010

Hi, I’m Prooof. I joined RandomC back in Spring of 2010, and my primary goal was to pick up the Bleach series after Omni retired from blogging. My anime background can be found in my introductory post. As far as genres go, I particularly enjoy mystery, thriller or romance type series, and my interests lean more towards manga and visual novels as opposed to anime. However, my main blogging focus remains the same as it was then — I cover the Bleach manga and anime (until that ended in 2012). I’m one of the less active writers on the site due to real life priorities, though to a limited extent I have dabbled in blogging other shows. If you want to send me feedback or just chat, feel free to email me at prooof(at)randomc.net


Joined: September 18, 2010

Hi everyone, my name is Takaii and I’m part of the crazy cast of writers here at RandomC. I’ve been here for quite some time now (more than 2 years) and I tend to cover the slice-of-life and fuwafuwa types of shows. In terms of anime, I’m open to just about anything and watch nearly everything from cutesy shoujo shows to the “over the top” action shows. But if you were to ask me about my favorite type of show, I personally love the ones that are driven by an emotional story that’s powerful enough to bring me to tears (even more so when I don’t see it coming!). Things like directors and staff don’t matter much to me but find me a show with my favorite seiyuus and I’ll hop on it immediately.

When I’m not stuck at work, studying, or blogging for RandomC I tend to spend most of my time either with League of Legends, chatting it up on IRC, or catching up on sleep. (Sleep<3)

Want to get to know me better? Hop onto #randomc on Rizon and come chat with me and the entire community that make up this awesome site.

Guardian Enzo

Joined: June 28, 2011

Greetings all. This is Guardian Enzo, and I’m one of the writers here at Random Curiosity. I got my start blogging anime at www.lostinanime.com, the blog I started in June of 2010. Divine was kind enough to ask me to join RC, and I’ve been here ever since. I can’t really summarize my taste in anime – it’s been called ‘eclectic’, ‘hipster’, you name it – but I like anything as long as it’s good, regardless of genre. I try and make every post a personal reaction rather than a recap, and I’ve been watching an average of 20-25 shows per season for the last couple of years.

I was born and raised in Chicago, but spent most of my adult life in California. Late in 2012 I realized a dream by moving to Japan, and I currently reside in Tokyo where in addition to blogging about anime and life in Japan I’m working on a screenplay or two, studying Japanese, tutoring in English and trying to find a way to stay here permanently. Thanks for all your contributions and comments on my RC posts, and I look forward to many more spirited discussions about the medium we all love!


Joined: January 1, 2012

My name is Stilts, and I’m one of the writers here at RandomC. I’ve been watching anime for nearly a decade now, and while I’ll watch almost anything (and frequently do), I have a soft spot for uplifting adventures, sappy romances, ridiculous comedies, shameless fanservice, and anything in the fantasy genre. Since joining RandomC my anime habit has ballooned into a full-blown epidemic; I now regularly watch 20+ shows a season, and it shows no signs of abating. My blogging philosophy is complex, but it can be boiled down to this: I’m a jester, not a critic, and I blog fast so you have a place to extend the magic when a great episode ends. I also occasionally write editorials under the My Way or the Anime brand.

As for the man behind the keyboard, I’m a Texan who earned the nickname Stilts for being 6’7″ and skinny. A former salesman and a current marketer, the art of storytelling (i.e. lying) is in my blood, though I try to use it for good by writing fiction in my free time. In fact, that’s why I joined RandomC – to improve my writing, which I also talk about on my personal blog, Stilts Out Loud. I also enjoy cycling, skiing, cooking, playing video games with my friends, and drinking good beer. Though I still have a long ways to go, I hope you’ll keep reading my silly little posts, and look forward to the books I’m working on. Someday, someday!


Joined: March 13, 2012

Hello, Zanibas here! Watching anime while walking on an imaginary beach is my soft spot, and what I look for in a person is transparent honesty and a ser–wait…what do you mean this isn’t supposed to be a personal ad? Stop tricking the hopeless romantic you guys and girls!

Anyways, I’m Zanibas, whose Gravatar description has turned ironic. l joined the site in March of 2012, where I began wrapping up Amagami SS Plus. Since then, I’ve found myself mainly associating my posts with romantic comedies and niche shows. I’ve always had a soft spot for the dynamics that go into intimate relationships, whether its the emotions that they draw out or the discussion that they spark. My serious anime habits first began around 2005, where I found Love Hina. Although I can’t afford to balance as many shows as I’d like, 5-10 shows a season is my usual watch quota. in my writing, I try to focus on articulating successes of creating relatability in the show, all wrapped up in a conversational tone.

As for my personal life, I attend UC Berkeley to work on Computer and Cognitive Science, while crying that my classes always interfere with anime club’s time slot. I’m always open to talk on IRC, the time it takes for me to recount my entire love life is four hours, and I wish my Hatoful Boyfriend post will be [conditionally] released eventually. If you want a more in-depth description of myself, check out my introductory post, my MAL, or my personal profile here.


Joined: March 13, 2012

I joined RC back in March 2012 with little knowledge of what to actually expect. At the time, I had no idea that blogging a single show would take up to 3-4 hours of work! Nowadays, I still don’t watch a ton of on-going shows but I’ll watch most genres; anything short of horror. My favorite anime tend to have a good mixture of mystery, action and romance, since I love a well told story with a rich cast of characters and depth. I’m not picky when it comes to blogging; my background knowledge of seiyuus, directors, and studios is pretty much nonexistent even though I’ve seen my fair share of anime. As a result, my style of writing is very fluid but random and usually reflects how I would talk in person (and I talk a lot!). You’re probably wondering, why are you a blogger on RC again? o_O

On a personal note, everyone knows me as the girl that loves to eat! I’m a huge foodie at heart and a massive hoarder of makeup. I have a bad obsession with online shopping, looking at food porn and taking pictures of my food. I’m a girly girl when it comes to fashion, but I’m also a dude when it comes to playing any form of game (do not play MMORPGs with me – I’m super competitive!). If you have any more questions, email me or find me in IRC =)


Joined: March 16, 2012

Hi there. Zephyr here. Having joined back in March of 2012 as part of the hippie movement new group of writers, I’ve become the self-proclaimed science fiction writer here at RandomC. In May of 2012, I started the Blast From The Past column for series not previously covered on the site. Born and raised in New York City, my foray into anime started off like many others in the states — with Saturday morning cartoons in the mid 90’s followed up by Cartoon Network’s Toonami. These days I watch about 10-20+ series a season of a variety of genres. I do still have a slight preference for science fiction and action series however. Notably, anime eventually led me to RandomC, which I have been following for over two years.

As for myself personally, I am in college studying Biomolecular Science. I have a tendency to do things on a whim and I am what one would call a stereotypical Gemini—-a sociable extrovert who’s constantly multi-tasking. I’ve accumulated quite a list of hobbies as a result, which include building model kits, collecting figures and stamps, reading, travelling, photography, games, and baseball. These days though, with graduation fast approaching, most of my effort goes into trying to decide what to do in the future. Regardless, I hope to continue writing here for years to come.


Joined: April 8, 2013

Konnichiwa! Kairi desu! My stint at RC began in April 2013, just seven years after I first began watching anime. Though my catalog of titles is small, the time I’ve spent watching anime currently totals to about 100 days of my life, nonstop. I’m an Eureka Seven fanatic (cultist, more like) and write feverishly long posts on it and other series in my free time on my own personal blog, The Limit of Questions, which was inspired hugely by RC. My tastes are varied and I will watch anything, so long as there’s at least one thing to keep me interested. I’m particularly interested in character development and interactions, as well as in thematic analysis, though I overuse adverbs hideously when trying to get my thoughts across in writing.

When I’m free of blogging (when is that, I wonder…) I squeeze in studies, manga and novel translations, playing guitar, singing, reading, archery (well, I used to anyway), and games. Lots of games. I know I’m not the best writer, or anything even close, but I’m always willing to push myself as far as I can go, and I hope I can always contribute something worth reading for all the wonderful and dedicated readers here!


Joined: July 16, 2014

Passerby here, a nerd in a room who writes. I’m also Australian, and since we’re on the internet it may as well be my sole defining characteristic (one that is shared, curiously enough, with people in Australia). Incidentally, I watch anime, which is a convenient habit to have here at Random Curiosity. Anime has been my foreign audiovisual distraction of choice for some time and these days I just watch whatever people recommend. That’s partially because I believe good anime can emerge from anywhere, but mostly because I’m a slob. Whatever I watch, though, I can usually find something to talk about (don’t take me with you to the cinema). Commentary oscillates between serious analysis and outright satire, because I am incapable of taking myself very seriously for extended periods of time. It’s pathological.

Other than anime, I waste my free time with manga, visual novels and video games. I sometimes get the urge to talk about those too. You can find a ragtag repository of that nonsense at the Stranger’s Room. Give it a look if you simply can’t get enough of Passerby every week. Nobody can blame you.


Since: January 2012
Tech Guy

Xumbra is Random Curiosity’s resident tech guy. He’s the one responsible for a number of the site’s enhancements, including the rotating banner and some backend improvements. He’s also the one who records and edits the podcasts. When he’s not being pestered for some slick new tool or spending all his time camped in IRC, he watches anime, though not as much as those crazy writers.


Past Writers
Sanada Kikyo

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