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Hyouka – 20, 21, 22 (END)

「あきましておめでとう / 手作りチョコレート事件 / 遠まわりする雛」 (Aki Mashi te Omedeto / Tezukuri Chokoreto Jiken / To Mawari Suru Hina)

“Happy New Opening” / “The Chocolate Files” / “Dolls in the Distance”

After being much delayed due to various circumstances, here it is: the finale post to one of Random Curiosity’s most loved series of 2012. Be warned though, this will be a long post.

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Hyouka – 18, 19

「連峰は晴れているか」 (Renpou wa Hareteiru ka) & 「心あたりのある者は」 (Kokoroatari no Aru Mono wa)
“Is the Mountain Range Sunny?” & “Anyone Who Knows”

For the inquisitive mind who loves to question the how and why of anything and everything, Hyouka’s everyday whodunits can be quite compelling to watch, even if a case is mundane and unimportant.

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Hyouka – 17

「クドリャフカの順番」 (Kudoryafuka no Junban)
“The Order of Kudryavka”

Stories focusing on greatness are quite commonplace, but what about the stories of those who must live in the shadow of greatness?

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Hyouka – 14, 15, 16

「ワイルド・ファイア」(Wairudo Faia), 「十文字事件」(Juumonji Jiken), and 「最後の標的」(Saigo no Hyouteki)
“Wild Fire”, “The Jumonji Incident”, and “The Last Target”

Every Sherlock needs his Watson, and Houtarou is no exception.

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Hyouka – 13

「夕べには骸に」 (Yuubeniwa Okuroni)
“Dead at Dusk”

In all honesty, I wouldn’t really mind a few more episodes of this mindless but terribly interesting look at the inner-workings of our main cast.

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Hyouka – 12

「限りなく積まれた例のあれ」 (Kagirinaku Tsumareta Rei no Are)
“Practically Piled to the Ceiling”

But before I go on about how I think an episode focused on Mayaka would be great, I never expected that an episode focused on the characters and not the mystery would end up being so entertaining!

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Hyouka – 11

「愚者のエンドロール」 (Gusya no Endo Rooru)
“End Credits of The Fool”

While I may have been partially right about Fuyumi using Houtaro for her own personal gain, I didn’t expect the ending that this week’s episode had in store for us.

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Hyouka – 10

「万人の死角」 (Banjin no Shikaku)
“What No One Noticed”

What started as a simple mediocre amateur movie project is slowly turning into a path of self-discovery — and I have no problems with that. What I do want to point out before we dive into this episode is that for anyone who’s on the fence about Hyouka should really tune in for this current arc!

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Hyouka – 08, 09

「試写会に行こう!」 (Shisya Kaini Ikou!)
“Let’s Go To the Screening!”

Sometimes, I think that Kyoto Animation has the ability to read our minds. Somehow, someway, they always seem to changes things at just the right moment to keep their shows fun and interesting. And in regards to this episode, I couldn’t have asked for a better format change up.

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Hyouka – 07

「正体見たり」 (Syoutai Mitari)
“The Ghost, When Examined”

Sometimes, it feels like Hyouka just can’t decide on what kind of show it wants to be. And as negative as that statement sounds, I think that it’s one of this show’s greatest strengths.

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Hyouka – 06

「大罪を犯す」 (Daizai wo Okasu)
“Commiting a Grave Crime”

After last week’s amazing episode that thoroughly blew my mind away with not one but two huge revelations, this week’s step back left me wanting more. Not because the episode was bad, but the lack of substance behind the mystery and a lingering question that kept surfacing had me looking for something that wasn’t necessarily there.

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Hyouka – 05

「歴史ある古典部の真実」 (Rekishi Aru Kotenbu no Shinjitsu)
“The Truth of the Classics Club and its History”

Boy, was I mistaken when I said last week’s episode was good — because this episode completely overshadows last week’s by leaps and bounds.

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Hyouka – 04

「栄光ある古典部の昔日」 (Eikouaru Kotenbu no Sekijitsu)
“The Antiquity of the Classics Club and Their Glory”

Unlike other mystery shows where there’s only a single person who has the ability to put facts together, I was pleasantly surprised with Chitanda, Satoshi, and Mayaka’s ability to keep up with Houtaro.

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Hyouka – 03

「事情ある古典部の末裔」 (Jijyouaru Kotenbu no Batsuei)
“Troubled Descendents of the Classic Literature Club”

For all of the readers out there who dropped this show because they’re not following the golden rule of giving a series at least three episodes before dropping it like a brick, I believe that you’ll be pleasantly surprised should you watch this third episode of Hyouka.

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Hyouka – 02

「名誉ある古典部の活動」 (Meiyoaru Kotenbu no Katsudou)
“The Activities of the Classics Club and Its Honor”

If anything, I’d say this week’s episode of Hyouka was a lot more compelling than last weeks. Even though there weren’t any spectacular hair rape scenes, I thought this episode did a better job of telling its story and an even better job of portraying Houtaro’s nature. Now, if only it didn’t end on that damn cliffhanger…

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