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OP: 「Fast Forward」 by MONKEY MAJIK
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Divine posted about the opening and ending songs so I won’t talk too much about them here. The OP sequence was great all around, with a aesthetically pleasing pop rock song and featuring a nice video as well. The ED sequence was of course very cute; I did notice Maeda Ai’s character Keikain Yura didn’t really show up in the episode. With such a prominent place in the ending video though I’m expecting she has a greater role.

As for the series itself, it’s pretty much a new world for me, as I have not read the manga aside from a quick skim of the original one-shot. Like Divine, I’m a bit wary about such long-running shounen series. In my opinion, most series running for many volumes with no end in sight only become less interesting as time goes on. Full Metal Alchemist ended at a great point, with the whole plot wrapping up nicely. Katekyo Hitman Reborn on the other hand really should have ended with the return from the future arc which would have made a great conclusion (however as I haven’t read the recent chapters I can’t comment on how the quality of story is now). Regardless of whether it’s about fan demand, greed for money or the mangaka’s personal interesting, it’s not impossible for a long running series to stay on top of its game indefinitely, so I’m not ruling out anything just yet.

My initial impressions of Narurihyon no Mago is that it fits in a pretty standard shounen mold, with a normal-yet-not-so-normal boy thrust into the realm of the supernatural. Living a normal school life and a supernatural life at same time? Check. Pretty girl of possible interest? Check. Supernatural character close with protagonist? Check. Potential villain not satisfied with main character? Check. There’s even a Supreme Commander—this scene reminds one of a slight parallel with Bleach.

Anyways, in the first episode, we are introduced to Nura Rikuo, voiced by Fukuyama Jun of Code Geass fame. With ¼ Youkai (demon) blood in his genes, he is the unwilling heir to head the Nura clan of Youkai. He has a special Youkai “Night Rikuo” form which changes his appearance and personality quite a bit, but hasn’t manifested in a while. The latter half of the episode focused on Rikuo and several of his friends’ night visit to a supposedly haunted building behind their school. This part provided some nice humor as Rikuo frantically rushed around trying to cover up the huge amount of ghosts hanging out in the building. Humans sure fear the unknown; it was quite a contrast watching Rikuo’s friends shitting their pants at every little thing while Rikuo himself punches, flushes and bangs on various creepy monsters to keep them hidden. In the end however, Yuki Onna and Aotobou join in to beat up a Youkai just as Rikuo was about to transform to his night form. Whether or not Rikuo wants to be affiliated with demons, it’s still pretty damn convenient to have a huge posse of ghosts at your command though. All in all, the night ended pretty well, with Rikuo bringing home Kana (nice!), who happens to be voiced by Hirano Aya.

Production quality Studio DEEN was great. It’s hard not to notice the killer animation and art, and the soundtrack could be used for an epic film. There is a huge variety in character design (especially the various youkai) so overall eye candy in this series is abundant. I’ll be watching to see where the plot goes.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Sparky☆Start」 by 片手☆SIZE (平野綾, 堀江由衣, 前田愛) Katate☆SIZE (Hirano Aya, Horie Yui, Maeda Ai)
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  1. For me was fine until this. Too much intelligence? lol will watch some; but most likely will drop because I already have too many endless anime in my list. As stated a story can’t last forever.

    Island Esper
    1. That’s Rikuo’s grandfather Nurarihyon. All the youkai in this series are based ones mentioned in Japanese folklore and he’s no different. If you refer to the Japanese Wiki page, you can see some sketches of him and his gourd-shaped head. However, I believe he also has another form in this series where he’s much more badass.

      1. oh that’s good to know (set to 24 episodes). That was my mayor reservation coming into this show. My plate is full with the likes of One Piece, Naruto, and Fairy Tail. I need time to play my galges 🙂

        Island Esper
    2. LOL the preview goes….
      “Grandpa, why is your head so big?”
      “Well, I started to lose hair and then it became like this. Soon, you will become like this too.”

      HAHAHA. Cracked up laughing.

  2. they started a bit differently well basically this is a later chapter in the manga made in to first episode, tho its no so much of a later chapter. but it was fine. im sure they will do the first chapter as a back story episode later.

  3. Will you be blogging this? I like it. The manga is not entirely hero-like, Rikuo eventually has to succeed the title of Lord of the Dark, and although compasionate, he doesn’t hesitate to kill other spirits (and probably humans if it became necessary although it haven’t happened so far), and his overall motives are not saving the world or people, but keeping things peacefull between both sides.

  4. looking good so far. However first episodes usually are, it’s only later when they start to make filler to either give the manga time to get ahead or to force a conclusion of the season where there should be no conclusion when things start to fall apart.

    So far the manga of Nurarihyon no Mago hasn’t fallen into the trap of endless rehash for the sake of money making. They are right in the middle of what should be the final arc, because the original goals of the protagonist are about to be fulfilled. If the mangaka ends it there it would be perfect. Sadly, the fact that it is getting an anime at this time bodes ill for a conclusion at the proper time. Well, perhaps the mangaka surprises me and is able to write an engaging story after this arc which doesn’t come off as a lame repetition on a higher power level. Just because it hasn’t ever been pulled off successfully in any manga I’m aware of (Bleach, DB, Recca, Shaman King, PoT etc.) doesn’t mean this mangaka won’t be able to do it.
    Yeah right who am I kidding.

  5. I just read the entire manga today and I must say that I like where this is going. Though it does have some typical shounen characteristics, I was pleasantly surprised about Yuna’s character. Though I agree with kokolores about the manga not falling into traps, I could see another 2-3 arcs before it comes to an end.

    Irational Promise
  6. Wonderful that you cover this, the manga is outstanding. And so far, the manga has only become better with time (so far at least). I look forward to future installments as well as your coverage of the series Prooof.

  7. Proof regarding your statement on how most shounen series get less interesting over time; I can honestly say that this is one of the only shounen mangas that has gotten better and better over time. What’s frustrating is that the more interesting arcs and characters are shown much later in the manga, meaning it won’t get covered here. Not saying the beginning arcs are bad in any way, they just don’t stand up there with what comes later.

    1. I second this. While I haven’t actually watched the first episode yet, I’m caught up with the entire manga. To those who are watching, all I want to say is that this really isn’t a series you should judge by the arcs in the beginning because it’s an awful sampling of what it will turn out to be. Not that it ever breaks away from the mold of shounen, but it gets a lot better and I hope that the beginning doesn’t turn people away…

  8. sigh not trying to be mean or antyhing, but god you said the already obvious things and i think you should read the manga since it’s becoming annoying that you mention things like “night form” instead of knowing what it truly is

  9. I like the anime, it’s even better than the manga IMO, and if it got good reviews, there will be a second season and from my first impression I think it deserve another season.

  10. I’m really surprised not only by the fact that this got picked but the fact that the animation isn’t crappy at all. Fairy tail is been around way longer than nura and got a crappy anime full of censor (no blood), aye, not so fitting voices, aye, fights that are mostly still images, aye, and some added shit like the magic circles… and did I mention AYE

    Definitly watching this

  11. Your wrong about Hitman Reborn. Tsuna still didn’t have his ceremony to become the 10th Vongola yet so technically he isn’t the 10th Vongola yet. The manga is currently going through that missing part. He is having his ceremony but this family plots to take revenge on them and ruin the ceremony.

  12. Watching this one for sure.

    I want to see more about Rikou’s alternate personality. Going to be interesting seeing how him changing into something he doesn’t want to be versus him still realizing who he is is going to play out. Although holy crap, I watch too much shounen anime. I’m already playing out the romance drama with Rikou, Yuki, and Kana in my head. And I can already see him picking Kana. D: Wonder how Yura’s going to play into that if it happens. Hmm…

    Holy crap, I think I might just be a sixteen-year-old girl inside.

    Also, I can’t see how Rikou didn’t at least realize who Yuki was in her school disguise. I mean, come on, bro! The hair!

    1. You know, in the Manga, I always thought it was hair shading rather then the same hair color. It made a lot more sense to me taht that’s why he couldn’t tell Yuki was well.. Yuki lol. When I see this… the hair… is 100% best indicator that that’s Yuki lol.

      Sora no Kaze

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