「日常16」 (Nichijou 16)
“My Ordinary Life 16”

You want to know why Nichijou is such an amazing show? It’s not because the jokes are funny or the characters are memorable. It’s the fact that even though it’s labeled as a comedy/slice of life, it manages to pull off serious, emotional, and near tear jerking moments in the span of seconds. But because you’re watching a comedy, these moments hit you so hard and so fast that you don’t even have the chance to scratch your itchy eyes.

This Daiku coffee must be getting pointers from Starbucks. While I can cut them some slack for their stupid sizing system, they need to hire some competent baristas. Not explaining their sizes and using fancy words like doppio for a double shot espresso with a normal person? It usually ends up being really annoying with someone ending up with a drink that’s completely not what they had in mind. I can clearly remember being in the same situation as Yukko — getting a drink at a coffee shop that was disgusting but was too embarrassed to do anything about it. The feeling sucks.

Besides crappy coffee experiences, the policeman from the first opening sequence has finally appeared! But his first appearance was completely overshadowed when Mio totally lost it. I still have no idea where Mio was heading with that six page Doujinshi, but I know that you should never try to take it from her. I’m curious what martial art style she studies since I’d love to learn how to knock people out with a single karate chop, tumble through the air, and flip goats! You know, I’d like to know how Mio’s sister can sleep at night. Actually, I’d really like to know how Mio’s sister is still alive since she loves pranking her so much.

When the last skit started, there was no indication that anything emotional of the sort was going to happen. There was a lot of Nano running around trying to hide the fact everything in her life is not normal with Hakase taking every opportunity to contradict correct her. I guess that’s the price you pay when the professor is still a little kid and likes to show off. Plus the synergy between Yukko and Hakase was so perfect that you could confuse them for sisters. But after discovering Nano’s secret and having a good time with Hakase, it caught me completely off guard when Yukko whole heartily accepted Nano for exactly who she was. I was bracing myself for something stupid to come out of her, but was hit straight in the chest with how loving her words were. Who’d have thought that Yukko would be the one to help Nano accept herself for who she is? I suppose it goes to show you just how life changing a comedic relief character can really be! (:


ED4 Sequence

ED4: 「マイ バラード」 (Mai Baraado) by 佐咲紗花 (Sayaka Sasaki)
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  1. This might have been my favorite episode thus far. Between the coffee skit, Mio’s rampage, Principal and his grandson, Mohawk guy’s dad, and of course the amazing team of Hakase and Yuuko, I loved every second. Even the little post ED bit with Yuuko and Sakamoto was great.

    I need more Hakase + Yuuko in future episodes!!!

  2. That’s the beauty of Nichijou’s title. It is literally every day life, except they crank up those events as high as they can possibly go, and then they crank it up even higher.

    Great moments throughout the entire episode, but I especially loved the coffee shop scene. Not only because I found it funny, but because that is exactly how I felt the first time I ever went to Starbucks. I looked at the names of the drinks and the sizes and almost gave up and left :3

  3. MIO RAGE!!! Her path is filled with nothing but unconscious humans and goats 😛

    I think Kyoto Animation is challenging their staff to top each previous episode (i.e. make the next episode better than it already is) and I think it really shows in the increasing quality of the gags, skits, and character interactions. Nichijou has been the one show this past Spring season that has consistently put a smile on my face. The way they weave the humor and heartwarming interactions is just right.

    Anyway, I dare say, Nichijou is contender for best slice-of-life comedy of all time. It already is in my book.

    Btw Takaii, isn’t the ending song called マイバラード (Mai Baraado)? As in “My Ballad?” I mix up パand バ all the time.

  4. I can sort of relate to the coffee bit. I went with a friend I met in one of my classes and it was like stepping into a whole new world lol. She asked me what I wanted to drink and I told her to order me something sweet because literally nothing on the menu made any sense to me haha.

  5. This episode was awesome. I know they exist in the same universe and everything, but the final part where Yuuko meets Hakase gave off the feeling of a crossover to me, it was so cool seeing them in the same room laughing it up and having a good time.

  6. Thanks Yukko, I also didn’t know doppio. Mai is one of the best leg-twister-suplex wrestler of all time, Kurt Angel has a rival. And how on earth did Yukko & Hakase managed to pile that sumo paper on top of the other?

  7. Remebered the first time i ordered a starbucks double shot espresso from a petrol station. I was in primary school and a can of coffee to me costs a bomb. had to force that down my throat….
    Coffee sizes are Short, Tall and Grande

  8. have u all realized that the yellow bird was shown alot in this episode its like the series mini mascot…nearly every skit had it…this by far was my fav episode but can anyone clarify the joke where yukko went into the store to buy the chicken thing on a stick and why she ran out crying…Thanks!

  9. Now that.. THAT was a fun episode! Was there an accident here? LOL

    btw, this screen cap got my eyes magnetized on Nano’s behind! Couldn’t help it.. it was like the center of the screen cap..

  10. Wait, did Yukko really know Nano was a robot at the end of this episode? My impression is that she just brushed it off as a joke, b/c she was too busy having fun with Hakase to notice anything.

    1. There’s no way she can’t notice Nano’s hand pop off for tea to to show off the gun… I was thinking the screw she left behind was an indication they kind of knew already. But Yuko meant that they accept Nano even if she’s a robot, so she shouldn’t worry about it so much.

    2. I was thinking the same thing as well.

      Despite Yuuko’s constant curiosity of wanting to find out whether Nano is a robot, when the truth finally presents itself to her, she’ll probably dismiss it as some clever trick by Hakase.

      It sounds contradictory, but Yuuko’s a bit like Suzumiya Haruhi, who constantly seeks for the supernatural. And when said supernatural beings come knocking at her door, she dismisses her fantasies in favour of the more mundane “reality” instead.

      If anyone really wants to expose Nano’s secret, the silent trolling Mai would probably be in a better position to do so than Yuuko, due to her kindness as well as general dumbness.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. No, no. The response was “Nano is Nano”. Yuuko knows and knows that Nano want people to know go on about it. Being a robat doesn’t matter to Yuuko, just that she’s Nano and a friend.

  11. I think Yuuko easily accepting Nano has something more to do with her general dumbness as well as her good-natured kindness towards people. Notice how she didn’t make a fuss about Sakamoto supposedly saying goodbye to her as she left.

    One just wonders whether Yuuko and Hakase are really sisters separated at birth, as they seem to be communicating on the same wavelength that it’s scary.

    As for Mio, this episode demonstrates how we should NEVER underestimate the lengths a closet fujoshi (yaoi fangirl) goes to protect her secret, and this includes assaulting a policeman, WTF. LOL

    Kinny Riddle
  12. I had a similar experience when I went to Starbucks for the first time and I saw “Tall” and assumed that was the largest size.

    I mean, why the f*** could they not use Small, Medium and Large? Why’d they have to sound so bloody different just so they can portray themselves as goddamn sophiscated??

    Poor Yuuko, she really is the champion of daily miseries the everyday person has to put up with.

    Kinny Riddle
  13. The ep that almost killed me.

    I can’t believe how hilarious this ep was althroughout. Not to mention how heartwarming the ending is including the amazing song. Sayaka Sakaki’s cover of it was just so godly. I just love how great her vocals are.

    The coffee scene was just so awkwardly funny but at the same time something I can actually relate to. I mean I did have those times where I acted like a total idiot while ordering ending up with asking for a recommendation and getting flat out unsatisfied. Best thing to do is choose it yourself.

    In any case…. Mio’s fujoshi rampage was undoubtedly the most hilarious segment of the ep. I lol’d how she flipped the goat and in the process the goat let out a “meeehh!” God I just lost it there. Not to mention the Sasahara’s comment while the goat’s legs were wobbling. That was a hilarious follow up.

    It’s like you’re a newborn

    Well anyway.. I hope they continue the like love skits. I just can’t get enough heartattacks during those sweet moments.

  14. I liked how the Professor cheers when Yuuko confirms she’s one of Nano’s friends. The camera is focused on Nano but you have a slightly out of focus view of the top of the Professor’s head and when she cheers her little hands pop into frame…all without Nano noticing at all.

  15. I’m glad to see the mohawk boy has recovered form being tased last week. Its sad but hilarious to see him being the victim of unforeseen circumstances each week since the new season started.


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