「あの空、この空」 (Ano Sora, Kono Sora)
“That Sky, This Sky”

I can vaguely remember an episode that focused on Enishi, but that one pales in comparison with this week’s. While he may outspoken and looked down upon by others, it is quite surprising how invested he can get when something’s on the line. I’m sure it helped a whole bunch that Okami gave him her approval for his movie project, and when she went as far as giving him full reign over it, it started to feel like Enishi was changing into a different person.

Without that gloomy aura floating around him, Enishi becomes a really likable character. Not only is he the one directing others around (as he should be), but he’s doing it without having a power trip. With his own thoughts, and not other people’s flowing out of him, I couldn’t help but feel that his new sense of authority somehow managed to put the reins on Takako’s insanity. It was a surprise to hear that they had went to college together, since it normally feels like the two are miles apart. However, it finally makes sense why Enishi tries so hard to keep Takako around, right?

I don’t know about you guys, but I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that this Isami Tetsuo would end up being a fake. Even after the film crew and actors started to flood in it was hard to believe that things were going so smoothly. I’m sure we’re in store for a bunch of laughs when Ohana and Nako (maybe even Minko) make it on screen. Still, I’d love for my suspicions to be washed away and the movie that features Kissuiso to be a bit hit, but the doubts are still there. I still don’t remember Isami introducing the director in person and with Enishi having so many personal conditions for the movie; wouldn’t it be crazy if he was actually the director?

So that’s where the preview sounds came from! If there’s one thing that this show does well, it’s leaving us hanging for more with really good cliffhangers. I’m going out on a limb and assuming the camera was panning on Okami’s office, which would lead one to believe something serious may have happened to her since I think it’d take a hell-storm to stop her from providing stellar customer service. But if you try to draw information from the preview, it looks like next week’s episode focuses on none other than Takako. You know, she originally came off as a character I thought it’d be okay to hate. But for some reason, she didn’t give off with that arrogant vibe. It could have been Enishi’s renewed enthusiasm or it could have been that one of her ideas are actually working, but it looks like we’re going to get some more back-story on her next week.




  1. Minko finally kicking back a bit. Nice. That movie guy with the beard just fits the stereotypical tell em what they wanna hear so we can do what we want later type of guy. They’ll be breaking away from the typical if everything works out in the end but this show has suprised me a few times so far. Fun! I love a show that keeps you guessing the right way.

  2. Finally this show is getting really good since the end of the first part.
    Ohana don’t annoy me anymore and it feel nice 8)

    I think it’s a good thing that she hasn’t been the main character since 3-4 episodes 🙂

  3. Enishi being the direction is impossible else this wouldn’t be happening. He wanted to be the husband didn’t he?

    Now the phone call at the end might be bad news. Something along the lines of the director thought it wasn’t a good location to do the movie sorry. Than Enishi would make his own movie as we saw that he made a short film in high school or something about his sister and how he said that the director quit and every one else wanted to quit. Now if everyone heard that the director didn’t want to film at that location it will be the same situation that Enishi mentioned and I believe he would take action with his own hands as he saw what happened. He also didn’t want the other inns’ help so he would take responsibility.

  4. What’s with Ohana and Nakochi riding the brooms? Were they perhaps thinking they might do a Kissuisou version of the Deathly Hallows?


    Oh and for some reason, this shot of Nakochi got me fawning.

    And don’t get me started with their wet clothings shots afterwards. Though true to PA Works’ style, they were hardly revealing at all.

    Kinny Riddle
  5. “I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that this Isami Tetsuo would end up being a fake”

    Yeah, I had that too. I was like “this guy just want to stay in the inn for free for a few days”. Hahaha. But he ended up being a true movie producer.

  6. Japanese love scary stories (see Nurarihyon no Mago). I was kinda wondering if the movie is going to be about a haunted Inn or something along those lines? Maybe even a serial killer at an Inn killing guests?Enishi is a born loser and him getting a movie made at his Inn has to have a negative side if he is involved. This of course would make folks NOT want to go to an old Inn with some history to it.

  7. Maybe it was just me looking for something that wasn’t there, but it felt like we got a small hint at the idea Takako actually cares for Enishi more than is shown. After this week’s episode, it’s hard to see her as a ‘bad person’ so I’m hoping they run with that and something good happens next week, preferably between her and Enishi.

    Also, first they make Minko and Ohana naked wrestle each other in the bath and this week they put them along with Nako in wet, white t-shirts. If P.A. Works ain’t the biggest (but still somehow very classy) tease, then I don’t know who is.

  8. i agree but who knows maybe the movie will turn out bad and become a comedy but then again… i cant say that cause of the second pic for the next episode. Either way i cannot wait how things will turn out 🙂

  9. Apparently we are now in Hanasaku Iroha: The Twilight Zone. Because now we have Enishi and Takako acting serious and (GASP!) COMPETENT. Even Jirou seem to have caught on and seems really serious getting to write for the movie.

    The phone call at the end was pretty ominous though.

  10. I thought the whole premise of filming at a place to attract tourism was similar to the real life situation of Anohana, but then I realized Okada Mari writes for both.

    But still… anyone think they’ll make the upcoming film-inside-a-show into an ova with the Kissuiso staff? It’s the perfect opportunity to do what Ghibli did with The Cat Returns and Whisper of the Heart.

  11. hmmm… “The wedding massacre at Kisuiso” anyone? makes me think something along the lines of the start of Kill Bill…
    Other than that, that phone ringing was really ominous. Damn cliffhangers!
    And girls playing in the pool was fun!
    Enishi definitely looks different when spotlight gets on him. There is a side of him we dont know of. What could have happened if Satsuki didnt run away from Kisuiso, and he was capable of pursuing his dreams of moviemaking?

  12. I think that even if it turns out to be a horror or action movie, that would still boost the Inn’s popularity. I would totally stay in the hotel from the Shining, it’s an amazing place.

  13. I realized something really curious when I watched this episode. When Enishi and Takako are talking in the room while she types in her computer, one of the two posters next to the window have written in spanish “El espíritu de la colmena” (The spirit of the beehive). It’s a spanish film from 1973, the first of the three long films of Víctor Erice. It’s set in a remote village in Spain in 1940, 1 year afer the end of the Spanish Civil War.

    This explanation can spoil the film if you pretend to watch it but it has sense why a reference of this film is in the episode. You are warned.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    The image in the poster is this one


    So this small tribute and all those pieces of Enishi’s past have sense and tells more about what the director/producer wanted to tell. I guess we are seeing how Enishi will finally be free from his chilhood and can really be himself.

  14. Am I the only one to think that the phonecall at the end was a possible customer that ended up being ignored becuase of the movie, and there were several more, and then the movie is cancelled and kissuiso ends up in a fix..?

  15. The phone… the phone was ringing…. think something went wrong with the movie, for kissuio to solve their financial problems now would be wrong. plot-wise, either kissuio solves their problems near the last ep or kissuio closes which would explain why Ohana is seen on a train possibly back to Tokyo

    1. Idealy I would love to see the Grandmother retire and give the Inn to Ohana’s mom and she takes over as the manager with Ohana as the next generation to run the Inn after her. The wimpy son clearly will never be true manager material. I bet at some point he leaves with Takako to start their own life somewhere else.

  16. possible reasons for phone ringing:
    -movie cancelleed or otherwise goes wrong – maybe moved to that shiny new big hotel over the hill
    -Okami-san health goes from bad to terminal
    -something bad happened to Satsuki
    -someone has bought all the kisuiso debts and is trying hostile takeover or forcedly close it down

  17. I really enjoyed the pool cleaning scenes for the light-hearted summer feeling they conveyed, in particular Ohana just running around with her broom for fun. I also think this was animated very good. The broomstick-riding was good as well. Honestly, I don’t care much for the plot as long as there are enough of these relaxing scenes to watch!


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