「僕とのぞきと男の友情っ!」 (Boku to Nozoki to Otoko no Yuujou)
“Me, Peeping, and BROTHERHOOD”

I can’t recall the last time a show decided to break the fourth wall, but Baka Test’s narrator definitely sounded pretty pissed this week. All jokes aside, it’s beginning to feel a wee bit tedious with the collective brain power of our four three guys failing to discover their blackmailer. At this point, I don’t understand why Akihisa and Yuuji won’t ask their stalkers lovers for some help. If the past episodes haven’t already disclosed how insane they become when their respective boy toy starts getting played with, I’d like to see someone handle a hell-storm composed of Minami, Himeji, and Shouko.

So instead of having to deal with a single person blackmailing them, Akihisa and Yuuji are now considered dirty perverts who will stop for nothing to get a peek at the bodies of naked girls. Sounds great doesn’t it? But even with all the failed attempts to catch their blackmailer, it was still really fun watching the guys of Class-F attempt to overrun anything and everything. I don’t know how anyone could get the courage to stand up to Tetsujin, especially when he starts to pull out Akuma-esque finishing moves but I commend Sugawa for trying to stop an unstoppable force.

After three failed attempts to break into the girl’s bath area, I think it’s pretty lucky that Akihisa even managed to get a little bit of information. Coming from Kudou, the same girl who doesn’t mind getting Akihisa and Yuuji into life or death situations with Himeji and Minami, felt a little odd. Not only am I confused why she’d go out of her way to tell him about the hidden camera, but why she didn’t just give it to him? Maybe she really does like showing off those “assets” of hers…

I still can’t feel the charm that Baka Test left on me during its first season. I feel like it’s almost there, especially with summoned beings finally flying out left and right, but something’s still missing. If anything, it might be the lack of an overall goal. Unlike the first season where I thought Class-F might actually beat Class-A in some crazy and slightly underhanded tactic, this season doesn’t feel like it’s headed toward something. I’m still holding out though!




  1. This was probably the first ever episode of Baka to Test that I was really bored lol. Repeating the same plan once after it has failed is stupid, and repeating it twice is insanely idiotic (suppose that is why they are in class F afterall). I was getting endless eight vibes for a second when they kept going at it using the same tactics >.<

  2. The scary Himeji/Minami thing is getting really annoying. Akihisa and Yuuji’s skits are still sorta funny I guess.

    It’s starting to remind me of Working too, in the way that they’re just recycling character interactions/situations. They just alternate disputes between Akihisa/Himeji/Minami, Yuuji/Shouko, or Tsuchiya/Aiko. I dunno, have Shouko help Tsuchiya or Hideyoshi with some homework or something. Maybe Aiko and Yuuji concoct some sort or short scene to embarrass Akihisa. Any sort of variety would probably bring in some new and interesting jokes.

    (Which reminds me of Aiko’s random insertion into the core cast. There was no real set up or prior history to really justify her inclusion. Rather than ease her in, they kinda just chucked her at the main group for convenient pairings.)

    It also doesn’t help that summons aren’t getting much screen time anymore. That skit with the talking summons was the funniest thing they’ve shown this season imo.

  3. The end was really hilarious. They’re pretty much doomed even if they kneel and apologize. Lol’d so hard at the narrator XD

    Himeji is right. They should just talk it with the girls if they really wanted to peep lol.

  4. ” At this point, I don’t understand why Akihisa and Yuuji won’t ask their stalkers lovers for some help.”

    Because they’re idiots, hence the title =)

    I agree the talking summons was the best episode so far, but this episode felt pretty close to last season with them showing more of the battle maps.

    But going back to how stupid Akihisa is, I wonder what it would be like to get him and Keima in the same room.

      1. are you referring to how they’re the same voice actor? that’s why i wanted to know what it’d be like to get them in the same room.

        freggin brilliant how he’s the god of girl gaming in one show, and more dense than a brick in this one.

  5. Loved the Bed Scene and the almost kiss with Yuuji.

    I wish Baka Test would pick up the pace a bit on this blackmailing case. LOL too bad they’re idiots. They could’ve just asked one of the girls to check/keep an eye out for a girl who has burn marks for them or something along those lines.

    Completely agree about needing an overall goal for the story, the episodes seem a bit disconnected right now. I’ve spotted some spoilers for the LN here and there and I’m curious if anything substantial is going to happen anytime soon in terms of the “plot”.

      1. But as far as they know only Shouko knows that, so just fill in Himeji or Minami. Akihisa is being blackmailed to stay away from them. Hell, just fudge the facts a bit and tell Shouko that a girl is blackmailing Yuuji into a relationship and it’ll rain girl’s blood.

  6. @Takaii: Yuuji can’t ask his stalker for help since Shouko is asking for the voice recording from said person. Akihisa won’t ask Himeji because Himeji said that she would post his photos online to make him into an internet idol. Minami might help, but he does not know that she actually cares for him, he thinks she dislikes him (first season, introductory speech by Minami “My hobbies are punching Akihisa”) so she is not in his help list.

  7. Wait , is it me or is everyone forgetting that Shouko was the one hiring the stalker. Minami and Himeji would be a closet customer to stalker(for buying akihisa photo)

    That why they couldn’t ask them for help.

    But for some reason, I feel like they are going to do just that to solve it in the end.

    1. That’s all mostly true, but still, Shouko would start executing girls if Yuuji just said “I’m being blackmailed into a relationship”. Use the obsession to your advantage!

      If Akihisa was smart he’d have already gone to Minami and Himeji. The blackmailer wants him to stay away from them so they don’t have the photos yet(or even know about them), and they’ll do just about anything to help him. Deal with them getting the photos after the blackmailer has been strung-up. Then again, he isn’t smart.

  8. Shouko is the same as always, but Himeji has been completely flanderized to becoming nothing more than a psycho yandere.

    In the first season, you can genuinely see her sweet and gentle side, with only occasional yandere tendencies. But now she is almost always in full-yandere mode.

    Minami is slightly more violent than before, but I can still chalk that up to simply being tsundere.

  9. Same repeating running gags, predictable jokes and WHATS THE POINT IN CALLING THIS “BAKA TEST”???? huh?? yeah there’s a lotta idiots BUT WHERES THE TESTS?!?! the studying??? the freaking “SUPER PENCILS!?!?” it’s like they’re trying to transform this show into somethings its not, and it failing miserably

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. Better then last episode, so I’m hopeful for a good finish to this dumb arc next time. Although admittedly I won’t be happy unless the blackmailer suffers a combined Himeji, Minami, and any other girls’ torture session or unless the boys (especially Akihisa) get a sincere apology after the girls figure out why he was really trying to get into the baths. Neither is probably gonna happen though with how the girls have been this season(except maybe from Shouko), so let’s just get this thing over with and hope for a better episode 8.

  11. Yeah- the lack of an overall goal is definitely the weak link this go round. Being a comedy series- the whole stalker arc just doesn’t hold enough weight for me to really be gnawing the bit for answers.

    However, the series still holds plenty of laughs despite that. The beginning was a bit slow- and the ongoing recycled dynamic between characters is getting a bit old- but highlights this episode were definitely the overly dramatic last stand against Ironman and the bed scene. Those really had me going.

  12. I wonder when would the interclass whatnot occur again? That’s the only thing that makes me excited about this anime. All the tomfoolery they do are hackneyed already (but I have to say that they are still successful on making it funny). These past few episodes, the formula has always been => girls should always undermine the boys.

  13. @Aex

    I don’t think it work that way. You see, if Minami or Himeji know what is akihisa being blackmailed with. They WILL work against them, I pretty sure they figure that out now. Although the next episode probably make them all work as a team anyway in a cliché reason.


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