With this amazing spring season almost entirely in the rear-view mirror and summer’s crop of shows rapidly approaching, there’s no better time for the second installment of the Random Curiosity Podcast than now. We’ve worked hard on this episode, and we’ll hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of our labor as we take a look back at some of our favorite shows of this spring, share some of the summer’s shows we’re most looking forward to, and have a quick and fun conversation on the sequels we’d most like to see made. So grab a drink, kick back and relax, and give us a listen!

  • We’re also looking for reader questions to be answered in our next podcast episode, so if you have something that you’ve been wondering about us all these years, leave us a line in the comments!
  • Many thanks to Zanibas for editing this episode!
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  Time Index and Transcript
  • 00:00 – 00:15 – RandomC’s Theme Song (composed by Moomba, check out the full version at music.ei-n.com)
  • 00:17 – 07:32 – Writer Introductions
  • 07:33 – 16:03Fate/Zero
  • 16:05 – 19:49Aquarion EVOL
  • 19:51 – 23:49Uchuu Kyoudai
  • 23:50 – 34:12Sakamichi no Apollon
  • 34:13 – 40:00Jormungand
  • 40:01 – 46:07Nazo no Kanojo X
  • 46:07 – 51:04Tsuritama
  • 51:05 – 59:53Eureka Seven: AO
  • 59:55 – 1:05:53Hyouka
  • 1:05:55 – 1:20:38 – Summer 2012 Picks
  • 1:20:41 – 1:26:31 – Most Wanted Sequel
  • 1:26:33 – 1:27:55 – Shout Outs
  • 1:27:55 – 1:28:55 – Conclusion
  • 1:28:56 – 1:32:20 – Outro/Bloopers –「素晴らしき世界」(Subarashiki Sekai) “This Wonderful World” by Rake from Uchuu Kyoudai

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      1. Wasn’t there something like a live YouTube thing last time? I think you guys were playing Draw My ***** then..
        Anyway, there is the RC Skype thing that I haven’t joined yet if anyone wants something live.

      2. Do you mean a Hangout on Air? For those, I think there’s a limit of 10 people, which might be a problem if the whole RC team decides to record another podcast.

        In any case, I’m pretty sure RC never had one.

  1. LOL! You guys are so awesome!! I love the voices :3 especially Verdant dear, GE-sama, and OhGod~ Stilts!! KYA :)) Happy to hear all of you X)) I wanna hear Divine someday. Anyways, all in all.. It’s pure Ai!! =)

      1. oooh,I like Stilt’s ‘Enzocchi’ idea XDD. Enzocchi sounds so pettable *pets* kyahh *pets some more*

        Btw @Stilts: your W. Hole avatar is LOVE in more ways than one. Andy is the one character that saved EVOL for me when my other fav Zessica was sacrificed to the 12000 years bestiality flavoured romance.
        Whadda bro, whadda boyfriend :,). Not even Mari Okada’s writing managed to destroy his character. Long live holes and the boy who fill them XD.

  2. After an exhaustive week, thanks to all my fellow writers who participated, and thank you the reader for listening to this, especially if you do so before the new season starts! (>^_^)>

    *passes out*

      1. Cherrie, you should take part in the podcast too. Your legion of fanboys starting breaking things when they couldn’t find your name on the list of participating writers 🙁

        Seishun Otoko
  3. Wow, I was really happy to find such an eloquent, mature, detailed discussion on Nano no Kanojo X.

    I might finally be able to convince some more friends to watch it with this!

  4. Yay for Seirei no Moribito love! That show is also one of my favorites. Unfortunately it was never blogged here, but it was great to hear a shoutout to the show on here.

  5. Totally gonna listen to this after I wake up!…seeing as it’s 4:30 am over here.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the podcast, guys!

    Also, how come RC isn’t part of the Ani-Blog Tournament this year?

    1. I only heard it from the regulars in IRC, but they said Divine had RC pulled out of the initial listings of the tournament. I don’t remember the reason though. Can someone elaborate on this?

      Enzo’s in the top 8 though. Vote for him in the next round.

    1. My list of series that i want to see sequel:
      – Hayate no Gotoku ; Need more of unfortunate butler-in-debt and Hina-chan
      – The World God Only Knows ; Since manga being covered here and we need more Kami-Nii-Sama and more heroine to show up
      – Index ; Misaka-Sama

  6. I think that even with all it’s flaws Aquarion Evol can be considered entertaining. While I think it has flaws in the story-telling department and some characters (Amata, Zessica to name a few) went off the rails with the second half of the show, I still tuned in every Sunday and Monday to watch. It definitely has it’s good points such as production values, great seiyu cast, great supporting cast of characters, and an unpredictability factor. That being said Evol kinda falls flat with developing it’s main cast of characters, some writing seems rushed, and the main couple isn’t all that interesting, personally I would take Andy and Mix relationship over Amata and Mikono’s any day of the week. But I think Evol will leave a legacy like you guys said.

    Mike F.
      1. The main characters weren’t developed well. An example being Amata, as he starts out the story as kinda vanilla and somewhat wimpy. True he does he begin to stand up for himself but he essentially becomes a character with a one track mind who’s every action revolves around Mikono.

        Zessica started out strong but when they tried to develop her character they actually took some steps backwards. She eventually becomes so fixated on her unrequited love for Amata that she becomes depressive and dependent in a sense.

        As for Mikono, they try to progress her character, even giving her the ability to connect, but she eventually just falls in the role of the damsel in distress. Amata and Kagura constantly fight over as if she’s a trophy.

      2. Sorry, I thought EVOL was flat too.. it was in between the bad to ok category to me.
        I didn’t care about the characters. The setting was too vague to immerse myself into. The plot was fine enough for me to watch it until the end though.
        It wasn’t like I don’t see the big picture of the story, I just couldn’t careless about it.
        The dialogues during battles made little to no sense as well, felt like it was wasting air-time.
        The show never wowed me. So I guess I was watching it for the 1st OP after all.

        I know some people who’d burn me for those^ statements, but that’s how it is. :p

  7. New podcast!
    The discussions were more interesting this time since the shows picked are very interesting as well. F/Z, Apollon, Tsuritama, Jormungand. Glad to see MGX getting some love. And a little shoutout to AGE too.
    Enzo really participated a lot and gave his views on most of the discussions. Just…wow. Nice to hear Asobi, unlisted and Zanibas as well. Sabermochi and Stereoman did not speak much though D: Enzo upstaged them LOL
    Great podcast overall. Hoping to see another in the middle of the Summer season. Will definitely watch the shows you mentioned for Summer, especially SAO 🙂

    And don’t worry Stilts, you’re not alone in doing that when you get body swapped in the opposite gender’s body :3

  8. lol unlisted – You still have that voice XD.

    After hearing this podcast:
    1.) After hearing how Enzo discuss anime in good and heavy detail, I will now read Enzo’s post seriously(Show Spoiler ▼

    ). “Seriously” in a sense I will read it with understanding.
    To be honest Enzo delivered it with detail and I have now have a different view on ,not just on Jormungand, but almost every anime being told here. Now I see why people agree/argue(in a good way) on what you think, Enzo. Good job. d(-_-d)

    2.) Woh Zanibas, I didn’t thought of that. The droll I mean. I only thought of the droll as a bond of love relationship. I really didn’t thought of that deep.

    3.) @Zephyr – About Horizon II, I really think that things will still be a little bit complicated but not as much as season 1 I guess. I heard that the cast is still growing in numbers and I’m predicting(haven’t read much of the source material) that lots of reference will still be tossed in this season.

    4.) Although The Hayate movie had a different studio, I kind of like how to look like the manga though.

    5.) I didn’t come here just to hear verdant but also for Stilts. And If Enzo jumps in the next podcast I would love to hear his opinions again.

    6.) You better hid unlisted. for doing that ShoutOut on Divine.

    7.) Thx to the people who made the script. It made the podcast understandable.

    8.) Nice choice of ED music. I really like it. Specially with those bloopers inserted.

  9. Aww Stilts, I find your deep voice extremely sexy and I wouldn’t mind having your baby too 😉
    Enzo’s definitely the star of this podcast, though I’m a bit disappointed there wasn’t a more heated debate when Kiritsugu was brought up. I was very much looking forward to a catfight between Verdant and Enzo XD
    The bloopers are a nice touch, you guys should do that more often and yes, COCKBLOCKERS should burn in hell!!!

    Seishun Otoko
      1. Hey Stilts, which show did you say you wanted a sequel before you said “Bento”? I couldn’t make out what it was. Only heard that it might be getting a 2nd season and is fairly a recent one.

  10. Keep up the good work on the podcast. Its nice to listen to the RC family discuss all the shows they have been covering. Since the topic of what anime sequels everybody would like to see was ask I got to throw in my choice and I think Battle Angel Alita deserves some love.

  11. Can you guys put some music/tone warning that its already the next topic?
    For some reason before I knew it its already the next topic.
    I know that verdant indicates it but somehow I feel that things get rushed all of a sudden and *bam its the next topic already.
    Just a suggestion.

  12. My most desired sequel (no surprise thanks to my avatar) would be Darker than Black 3. I’d also like to see The World God Only Knows 3. Two sequels to two sequels. SEQUELCEPTION. As far as sequels that are actually confirmed and in the works, I’m looking forward to whenever Highschool of the Dead gets its sequel.

    I know people have mentioned it already, but I really enjoyed Enzo’s perspective. His views are rooted firmly in thorough, objective analysis, and yet he still has very insightful opinions to share. Check him out over at his personal blog if you haven’t yet. I really enjoyed his coverage of The Legend of Korra this season.

    Thanks everyone for another great podcast, and a special thanks to Stilts for getting Yuruyuri ♪♪ in there!

    1. His views are rooted firmly in thorough, objective analysis, and yet he still has very insightful opinions to share.

      No offense, but there’s no such thing as “objective analysis” when it comes to anime, or any aesthetic work for that matter. You can’t analyze a work objectively because you must always use a measuring stick that is based on judgments made by a conscious entity or subject. Since you can never separate an analysis of an aesthetic work from these types of judgments, they are all inherently subjective.

      1. I think Uchuu Kyoudai put it very eloquently: As humans we’re creatures of emotion. While yes, it is possible to objectively analysze the success of an anime, analyzing its content without being influenced by emotion or prejudice is nigh-on impossible.

        Objectivity is not something we as humans do well. Especially not when it comes to “art” such as anime.

      2. But you know, if I’ve seen every film that preceded it I can say “The camera work Sergei Eisenstein used in the Odessa Steps sequence of “Battleship Potemkin” was truly revolutionary. It had never been done before.” If a new anime features four kids names Soutarou, Hatoshi, Chiyaka and Mitanda who solve mysteries and are in the Classics Club” I can say “This series loses points for originality because an anime named Hyouka had a very similar premise”. Those are objective observations.

        Not obviously, in-depth criticism of anime or any other art is going to be subjective to a greater or lesser extent. But a great many people – myself included – would argue that some objective criticism of art is possible.

      3. When you make a value judgement on how “truly revolutionary” and “original” works are, they are still subjective value statements. There is no objective value associated with how good we view something to be revolutionary, nor is there an objective value with our views of originality either. Just because something is revolutionary or original does not mean that it is also objectively good or objectively bad. You cannot assign value to these things objectively, only subjectively.

        An objective observation is that a premise is unoriginal, but as soon as you say it loses points, it changes into a subjective opinion. An objective observation is that the camera work has never been seen before, but once you say that this is a good thing, it becomes a subjective opinion. Just because an opinion is a common one, one that is shared by a vast majority of people, doesn’t mean that it becomes an objective opinion.

        Basically: one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

      4. But words like “revolutionary” have dictionary definitions that are widely agreed upon – you can look them up. And you can say that what Eisenstein did in “Potemkin” is revolutionary, according to the accepted definition. That’s an objective statement, and it’s about a piece of art. You can call it a value judgement or not, but it’s certainly more quantitative than saying “This film is one hour and fifty-two minutes long”.

        Just because criticism can (and usually does) incorporate subjectivity doesn’t mean that it’s limited to it. A subjective review can be something as simple as “I hated it.” My favorite subjective review ever came from the great Roger Ebert, who said of “North”:

        I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the audience by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it.

        I don’t think Ebert would claim that was an objective review, but I also don’t think he’d claim it was the only sort of review he’s written.

        The world doesn’t exist in absolutes, and the world of criticism is no exception. To say that objectivity is precluded from criticism of art flies in the face of reality, in my opinion. But this argument is far older than either of us, and we’re not going to solve it in a night.

      5. I made a distinction between an observation based on the dictionary definition of being “revolutionary” and an opinion based on the value of being “revolutionary” – what I called a value judgement. So yes, it’s true that what Eisenstein did is revolutionary, but that is only an objective observation. The dictionary doesn’t say if a piece of art is revolutionary then it is good or bad, it only lays down the conditions to be considered as revolutionary. As soon as you say whether being revolutionary is good or bad, you make a value judgement on it and it becomes a subjective opinion, which is the realm where all critical analysis based on taste lies.

      6. whatisthisidonteven

        I don’t see why this is being discussed here. Art is vast and you can make both kind of analyses for this but if you insert any kind of opinion into this analysis, it will be subjective. Yes, saying it’s “revolutionary” is objective as long as it’s based on facts (history, dictionaries, etc.), but like verdant said:

        The dictionary doesn’t say if a piece of art is revolutionary then it is good or bad, it only lays down the conditions to be considered as revolutionary.

        Adding an opinion to the objective fact in an analysis will automatically make it subjective. Taste is, and will always be subjective.

        Also, haven’t slept anything these last two days, so forgive me if I’m not making any sense. \o/

      7. But a critical analysis that says something is revolutionary can be objective – you don’t necessarily have to include a value judgement on whether that’s good or bad, per se. A review that says “Battleship Potemkin” is revolutionary for its camera work during the Odessa Steps sequence – full stop” is objective. If you then go on to say, “Battleship Potemkin” is the finest early Soviet film” that’s subjective.

        A critical analysis can be both objective and subjective, and that’s the point. Not only are they not mutually exclusive, I’d argue that a good review should always include both. Of course is subjective – that’s self-evident, and it’s not a bad thing. Bud adding subjective opinion to a review doesn’t inherently render the objective parts of that review invalid.

        If anyone is really interested in this topic, there are a lot of interesting sources out there with a lot of interesting arguments – check them out.

      8. This might seem like it’s devolving into a semantic argument, but I want to make sure we’re on the same page here, so let’s look at the definition of “critical” and “objective”:

        – Expressing or involving an analysis of the merits and faults of a work of literature, music, or art – she never won the critical acclaim she sought

        – (of a person or their judgment) Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts – historians try to be objective and impartial
        – Not dependent on the mind for existence; actual – a matter of objective fact

        So basically, since critical analysis involves making judgments of merit and fault, this requires us to insert our own personal feelings and opinions, making all critical analysis completely subjective. Simply observing that a work of art is revolutionary or unoriginal isn’t critical analysis at all, it’s just an observation, anyone can do that.

      9. My view is that subjectivity has always been born of objectivity. Saying what you do and do not like about art, or anime, or anything in the world for that matter, requires you to identify it and its characteristics, then expound upon the merits and deficiencies therein.

        I always view everything, including anime, through the lens of the scientific method, which is based upon abductive, deductive, and inductive reasoning. Abductive is the before; season previews and news help me form an opinion before even going into a show. This stage is highly subjective. Deductive is the during; this is actually watching the episodes, taking note of events and dialogue. This stage is highly deductive. Inductive is the after; for writers, this is the review, where the facts and opinions come together to provide further understanding of the material in question. This stage varies in its objectivity and subjectivity from person to person.

        If a review was entirely objective, I wouldn’t read it because it would get boring; if I watched the show, I know what happened. I’d like to know your thoughts. If a review was entirely subjective, I wouldn’t read it because it would be confusing; some plot synopsis is necessary to base the plethora of opinions upon.

        I like RC for many reasons, including its web design, image layouts, community features, et cetera, but the real reason I (and everyone else) enjoy RC is because all the writers wield the powers of objective and subjective analysis in an enjoyable, pleasant-to-read manner. I’m actually quite glad my seemingly innocuous post generated such a lively discussion. ^_^

    1. So far, I think the only one who’s getting drunk is me. That said, you’re free to design your own listening version of the RC Podcast Drinking Game! I would have 10x more fun if I knew my actions we’re helping to get you all drunk >:3 Nyahaha!

  13. I’m kind of new here, so it was nice to hear your opinions about several series ^^
    also, nice to meet you! my first comment since i’m a lurker 😛 the podcast was really entertaining

  14. Now, I know what’s Enzo-dono’s voice. Teach me master. But I like Zephyr’s voice more. Enzo-dono’s analysis about animes is really good. It shows how passionate you are.

    This season is just a step shy from being a monster season. I watched 13 series, to be exact, this season. It’s 5 more episodes to my normal routine. It almost caters to all kinds of viewers and offers almost all of the genres. The badside though is that we’ll wait long again for this kind of season.

    For the series I want to have another season would be Moretsu Pirates because you now see the fruit of a slow build up. It will be a waste to not harness all of its potential. For the series, I want to be redone would be Sakamichi. Though, it’s great but it could be better if it’s given 26 episodes. Yeah, Enzo’s explanation for that is right.

    Thanks for this podcast. I like that I can hear now what most of the writer’s opinions about a certain show, not just one or two writers.

    1. Hahaha! I thought it was the most wanted anime this season to have another season so I’m gonna change my answer for that, not that I don’t want another one but there are more deserving series to have one.

      I’ll go with:
      Seirei no Moribito
      His and her Circumstances
      Baccano (just marathoned it yesterday and I want it to have another one)
      FMP (this is one of my all-time favorite mechas along with Evangelion, Escaflowne, and Gundam 00)
      Chihayafuru (there must be a third season or just cover the whole manga hahaha)

      and some others that I have forgotten or gave up.

  15. Enzo! Nice to finally hear your voice. Not going to lie, yours was the one I wanted to hear the most. XD

    Sequels most wanted/looking forward to:

    Love these podcasts! 😛

  16. Well, this was long but pretty enjoyable. And thanks to the transcript elves for allowing us not to miss a thing 😀
    Guardian ‘Mystique’ Enzo in spite of his anime podcast virginity (?) was being his usual eloquent self (he can use his tongue no less well than his hands when spreading the anime love it seems :PP), Verdant was a capable host and I enjoyed hearing the others’ vices and thoughts as well… brownie points for Stilts’s voice: what a delectable accent, like Marimite and pickles on buttered bread.
    I only wish and hope to hear more from the female members of the RC team, bring out more of a female perspective (and more cockblock) please fellow girls.
    The bloopers and shout outs were funny, nice touch.
    On the subject of sequels, I totally subscribe for Moribito goodness. It’s not my top favourite as that spot was and still belongs to Rose of Versailles since 30 years ago now, but SNM is probably 2nd place and going from what I managed to read summary-wise the next novels in the Moribito series make for as good anime series material as the first novel was.
    Bokura Ga Ita is an interesting choice. I’ve read the manga in its entirety and watched the anime and while I don’t agree on some of the directions the story took later on, it’s still one of the best shoujo around in recent years, and surprisingly poignant and gripping at times, both thanks and in spite of its simple, low-key art style.
    @Enzo: in terms of romance wait until you watch Rose of Versailles, you might find in it another best-of-all times candidate in the romance department.

    Back to sequels dreaming: Kare Kano oh yeas, it would deserve a second season so much. The non-animated manga chapters are amazing, furthermore the anime stopped right at the juicy Arima’s arc part leaving the poor boy just… there, unresolved. While in the manga both he and the rest of the cast grow and evolve so beautifully.
    Reading KareKano was quite a cathartic experience. In this sense BGI is similar, although I personally didn’t really bonded with BGI’s characters as much I did with Karekano’s.

    @SlushiZ: ahah my thoughts were exactly the same. Gotta say the man is consistent.

  17. Intro & Seiyuu(s)
    I like Moomba’s choice and seiyuu. Fukuyama Jun is amazing va; deep and soothing. Not to mention he’s my favorite va.

    Fate Zero: I agree with Moomba with episode 24 and 25 should have been aired back to back since the last episode felt misplaced after all that high tension. If I had to choose which season I liked more it’d be the 2nd season cause everyone was dropping like flies 😀 YAY. Yeah no, Season 1 was the slow introduction with character development, what they are fighting for and story build up. Season 2 is where all the action is. We get to see them fight for their dreams and how far they would go. It started off as 1 person dying per episode to everyone dropping like flies. The only thing I didn’t like was the lack of backstory between Saber and Lancelot. It felt forced and just stuck it in there so the audience can pity Berserker for the sake of it. Now I’m thinking would it be better if they did Saber and Lancelot story as an OVA? As for the ost, I love every soundtrack played. It matched perfectly with the dark and despairing show. Asobi made a point about how Yuki Kajiura’s music tends to repeat themselves and I agree to a certain degree. True to the trained ears they all hold some sort of similarity but there are always a few songs from each series that can stand on its own with no familiarity whatsoever and Fate Zero is one that will be remembered. On a lighter note I love how everyone agrees that this show is the most depressing show ever created. Each and every episodes pulls your emotion and their mentality and after it’s finish you’re left with a pile of rubbish unable to differentiate which is your heart and brain. That’s why I always make sure I have Mouretsu Pirates as my follow up just to brighten my night before I sleep.

    Aquarion EVOL: It IS a 26 episode show of full on trolling. I wonder how you feel Stilts to find out Andy and Mix never got to union even in the last episode lol And yes, Zessica was my favorite character beside Mikono until she went “Amata doesn’t love me anymore” and loses her confident. Where the hell did that tough exterior go? D: I want it back!!! *cries a river* The only peeve I had for the epic final episode was when Mikono opened her arms and say “I will connect you Mikage with everyone” and there comes Amata yelling her name and she desert Mikage without a second thought. Uhhh, ADHD much? The most memorable moments in Aquarion first and second season in all is their horrible, embrassing and face palming innuendoes. My only question is how did you all like the ost? ZEBRA (Zanibas) like what you did to the transcript. Lol COCKBLOCKER

    SAO: Would you recommend those who never heard or read the manga/Light Novels to read it first or watch?

    Kokoro Connect: Stilts- What would you do if you were swapped with a (don’t mean to be rude) a flat chested girl? Lol

    Rinne no Lagrange: Verdant: I know for sure picking this show is a safe pic and Madoka is the right choice to replace Marika although we’ll miss her and her fellow school and shipmates.

    Horizon: I don’t know what to say about this show but Stilts is right that it took a lot of time for the intro. I watched Horizon with no background knowledge of who was producing it. Yes, I’m guilty for skimming over the season preview list to the shows I like. Lol I heard lots of good remarks about it and tried it out. To my horror it was unbearable to watch not because it was confusing but at the time there were barely any plot (if there were then I must have been really blind and deaf to not catch it)! Still, I forced myself through and by the last 4 episodes, like everyone said, it was worth it. The show finally introducing the meat of the series and the debate was eargasm. Is saving one person worth the risk to start a war? Is blaming one person who’s not responsible for the “fireworks” justified even though they are related to the culprit? I started to laugh cause I though this show was supposed to be a laid back series but in the end it’s thought provoking and you have to really pay attention to details. In a sense I see this as the adopted child of Fate Zero…just not as epically awesome like Fate Zero. 😀

    Most Wanted Sequels: I agree with Stereoman choosing Fruits Basket. It ended so abruptly that I sat there staring at the TV wide mouth for several minutes after credits finished. What’s worst was that it strayed from the manga by the end of the show. Enzo, I can thoroughly happy you mentioned Seirei no Moribito. The books were amazing and I really wish they make the second book with Balsa and her father like figure again. And Verdant, Claymore truly deserves a remake and not a sequel. The ending was soo…I don’t know just didn’t like it. If they made a sequel they have to have a pretty damn good reason for stealing Ravi away from Claire when there’s a herd of Claymores around. I find it funny how the top 3 shows that popped in my head were on here too. But I would love to have a remake of Shaman King since it strayed from the manga near the ending of the show where as the manga has 31 volumes with 5 more for the actual ending; plus, the new after story with the main protagonist’s heir rising up now. :3

    Ideas for next Podcast: It would be nice to talk about Light and Visual novels for those who never heard of them and want to try it out. What would be a good starter or for those who already know what they are what would be a good reader or play.

    Final thoughts: Loved the podcast and your random topic. A lot more easy going now. I’ll be looking forward to every post you guys release. Also, that Nishishishi is now a ringtone my friend uses. D:

    1. Yay super long post means I can find my post even faster :3 I wrote this much cause I didn’t watch much shows this season lol but next season will be hell for me.

    2. Hey, thanks for your great opinions and long review, we really appreciate all your kind words! Reading comments like yours goes a long way in making all the hard work and time we put in feel like they’re worth it =)

      Fate/Zero was definitely a heavy show for me to watch and then write ~1400 word posts week after week, so afterwards I unwound in exactly the same way you did: by watching more Mouretsu Pirates. I also agree with your opinion on the second half of the series, glad I’m not the only one who liked it better, haha! Anyway, we’re really glad that you love our podcasts and we’ll try to get your idea for a topic on LNs and VNs into a podcast soon.

    3. SAO: Would you recommend those who never heard or read the manga/Light Novels to read it first or watch?

      At this point I’d say it’s probably best to wait and watch the anime – A-1 has always been pretty good with adaptions in my experience and it seems like a fair amount of the material (with sidestories included) is going to be adapted. Other than the later volumes, the only thing guaranteed to be missing is the infamous Chapter 16.5.

  18. “We’re also looking for reader questions to be answered in our next podcast episode, so if you have something that you’ve been wondering about us all these years, leave us a line in the comments!”

    76 comments and still no one cares about us that much :P.

    1. “If there was a different format in blogging what format would you choose?”
      Ex. Text first before images.

      “If there was an anime that you were assigned and then you started to dislike, would you still blog it?”

      “I know that you guys stated it in the introduction about genre and stuff but after blogging for randomc did you preferene changed?”

      hmmm, I got tons of question but I’ll just leave it to that.

    2. “What kind of question should I ask?”
      “Anyone feeling hungry right now? – I am.”
      “How many times have you pushed Croos into the v0id?”
      “Any of my questions made sense?”
      “Am I really gonna ask these questions?”

    3. This is somewhat inspired by Uchuu Kyoudai, and also something I ask my students:

      What are your dreams?

      And on a lighter note, what is your favorite non-Japanese anime movie?

  19. If it’s reader question, then I do have one:

    What’s the point in hiring so many writers (who are all excellent in their quality, might I add) if they all end up being so busy during the same period?

    Take this month for example, when most of them are students taking exams and thus, making June a rather barren month, leaving readers out to wait. A week is a long time in anime, by the time you posted a blog of an episode, most forums and blogs out there are already moving on to discussing the next episode, which will air soon or has already aired.

    RC might want to consider writers covering each other, or even a freelance outsider to cover 1 to 2 episodes (screenshots may or maynot be provided) during the busy period.

    This is not meant as a criticism, but just an observation. Please go easy on me. 🙂 <— smiley emoticon in case people miss it

    Kinny Riddle
  20. >Stilts

    “But okay, I was originally going to say Infinite Stratos but I recently heard that might be getting a second season already, so yes!”

    I believe it’s been confirmed that IS is NOT getting a sequel. The original light novel was canceled earlier this year and they released planned material and character concepts for the second season as a “What could have been” pack.

    Cancellation seems final, which is sad as it was a fun series.

  21. #1 show that needs a sequel IMO: Nana. The show left off in a bad spot, seriously just left everything hanging. Bloody awful, they can do better with this show that DESERVES better.

    1. Oh I definitely agree! =O I hate how they just ended off at the worst cliffhanger ever! But I hear that’s because they were waiting for the manga to progress further since they didn’t want an anime original ending =X

      1. Well the mangaka got sick in 09 and hasn’t worked on it since then. It’s been 6 years since this show originally aired, just figure out an anime original ending and give me my second season already, Japan!

        Okay, I MAY be a little biased because Osaki Nana is my #1 favorite anime character of all time (I bought a Vivienne Westwood finger armor ring from her online store after watching the series and still wear it every time I leave the house) but, my personal bias aside, this show really needs a sequel already.

  22. You know what I realized? I don’t know any of you in real life, yet I have a lot of love and appreciation for the writers and readers here at RandomC. <3
    So thank you!~

  23. Awesome podcast! Great getting to hear everyone’s voices and learn a bit more about you writers too. Verdant does a nice job as MC and it would be cool to hear some more series music occasionally interjected. I really enjoyed the wide coverage of shows from both the Spring and Summer Seasons, as well as the overall length which got me through several bus commutes! 🙂 Hearing Divine’s “voice” totally cracked me up as well as Stilt’s late shout out for Yuri Yuri. Keep up the good work!

  24. Great show, great show!

    I was surprised that nobody mentioned pandora hearts for “needs a sequel”, since the show just didn’t end and most of the plotpoints are still up in the air. And this time they could do it with a budget better than an empty shoebox and some pieces of string.

    I was overjoyed to see someone else like Seirei no Moribito, even though it seemed like the nostalgia goggles were in full force. I personally didn’t like how generic the show became after the initial couple of episodes, only to then use the build up in later episodes. This is only okay if those earlier episodes are actually good and interesting! Take a look at probably the best gonzo show of all time: Gankutsuou! This show was chock full of good episodes from the get go and let everything came together in the end! It is exactly how this kind of show should have been.

  25. Lovin’ these podcasts! Can’t wait for the next one. The length of them isn’t intimidating because they’re so enjoyable to listen to (even when I’m not watching the particular series being talked about). Hearing serious discussion about 1) anime and 2) recent anime reminds me why I watch anime in the first place and it’s great.

    I swear I agree with so much of what Enzo says, so glad to see him join this time around. He has a lot to say, and it’s all interesting to hear. Tsuritama was also my favorite this season for all the reasons discussed. From what I can tell, Nazo no Kanojo X and Hyouka are quite underrated so I especially enjoy hearing them talked about. Satoshi’s great, and I definitely feel like Houtarou likes Chitanda, even if he doesn’t realize it himself.

    Verdant, you’re such a great host with such a smooth voice, haha. Keep it up!


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