“You gotta be shittin’ me!” – yes, it appears that Gray did, indeed, screw up big-time, and the towering flame of eternity has just vanished into thin air! As many of us have correctly surmised, the monumental mountain that stands firm in Taiyo Village is none other than the much celebrated Eternal Flame, a torch of fire that has been frozen solid! The pieces of the puzzle continue to mount up in a grand fashion – but any form of actual explications have thus far remained elusive and there really is not a whole lot that we can work on. Doriate’s ultimate fate hasn’t been openly spelled out – but we could all probably assume he has been gobbled up like a chow. The culprit in question, a one-eyed winged demon, presumably shares a connection with the Gate of Hell that Gray inadvertently opened. Nobody knows how all of that fit into the all-embracing mysteries and there’s certainly a handful of big ones that needs to be sorted out – starting with the vanishing Eternal Flame and a seeming tie-in to the mysterious voice that Natsu heard! Gray Fullbuster is going to be front and center in all of this, and the poor guy just can’t seem to catch a break – first, there’s the Gate of Hell that was supposedly unsealed and now he has to deal with an Eternal Flame that has gone missing, all thanks to his icy magic and apparent impetuosity! I don’t think the Eternal Flame has been permanently erased from existence, and there’s bound to be a good explanation for such a curveball – the aftermath has left everyone flabbergasted and  for certain, Flare is going to find herself fraught with despair, a strain of despondency that might just set off her inherent yandere impulse!

The Sun Village Arc definitely has more questions than answers at this stage – Mashima sensei is probably just getting started, and there’s no better way to beef up the excitement than a grand display of bromance. A high-five that brings out the best of esprit de corps – you can’t get any more shounen than that, and whoever said Natsu and Gray can never ever work as a team has just shot himself in the foot. Natsu, the badass salamander, is certainly a force to be reckoned with – he is a fulmination of ardor and verve, and the scene lights up almost immediately the moment he steps in. His prowess as a combatant is surely beyond question – after all, he has emerged victorious in pretty much every bout, and I highly doubt a mere demon is going to hold him back. It’s not entirely clear if his victory has been set in stone just yet, but he sure as hell has made some critical damage – Natsu scored a bull’s eye with both a fiery kick and a glaring pummel that sent the demon falling like a meteor! There’s definitely more than enough going on here to keep me interested – Wendy has seemingly sensed an eerie presence, Lucy’s ass is just as exquisite as ever, and Erza remained caught up in a catfight. For sure, the latest happening has raised the question of what’s going to come next – and as the mystery starts to unravel, the buzz and extravaganzas can only escalate from here on out!

Random tidbits:

  • Lucy’s ass! Mmmmmm… – Another week, another chapter of glorious fanservice. Thank you, Mashima sensei.
  • “That’s incredible! Can you do that?” – Flare’s being all dere dere for Natsu and Gray? Nooooooo… the yuri tale must continue! I’ll just pretend I didn’t see any of that, she is in love with Lucy and only Lucy.
  • Impossible!” – The poor girl looks so sad. Lucy should give Flare a bear hug and while she’s at it, they should get a room and…
  • A high-five that sealed the bromance! –The fujoshi’s are shipping those two very hard. Google “Natsu x Gray yaoi” and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Ouch, that has gotta hurt! – A fiery kick and a glaring pummel to the eye. Natsu’s such a badass!
  • “What is this feeling?” – Now that everyone’s back to their usual physique, Wendy is the one and only loli for Team Natsu!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 351: “You gotta be shittin’ me!” – yes, it appears that Gray did, indeed, screw up big-time! #Manga


  1. These demon infested chapters have Zeref written all over them, just wondering if he will make an appearance here in the village. Based on the name of the next chapter it seems Natsu will get to speak to the Holy Flame possibly receiving a new kind of power that maybe later would give him an edge against Zeref. Speaking of which we still don’t know why Zeref knows Natsu…I wonder if Natsu himself is actually from the ages past and all the time he remembers with Igneel is actually from the same time of Zeref and Acnologia, and Natsu is either under a spell that prevents him from remembering that past or has partial amnesia…nah I don’t think it’s gonna go that way.


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