「キング・オブ・ファーマーズ」 (Kingu Obu Fāmāzu)
“King of Farmers”

Nourin is made of some Grade A stupidity–the finest stupidity to come out this year. I don’t use the term offensively though, since stupidity itself can be hilarious to watch. This show has what attracted me to Baka to Test, but combines that with the cultural quirks of an agricultural university. It’s a weird formula and the stupidity of these characters may be overwhelming for some, yet it does provide a certain appeal for those seeking entertaining and energetic character interactions.

What do we have here: a character who’s fully willing to sniff someone’s panties in front of the owner, a character that is fully willing to give her own panties on the spot to her childhood friend, and a character who has formulated an inspiring yet idiotic philosophy around panties. There is a certain level of suspending disbelief one needs to fully enjoy this show, especially in coming to terms with how sexually open everyone seems to be. It’s unlike Seitokai Yakuindomo where the jokes more focus on wordplay and innuendo–both of them focus on how unorthodox each character is, but Nourin takes it a step further in often acting on its jokes rather than relying on words and props.

Besides the trio’s dynamics, I am actually interested in the direction they’ll take Ringo’s character. She’s already dived into a romantic rivalry with Minori, with possibly the knowledge that Kousaku was the one sending her the vegetables and letters this entire time. Although I was fully expecting her character to be quiet from episode one onwards, her cold bite and silent disapproving glares were unexpected. I’d give those looks too if I had to witness my underwear being contested between individuals of questionable intentions. It’s refreshing to see this kind of character trait makeup for a female romantic lead, as it explicitly rejects the defining traits of our male lead. Look at that face of disgust. The composition of her character now leaves a great deal of potential in unpeeling her character and developing her comfort levels with each character as well. Though Minori and Ringo are at each other’s throats, I’m sure those two will come to a reconciliation just as Himeji and Shimada found a truce in Baka to Test, or god forbid we mention the pact made in Infinite Stratos

Therefore, while stupid, it’s fun and has potential. Definitely something I’d personally follow for the energy, but may prove a major turn-off for those who like their comedy to follow a bit of sensibility and logic–this show practically has none. If the show keeps up at this pace of delivering energy and continues to develop Ringo as a character, I’ll be a satisfied camper!


ED Sequence

ED: 「も・ぎ・た・て♥フルーツガールズ」 (Mogitate ♥ Fruit Girls) by Tamura Yukari and Hanazawa Kana
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  1. Pretty clear now the down-to-earth agriculture genre is sewn up tight by Gin no Saji, won’t be any competition here 😛 The agriculture school setting is nothing more than Nourin’s wellspring of comedy material. Zanibas I’m also confident that Ringo knows Kousaku was the one sending her veggies, there is no way even here she would latch onto him that fast otherwise.

    Not sure I’ll keep watching it because this isn’t really my thing, but I do have to admit that Death Note reference was f*cking hilarious.

  2. Weird.
    I think the reason why Ringo is in Nourin School as explained in the 1 hour drama audio when their teacher explained to them in the faculty office is to run away from stalkers. And due to her stress and etc during her idol days she went to Nourin cause animals has psychological healing when tending them to cure her stress and etc.

  3. Everytime I look at Kousaku, I feel like I’m being reminded of Kouta/Muttsuri from Baka and Test. Especially on the Death Note pic. XD Oh Silver Link, you KNOW you really wanna make a BakaTest S3, and we know as well!

  4. I think I can enjoy this show if I try not to think too hard about it. I was expecting some kind of complex plot or deep characters… yeah, this isn’t that anime.

    A 10-minute panty gag/rant/whatever the hell that was tells me I need to find my inner 7th grader to fully enjoy this show. If I don’t, I’m just going to sit there and say “WTF did I just watch?” a lot. (Which was my first reaction.)

    Maybe I should drink before I watch this show. >_>a

  5. Confession time: I am a 26 year old grown ass man with a tour of duty in afghanistan on my resume (serious personality). I’ve watched my fair share of animated series for about 8 years or so and this is the very first time that, instead of smiling or grinning, I actually blurted out an irl l.o.l.

    it lasted for just a second, but it clocked at about 60 decibels.

    When that arrow of light pierced MC’s chest at the revelation of pantsu being in one’s heart I lost it.

    Omedetou gozaimasu, Frontier Works


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