「この理不尽な要塞に終焔を!」 (Kono Rifujin’na Yousai ni Tsui Homura o!)
“A Final Flame for this Over-the-top Fortress”

KonoSuba proves that it can do thrilling action, thank you very much, but it’s going to crack jokes all the way through. The anime industry also proves that it’s not entirely daft. Second season confirmed!

First of All

Before I get to this episode, let me say how annoyed I am that last week’s episode was the one I had to miss. It was practically the perfect ecchi episode! Er, not that I’m the ecchi blogger or anything. It was just good. Dammit Takkun. This is your fault somehow. Your Luck stat is too damn high.

KonoSuba Does Tension the KonoSuba Way

Endings for comedies are tricky. Do you just keep cracking jokes up to the end? If so, it might not feel like much of a finale. But if you go dramatic, that’s not exactly why people have been watching your comedy all along. The best idea, in all likelihood, is to go bigger and badder while still cracking jokes, which is difficult, but if you can pull it off it’ll be both funny and finale worthy.

As usual, KonoSuba shows us how it’s done.

The first phase of the battle against The Destroyer was awesome! From Darkness’ last stand to Aqua forcing down the barriers to Wiz and Megumin’s twin nukes battering down the Wild Wild West reject, it was just damn, damn cool. And I liked too that Kazuma’s contributions—talking to Darkness, bolstering Megumin’s confidence—were important, but not outsized. The dude is no Mitsurugi. Him taking center stage would have been odd.

But the comedy was there, and I wouldn’t go so far as to call it dramatic or tense. We all knew they’d win, basically, because this is a comedy, and unless there’s comedy in it they’re not going to let the protagonists lose—and when the failure state of a battle seems to be instant death, they’re not going to lose. Death can be funny—which probably shows how fucked up humans are right there—but KonoSuba doesn’t do gallows humor. What it did, was keep cracking jokes throughout, so we could both laugh and enjoy some measure of conclusion to the first season. That’s called having your cake and eating it too. And possibly your neighbor’s cake, ’cause that jackass didn’t do anything to earn it, the twat.

The Funny Parts

I’m tempted to list out all my favorite jokes from this episode, but that’s boring, so I’ll just briefly mention a few: Megumin being called the crazy girl and Wiz being called the destitute shopkeeper; Kazuma saying that yes, Darkness is that perverted; Kazuma ruining the poignant moment by saying her real name; Aqua’s battle face; Kazuma’s genre savvy about those cliched phrases; the succubi protecting the city in their own way; the old dead Destroyer creator and how much he sucked; Kazuma being the one male lead who expects the right thing, only this time it’s actually the wrong thing; Megumin’s gasp and blushing face; Megumin’s new fetish; and Kazuma getting shafted, because of course he would.

Okay, so I listed ’em all. Sue me! This episode was packed full of hilarious stuff. Encore, encore, encore! Speaking of…

Season Two Confirmed!

I’ll admit that shows like Hataraku Maou-sama! and No Game No Life broke some of my faith in the anime industry. It was those shows that made me realize, no matter how well a show is received, no matter what it sells, no matter how awesome it might be, it might still not get a sequel. It’s turned me into a sequel cynic. How can Prisma Illya get four seasons while No Game No Life doesn’t even get two? Not that I don’t think Prisma Illya should get them. I love that show, and I’ma keep blogging the heck out of it. I just don’t understand it. Thus, I’m a stolid “wait and see”/”don’t get your hopes up” man when it comes to the sequel watch.

(And don’t feel the need to explain why Hataraku and NGNL didn’t get greenlit. I’ve mentioned the possible reasons before. My point is that, while it’s easy to retroactively find rationale, it’s difficult to anticipate sequel decisions without inside information, because oftentimes the data points contradict.)

Which is why I’m so happy that KonoSuba got auto-greenlit for a second season! It’s been an amazing anime so far, with both solid source material and an impressive adaptation, and the industry needs more shows like this. The world needs them! I won’t say my faith has been restored, but I am happy.

For more thoughts, head to the final impressions below.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – KonoSuba does tension in the KonoSuba way—with plenty of jokes, & a season two confirmation #konosuba 10 END

Random thoughts:

  • Glad to see Chris-chan back. My life needs more Chris-chan.
  • The crab was kind of a tip-off that you’re from a rich family, Darkness. Also, the name “Darkness”.
  • But seriously, that old dead bastard sucked. It just goes to show you what Edmund Burke said: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for lazy, petulant bureaucrats to be forced to actually work. Or something like that.

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Final Impressions

Oh man, KonoSuba has been awesome. Did you know the last finale post I wrote was on Comet Lucifer? What a swing between two posts. There’s really no point in mentioning that shit pile, I just thought it was funny.

I started getting hyped on KonoSuba when I was editing the season preview, because Takkun was hyped on it in his preview. Here’s a RandomC protip: Takaii is optimistic, but if he gets properly hyped about something, pay attention. Dude’s got good taste. But mostly it was mention of a crazy cast of characters that got me excited, because if that can be executed well, it gives a comedy a fertile well from which to pull its jokes. And damn if KonoSuba didn’t do exactly that!

Aqua is probably my least favorite, which is the wrong way to say it; she was just outshone by the others, and had the thankless job of being a complete idiot. But she was hilarious, and the show wouldn’t have been nearly as funny without the albatross that is Aqua around Kazuma’s neck. Megumin is my personal favorite, as an explosion fetishist myself, and she’s both cute, earnest, and loyal on top of her dysfunction. Darkness’s masochism is hilarious, but I loved her honor and loyalty as well, even if her best moments were still when she was in full-on pervert mode; she’s the one most at risk of becoming a one-note character, but so far that hasn’t happened. Then there’s Kazuma. His genre savviness and insane luck stats were funny, and made him surprisingly effective, but it was his personality—a mix of honorable and petty, with plenty of snark all over—that made him both relatable as well as his own person. That’s a tough trick to pull off in a main character.

The adaptation was also well done. The animation could get a bit silly at times, but I wasn’t watching this for the luscious animation (Dragon Slave—er, Explosions aside). It’s the writing that was stellar. Comedic timing, direction, and pacing were all well done. And the voice acting! Everyone equitted themselves fantastically. The entire seiyuu team ought to take a bow. Comedy is hard, and they knocked it out of the park.

This is one of those shows I have no problems recommending to everyone I know. If you’ve ever played an RPG, you know the tropes they’re lampooning, and they’re doing it so well that it’s a treat. KonoSuba even pulls off the occasional poignant moment (Kazuma’s second death) and a few awesome ones (this episode), so it can do more than just tell jokes. But the jokes are so good y’all, that’s all I need! I’m happy this turned out so well, and I’m happy it’s getting a well-deserved second season. If you haven’t watched it, watch it. If your friends haven’t watched it, get ’em to watch it. This is good stuff! Thanks for watching it along with me, and I’ll see you in the next post.


  1. Easy to see where the budget they spared on the succubus episode went, now.

    One thing I was disappointed about was that the anime didn’t include the the rest of the group cracking jokes about how Darkness was so gung-ho but basically didn’t actually accomplish anything herself. Maybe next season…

    It was also pretty cool to get a shot of Mitsurugi in with Chris and the rest, presumably working hard to be able to afford to buy back his demon sword. That’s something the LN didn’t do, and it suggests that maybe Mitsurugi and his two hangers on haven’t been written off the island just yet.

    1. Kono Suba and Boku Dake and my 2 anime high points this season (with Ajin in 3rd place). I can honestly say with this series you never know what to expect except that it will be zany and funny. Even the OP and ED were good. Can’t wait for the next season to see what happens next.

    1. The Explosion magic reminds me a lot to one of the strongest spells of Rudeus Grayrat in Mushoku Tensei, the bastard even calls the spell Magic Nuke, considering he invented it out of desperation and how dangerously genre savvy he is it seems apropiate.

      P.D.: Mushoku Tensei, that´s a novel that seriously need an anime adaptation.

      1. Soon brother soon. With Grimgar and this getting an adaptation with the upcoming Re:Zero, it’s only a matter of time before the market get saturated with other world theme….

      2. Poor format for an adaptation. Its a LONG, LONG story and would need upwards to 50 episodes to actually characterize everyone properly. 24 at minimum, but it would be jarringly fast with just 24. Just go back and scroll through how many chapters there are in MT. So much stuff happens in the story, and huge amounts of it are vitally important for character growth and making the readers actually care.

        Most importantly, the main plot doesn’t pick up for a long time. It would make for an awesome show, but it would need some real budget/commitment to work.

      3. Let´s be hopeful that when the time come Mushoku Tensei will get the budget, number of episodes and treatment it deserves, Broxis-san. That´s a series that needs at least 26 episodes to tell half of its story.

    2. they lampshaded the “nuke” part of “nuke mage” with the mushroom cloud

      I give Megumin 10/10 with this one

      also, great news about second season… got my hands on some LN translation further down the storyline, it is gonna be hilarious…. as usual in konosuba!

  2. Season 2 confirmed.
    Yes !!!! There is a God. Praise be to lord Eris.
    Man that scene about the male adventurers taking on the destroyer to protect the town just because the succubi live there really cracked me up not to talk of the ending where kazuma got arrested. I saw it coming but it was still funny nonetheless.

  3. Oh ye gods the Destroyer’s creator and half his diary being in 2ch-speak… 😀

    If not for the second season confirmation I’d be tempted to list the volume 3 ‘teaser’ from the end of volume 2 here because it’s just that funny. But thankfully no need for that. ^_-

    1. I actually felt creeped out and sad for the Destroyer’s creator’s mummy, until they started reading his diary and revealed how smug and contently he died. All pity and horror promptly went out the window.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2044.jpg
    One Nuke saved people yet another Nuke helped the Demon Lord in destroying an important human enemy. Kazuma did a lot of atrocious deeds where he dragged a goddess into a fantasy lord and forced her to work for him thus effectively enslaving her, along with how Kazuma made Kyouya lose Gram (which is not surprising since it was a “cursed sword” for a reason), and later Nukes an important human Lord. That is pretty much a solid resume that would be so great that the Demon Lord wishes to recruit Kazuma to take Dullahan’s empty seat.

    And one day I hope Kazuma goes all the way with Lalatina; all the kid needs to do is develop deep Sadist fetishes, and learn a shibari XD.

    I do hope that, one day, Kazuma will have a Succubus join his party, especially that loli girl!…………..Come to think of it, while the town may be wary of monsters, where our dear undead Wiz has to hide the fact that she is a lich, the adventurers seem to fully accept succubuses, that shows that the power of “desire” pretty much can make “special exceptions.” Notably one adventurer said that this is the only town that possibly has succubuses, beginners have ecchi minds ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .

    I will be curious if there would ever be a day where Kazuma will stop calling her “dummy goddess.” Well, maybe his thoughts will change once Aqua can possibly, with just skirt attire, face sit on Kazuma each day.

    I am still curious what kind of “heroic death” this guy will encounter; at best, I am thinking of a School Days ending.

    RIP this dude. I find it sad that most “killer machinery” always target humans and never Demons; you never see a killer robot, from the future, go attack the Demon Lord.

    1. 魔剣 can mean “magic sword” or “demon sword” (from 魔法 for the latter, and 魔 itself means demon), so idk how they got the idea of a “cursed” sword from the word when 呪 isn’t even present.

    2. Actually, the “rampant magic/science superweapon” killing the bad guys is not all that uncommon. It just usually happens before the scope of the story (ie: before the heroes have to deal with it). Many times, either an evil civilization created it and then it went amok (killing its creators), or a less-evil, good-intentioned civilization created it to take out the bad guys, but it went amok after it finished the job.

  5. Seriously, hands down, best show of the season (and currently the year). A show that is consistently laugh out loud funny and has memorable characters with funny quirks while also having awesome action scenes. The important thing is that even though our characters are dysfunctional, they also have many merits: Darkness truly being an honorable, noble knight; Kazuma having good morals despite his snarkiness and pettiness, just to name a few. I’d argue Aqua probably has more cons than pros, but when she’s portrayed as a “useless goddess”, it’s just so fitting.

    And yes, praise the gods and anime industry for realizing that this show deserves a second season. I’m glad you mentioned Devil is a Part Timer, because that is definitely a show that I was thinking about after watching this.

    Near perfect way to end the first season: with explosions, megumin being awesome, darkness being perverted Saber, Aqua being very useful but whiney, and Kazuma showing off his genre savvy and being a complete boss MC in the way he reacts to everything. And I’d just like to mention Episode 9 still goes down as the funniest ecchi episode I’ve ever seen, it’s hard to top that.

    TLDR: Show is awesome, second season hype. Japan Banzai! Anime Industry Banzai!

    1. To be fair, Aqua has to be as broken as she is, personality-wise, because otherwise she’d be overpowered. She is a friggin’ goddess, after all. If she weren’t holding herself back by how much of an Aqua she is, she woulda already beaten the Maou and been done with it. Her being a ridiculous idiot keeps things going.

      1. He already realizes it. But what’s he going to do? He’s about as much a threat to her as the MC of Dokuro-chan is to his own heavenly problem child. Kazuma’s probably just happy that Aqua is only a psychological bully.

  6. Props to Studio Deen this season. Along with the Rakugo anime, KonoSuba was also another excellent show. This must be some bizarro world or something, to be praising Studio Deen. What a time to be alive.

    Looking forward to S2. Can’t wait for more Darkness and Megumin!

    1. I kee tellin’ y’all, with certain exceptions (KyoAni, SHAFT), it’s not the studio you should be looking at, but the staff. The studio is just the infrastructure; it’s up to the people to use it (or fail to use it) to make good anime.

      1. Not at all. Studio makes everything in some Anime’s look and feel. And budget. Look at log horizon past experience. Same staff but everything changed with Deen. Add little budget, inconsistent source material with little quality from the web novel and you have the recipe for sure failure.

      2. Okay, yes, studio does have an effect, especially when they have a house art style. The system dictates what people are able to do within it to a degree, whether large or small (depending on the system in question). But people highly overrate how much it matters. Most viewers look at the studio and say “Okay, this is a Deen anime, I know what that means,” when at most it might account for 20% of the flavor of what results (and I think that percentage too high in most cases). Staff might only be 30%, but I’d rather people pay attention to that and leave the studio as a tertiary concern, the aforementioned exceptions aside.

    2. Rakugo and KonoSuba are very different shows with very different target groups, but they’re my favorite shows of the season (we’ll see if BokuMachi sticks the landing) – both competently done representations of their respective genre, with consistently good writing, characterization and voice acting.
      Man I hope Rakugo gets a second season, too ;_;

  7. Umm guys, I could’ve sworn there was some character that they never introduced, but was mentioned in the opening. She’s the one with pigtails, a black dress and brown hair with a gold hair-clip. Can someone care to elaborate on who she is???

  8. The MeguWiz Explosion! IT”S COMING!!!!!
    Let’s not forget how Kazuma’s luck works. He get’s in trouble first and then reap the rewards(the bigger the better). DAMN YOU Satou!!!!!

      1. You see? Always read the small letters in the contract, gods and lawyers love to screw people around with little parts in the contract you forget to read or are too freeking tiny to notive it´s even there to begin with.

      2. In Kazuma’s own words, it’s a big wide world out there. So of course he was lucky enough for the coronatite to be warped to one of the very few places that would cause him the most problems.

    1. About about Kazuma’s luck, its just an assumption of what im about say. We know Kazuma has very high luck stat, but we must also take note that Aqua’s luck is at the lowest, worst level possible as mentioned in the first episode. So during the coronatite’s teleportation, Aqua was also present in the scene and most probably Kazuma’s good luck was devastatingly overshadowed by Aqua’s bad luck. And thats why, as a result, he was unfortunate to be arrested byt the army

      1. I don’t know that it has any basis in canon, but the idea of Aqua’s bad luck simply overpowering Kazuma’s good luck is hilarious, and would explain a lot of KonoSuba.

      2. Kazuma’s luck has indeed good consequences for everybody, especially for Aqua.
        Aqua’s bad luck and pit bottom low INT have consequences for Kazuma only, and usually only the poor guy pays the fee.

  9. Thank god I wasn’t the only one who got the Wild Wild West influences, it was the first thing I thought of with that giant spider. Too bad the creator wasn’t in a wheelchair too, now that would have made it all the more hilarious 😛

    Overall Shukufuku was just a fantastic bit of fused satire and slapstick comedy. Every week kept the ridiculous pace going, the jokes never grew stale (not an easy feat mind you), and the weekly events never once became boring. What by far made Shukufuku great, however, was the voice acting. The VAing–by far–is some of the best I’ve heard in a comedy to date and made everything that much better. Those Konosuba breaks for example would not have driven me to tears a lot of the time without the comedic quality of those screams.

    I am incredibly interested to see how the second season pans out (which looks to be a likely Winter 2017 release if the rumour mill is believed) because if the quality matches up to what we got here it’s going to be a real treat. Although I have my nagging doubts how far these fresh RPG jokes can be taken before growing lethargic (largely because no other show has tapped into and done what Shukufuku has so far with this genre), my hope remains high in seeing a wonderful return to explosions, masochism, and goddess-induced debt.

    Also might want to fix that NGNL statement there Stilts, you’ve implied it has a second season when no announcement has been made. Sarcasm or not it got my hopes up 🙁

  10. Kazuma and Aqua’s relationship is one of the few main pairings which I don’t want to turn romantic and are better off staying as (sort of) friends. I don’t know why but a lot of fun comes from watching them bicker and argue with each other before reluctantly helping each other out.

    I won’t mind if he goes after Megumin or Darkness though…

  11. My favorite joke of the episode is probably Darkness going, ‘This fight isn’t over. My nose detects the savory smell of danger, still.’

    She’s like a bloodhound for things that feed her masochism.

  12. Sato Kazuma, living breathing proof that gods just love to mess around with mortals just for amusement! XD

    And I don´t blame them! It´s just so fun to laugh at the misery of poor Kazuma; on the bright side he has comrades that truly care for him, I think…?.

  13. Though it literally went out with a bang (more than one really), I don’t know if it figuratively did for me. Good episode IMO, but not the funniest/best of this first season. That’s not so much a knock on Ep. 10 as it’s a complement to the consistent strength of the show throughout the season. This was easily my favorite show this season, and one of the best comedies (IMO) in quite some time. Maybe not AOTY, but I HAVE to think this easily qualifies for the “Exceeding Expectations” award.

    To borrow from Stilts, if Comet Lucifer was an example of what not to do, then Kono Suba is an example of how to do it right. First, this show (series) knows what it is, knows what it wants to do, and goes about doing just that at a high level. It just WORKED. Yeesh, where do I start? How about execution/attention to detail. Comedy is very dependent upon execution (i.e. how you tell the joke), and the show got it down in spades – from timing to voice acting (which was great) to reaction faces. Very much a sum greater than the parts (and the parts were good to start with). There was a surprisingly high level of attention to detail including a lot of background stuff which added to the humor. I didn’t pay a ton of attention to the BGM, but my recollection is that it was spot-on as well. Even the freaking “Kona suba” eye-catch was entertaining. Unlike a lot of shows, Kona Suba made the most of the time allotted. Very efficient show. Can’t recall any wasted time. DEEN’s taken flak for some other shows, but it deserves credit here.

    The characters on the whole were great. I’m not into the whole S&M thing so Darkness was my least favorite. Still, I can see how others might like her. Importantly, she was not annoying and she did make positive contributions to the show’s comedy efforts. Aqua got burdened constantly carrying the idiot ball (and selfish ball), but she carried them well IMO. She could have easily been an annoying character, but I still ended up liking her quite a bit. Won’t complain about the no-pan fanservice either. 😛 Kazuma stands out among a lot of male anime leads. Not just that he isn’t hax/op, but he’s not an oblivious idiot, super-nice “MC-Jesus” type who forgives all sins and transgressions, or a pompous jackass. As a result, he’s very relatable and likable. He does a great job of playing straight-man, and with this group, someone has to. Then there’s Megumin. Enough said. 😀 Definitely my favorite and I’m not predisposed to loli types. It’s not just the main cast though, Chris/Eris(?), and Wiz were also fine additions. Even the random townsfolk added to the mix, if in a small way.

    In an ideal world, I would have liked a bigger budget, but that being said, I don’t have any real complaints on the visual quality. If I have one major problem with the show it’s that it only lasted 10 episodes. I read some comment about how the anime (understandably given time allotted) cut out a story about Kazuma switching parties with his succubus bar buddies (*succubus bar opens locally when?*) which I have to think would make for a hilarious episode. I hope they do an OVA of that.

    But the show did get a well-deserved second season which is ultimately the most important thing. Can we make Season 2 two-cour? Please?


    @Stilts: Thanks for the coverage. After last season, you earned a good show. 😀

    1. I’m always leery of story bloat, even if I’m sometimes a fan of it too. I like stories that meander a bit. But it can keep them from being tight, so maybe it’s best that we get those goofy side stories in OVAs, where their goofy sideness is taking as assumed.

      Danke! Hopefully I can keep getting lucky with my shows. Or, well, keep getting good luck. Like I said above, getting Comet Lucifer sure is a lot of some kind of luck, it’s just not the type we’re usually hoping for.

      1. @Stilts: I get what you’re saying about story bloat and potentially getting too far off track, but this show was quite episodic (not to mention a comedy rather than some tightly scripted drama), so I don’t think an episode like the one I mentioned would have any detrimental affect or excess bloat. It’ll work as an OVA as well. Just hope they do it since I think it could be really funny. As for next season, best of (good) luck to us all.

      1. I never even consider my coverage until after I’ve edited the season preview. Plus, since we aren’t declaring shows right off the bat anymore, there’s no reason to rush. So I have no idea. Don’t know a damn thing about it outside of the basic premise.

  14. Man that was really enjoyable. Really loved how they sneaked the “yes I’m Kazuma” in all of that and Kazuma expecting a kiss when he got drained was just pure unlucky :(. Aside from that we got more Megumin and Wiz and season 2 confirmed so I’m very happy 🙂 definitely the best part was when we got to see the creator of destroyer and him calling the guy who made the thing is an idiot and he was like wait thats me. I died there. 😛

    Ps i still have hope that hataraku maou sama and ngnl will get season 2. Please anime god make them happen.

    Trap master
  15. https://randomc.net/image/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2025.jpg

    Pfft! There’s just SOMETHING about that expression! XD


    Yes! We must protect the succu-er, I mean, the city from being destroyed! XD

    Kazuma bringing up how annoyingly dense most male MCs seem to be when in his position was definitely one of my personal favorite jokes of the episode.

    And more Wiz and Chris is always welcome!

    1. hey Succubi are citizens of the city, too, so by protecting the city, you protect them…

      the diary of the Destroyer maker made me remember the Machine of Lum the Mad from BG2:Throne of Bhaal

  16. https://randomc.net/image/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2023.jpg

    Old: WTF?! How in the f*ck did they find something that I was just making up on the spot?!

    A minor spoiler to everyone coz I feel like it: This isnt the last time we’ll ever see the old bastard.


    As I said on last week’s episode: Succubus ALWAYS makes anime better…. ALWAYS!

  17. Konosuba has the energy of Zero No Tsukaima without the cringy abuse.

    No spoilers: Regarding the cast:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    No Spoilers: Regarding the story:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Konosuba was a surprise hit for me. I always mildly enjoy random-dude-entered-rpg-world, but without any expectations because something about the show ruins it for me, whether too much focus on game mechanics, awkward cast, too many cliches, to name a few. So I watched Konosuba with rather low expecations.

    Konosuba was turned out to be awesome because it was funny each and every week. The humor was always unexpected. I actually thought they would try to battle the Demon King at some point, but resigned myself around the time Kazuma did. The magic animations were epic and even the serious moments had laugh out loud jokes without breaking the mood. Konosuba was something I looked forward to eagerly every week and I’m thrilled it’s getting a second season. I also read a little of the LN after watching ep. 10, and I would argue that the anime adaptation actually made the source material even funnier, in the way only anime can, via timing of jokes, visuals, etc. The adaptation was excellent and handled skipping around the plot really well.

    Konosuba was my favorite anime of spring season because it was just relaxing, stress-relief each week. Thanks for the coverage Stilts, and Takkun.
    Konosuba for life!

    1. It’s hard to peg how strong Aqua is, exactly. She’s both a comic relief character and the epitome of The Healbot, which skews a lot of the results.

      My rule of thumb is that she’s exactly as powerful as she needs to be to be a trial to poor Kazuma, and no more. She’s almost always USEFUL somehow – whether she’s flooding a town, resurrecting entire squads of adventurers like it ain’t no thing, or acting as a lodestone for undead – but she rarely metes out the finishing blow.

  18. I don’t really know about Kazuma’s LUCK, but it seems that “LUCK” doesn’t have any effect on his daily life or maybe it has the reverse effect as downside for having a really high luck in actual battle (since HE and HIS TEAM are always the ONE taking the blame after), like Megumi’s fainting when casting her OP magic explosion. If it’s the case then he really ought to expect BAD things to always happen to him even after doing the impossible winning a battle of an insane level, poor guy lol. But I think that he’s already pretty LUCKY to have three OP girls in his team; just how OP do you think your team is huh? On every heavy alert invasion where EVERY CLASS, that number may exceed “100”, inside that huge town gather outside to defend the city, ALWAYS your team of “4(incuding Kazuma himself)” is the ONE doing 80% of the job: OP “DPS” Megumi is Nuking, OP “Tank” Darkness is Enduring, OP “Almighty?” is Supporting and OP “MC” Kazuma is plot armoring (really no sarcasm he’s already OP since the day he could learn “every class techniques?”); No wonder that your team already outclasses EVERYONE in that town, and that is already a GREAT LUCK on your part. The only downside of that luck is that even though Kazuma is surrended by those three HOT girls, he seems to treat them more like buddies than potential love interest (especially Aqua), well it’s not really bad in itself and it was somehow broken since that “Nude Bath Incident” with Darkness and that little “Forced to go out of the toilet in the middle of relieving” with Megumi and…there’s nothing with AQUA???Huh? Perhaps in the next season?

    Well, out of my own surprise this anime named “Konosuba” was by far one of my favorite this season and even among any anime-game comedy (actually it’s the first comedy game I saw so it’s the only one). This anime was one of those that didn’t give me much impression at first, but progressively raise my expectation as the episode continue, like PSO2 the animation and Hai To Grimgar (and I REALLY prefer it that way over than the one that made an epic and budget-like entry but regress in every term of work and production with each released episode till the end). This was a really good ending and I’m highly expecting a 2nd season from it, great it was already confirmed. Hope to see your great review on the next season!

    1. The basic Adventurer class can learn skills from every class, but the assumption is that it either cannot learn anything beyond the most basic of skills, or requires more skill points/cannot use them to their full potential/etc.

      Basically, not OP. I’ve played an MMO called Nostale where the starting class had one melee skill, one ranged skill, and the basic spell that mages in that game got. And even after specialising into one of the three basic classes, you find that the classes get a little bit of everything. For example, mages get a couple of ice spells, a few fire spells, some light spells, and even healing spells. Only by changing into a specialised mage class do you get a ton of spells of one particular element, at the expense of losing everything else.

      So yeah, the Adventurer class in this verse is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

      1. You know, I’ve never much bought the “jack of all trades, master of none” line of thinking. That’s an industrial mindset, which granted does hold some water in a combat system that seems to focus so much on specialization, but Kazuma keeps proving that the clever generalist can be just as important as the broken specialists—though his Luck stat does smooth over some of the rough edges. Plus, working with some of those broken specialists is nice too.

    2. Actually I suspect that luck actually an OP stat, remember he one shot mitsurugi(gram sword only a normal weapon in kazuma hand) the same with aqua(she is a goddess so her stat and some of her job skill already maxed) God blow. Too bad they skipped kazuma strategy meeting in this episode cause he actually become commander in that quest

  19. SECOND SEASON!!! Oh man so many things to say on this episode:

    – I really liked this quest because of how much it reminded me of the defense quests in Monster Hunter. Just replace the Dragonator with Wiz and Megumin.

    – Sorry Megumin, but you’re forever branded as the crazy one. You’re still cute though.

    – I really liked where they inserted the opening song. Aqua was really awesoem where it counted. I definitely think Aqua earned her moment in the spotlight right there for that display. Yay for high magic stats. And that screaming face. Sacred Break Spell!

    – That has got to be the first time I saw Darkness get angry, and it was so cute. Though I’ll admit Megumin’s reaction to her nape being touched was even cuter. Lalatina is actually a cute name too.

    – Two explosions are definitely better than one, especially when one of those belongs to the lovely Wiz, delivered with a magic incantation as awesome as the Dragon Slave, especially the “Justice, fallen upon the infallible boundary, appear now as an intangible distortion” part. Not to mention probably one of my favorite lines in the episode courtesy of Wiz: “If I should fail, let’s return to the soil together on good terms.”

    – Go Adventurers! Protect your Succubus Dream Service…I mean protect your town! Really it was funny how all the guys were so dramatic when their motive for protecting their city is so clear, not to mention Kazuma clearly not giving his mansion up without a fight. Whatever the reason, they’re motivated and that’s what counts. Plus it’s all thanks to them misunderstanding Darkness’s masochism for heroism.

    – Even if just for a moment, yay for another appearance of Rookie Succubus! And Chris too!

    – And I thought Aqua was going to need to resurrect Kazuma again after Wiz Drain Touched him. Too bad it wasn’t a kiss.

    – And I also thought there was a deeper reason to why that crackpot created the Destroyer. Guess he just had to and went with the flow, simple as that. It can’t be a coincidence too they got One-Piece’s Brook’s seiyuu to voice him.

    – There were a couple of new faces like that officer handing out Kazuma’s arrest warrant, and the female who was with Keith and Dust. Speaking of faces, it might be just me but the animation looked pretty good this time. I don’t think I saw any distorted faces except maybe for Kazuma’s “I’m screwed” face at the end when he was arrested. Since this was the last episode, they really must have went all out with the budget.

    And really:

    Darkness invoking Saber in that pose. She looks awesome by just standing there.

    1. They cut out a lot of funny stuff in the diary for time sakes. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Deen doesn’t deserve any compliment. Man, they did everything they could to ruin Konosuba too, from chomping episodes here and there, traditional sub par art, cutting chars here and there and more. There are a number of humour the manga added over the good enough novel that Deen did not even bother considering. They stretched episodes while utterly compressing others. They skip entire episodes introducing key chars. No, DEEN did not do a good job at all. it’s just Konosuba was too good that even Deen couldn’t Deenize it at all.
      And I shiver at what could Deen could do to Log Horizon 3. Log Horizon sold so little from the first season, and it was still made good enough. But, luckily, Deen destroyed the second season so utterly there’ll be no chance to possibly revive it.

      1. That’s why there’s going to be an OVA to show the skipped parts, Wiz’s intro and Kazuma’s party switch.

        And they have Rakugo to show that they can animate and tell a good story.

        If anything, Deen was spot on with the voice casting.

  20. Stilts, you mention NGNL not getting a sequel, but I didn’t think it aired so long ago that a sequel for it was out of the question. Surely it’s still possible for them to announce they’ll be making one, isn’t it?

    ISN’T IT?!

    1. It’s always possible, but the more time elapses after a season ends without a sequel announcement, the less likely it is to happen. Doesn’t mean it can’t, but I mark it as less likely. Especially when there’s already enough source material for it, which means the producers are willfully deciding not to greenlight another season, as opposed to not making the decision yet (and possibly forgetting/having better things to fund when the source releases more, ’cause time).

      Don’t confuse the outliers with the rule. It’s certainly still possible, but enough time has passed that I think it increasingly unlikely. For comparison’s sake, Shokugeki no Souma got its second season announcement at around the border between “I think it will still happen” and “I don’t think it’s going to happen”—just when I was beginning to get worried, it was announced. Hataraku and NGNL passed that point already.

      1. It’s always possible, but the more time elapses after a season ends without a sequel announcement, the less likely it is to happen. Doesn’t mean it can’t, but I mark it as less likely. Especially when there’s already enough source material for it, which means the producers are willfully deciding not to greenlight another season, as opposed to not making the decision yet (and possibly forgetting/having better things to fund when the source releases more, ’cause time).

        Don’t confuse the outliers with the rule. It’s certainly still possible, but enough time has passed that I think it increasingly unlikely. For comparison’s sake, Shokugeki no Souma got its second season announcement at around the border between “I think it will still happen” and “I don’t think it’s going to happen”—just when I was beginning to get worried, it was announced. Hataraku and NGNL passed that point already.

        Mentally filtered for the sake of preventing despair and maintaining my sanity…

        mumble mumble mumble a mumble mumble sequel mumble mumble mumble mumble will mumble happen mumble mumble mutter gibberish inaudible.


    2. I don’t think there is such a thing as too late for a sequel as long as the show is well remembered.

      To name a few shows that have been announced recently:
      – Berserk (airing this summer): original run 1997-1998, although there was an OVA in 2012-2013
      – Fullmetal Panic (tba): first series 2002, last 2005
      – Saber Marionette J – The Last Story (tba): first 1996, last 1998-1999
      – Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki Daiyonki (tba): first 1993, last 2003 (I’m only counting the OVA series here, not the various alternative continuity tv series of which the last was Ai Tenchi Muyou in 2014)

      1. I don’t know if the term ‘exception to the rule’ still applies.
        Since a few years ago (spring 2014 was the first time I really noticed it, there had already been some cases before that though), there tends to be at least one, often several anime series based on older works each season.

        Sure, the current season was a bit low on them, with only Nurse Witch Komugi-chan (2002/2005) unless I forget something. However if you go back one season, there was a Hokuto no Ken Parody, another Season of Kindaichi Shounen R, Osumatsu-san, Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen and Young Black Jack (and the first of the new Digimon Adventure movies, although this one only applies to Adventure storyline, which ended in 2001, not to the digimon franchise itself).

        Next season will be a bit of an odd one, since there are again several series based on older works, but most of are second or further seasons of recently revived series. Another season of Sailor Moon Crystal, an anime based on the first Ace Attorney game, another season of Jojo, Macross Delta (it’s been 7 1/2 years since Frontier already, surpringly) and the final season of Ushio to Tora.

        And having a 2-5 year break between seasons, while not totally common, is also not uncommon enough to be called an exception to the rule. Off the top of my head there’s for example Muv-Luv, Working, Kuroshitsuji, Durarara, Yuru Yuri and Minami-ke.

  21. Konosuba, for me, fits in the strange pattern that seems to have developed over the last few years: being the show whose first episode airs near the end of the season, after my schedule is pretty much done, and a show I have no expectations of after reading the (neregate) summary, turning out to be the very best show the whole season has to offer. It happened before with series like Gakkou Gurashi!, and there ya go, Konosuba pulls of the same trick. Hat’s off to you, you little sleeper-hit. This is why I keep checking out the first eps of every series in every season (as tiring as it can be to wade through all the crap).

    Because this is easily my favourite comedy show in the last few years, and it ends (despite its short running time) pretty high up among memorable comedies in general. Watching this insane posse of characters screwing around in this fantasy world never got tiring, and each and every single one of them was endearing in their own way (even the minor ones, like the idiot engineer this episode, add so much flavor to this world). It was really a cast you grew to love as they went on their little adventures (Megumin still best girl of the season) and the top-notch voice acting only strengthened that (Megumin’s VA took home the best newbie seiyuu award for a reason). And damn if it doesn’t have one of the most calming ED’s I’ve seen in a long time.

    The actual comedy was top-notch as well. The timing was consistently great, and I really liked how much variety in it there was too. You’ve got the spot-on parody aspects (Mitsurugi), Kazuma’s constant snark, the schadenfreude at seeing idiots like Aqua suffer, the quirkiness of people like Megumin and Darkness (where the comedy comes from the characters just being themselves) and the constant subverting of expectations (due to genre-saviness). It’s rare when a show can get me doubled over from laughing, but Konosuba pulled it off in a consistent fashion. The sheer joy that it brought me every week easily overshadows stuff like the odd joke that misfired and the cheap animation. I don’t care, AOTS for me, easily.

    And we’re actually getting a second season, yay! Because I am so not done with these characters yet. I wish it wasn’t as rare as it was (comedies rarely get sequels, it seems) but I’m glad it happened regardless. At least HataMaou and No Game No Life got the LN’s in English as a patch for the wound – Outbreak Company wasn’t so lucky 🙁 . Ah well, guess I can add a new show to my ‘eagerly-awaited-sequels-list’. Shine one, Konosuba, you crazy diamond.

    1. It’s all about expectations. The expected good show that turns out to be good is just according to plan, but the one you have no expectations for is a surprise delight. S’why it’s best to try to go in with as few expectations as possible, while not keeping them so low that you don’t feel like watching a show which might be good.

      Temper optimism with cynicism, and cynicism with optimism. That’s the ticket.

    2. ED is my favourite of the season, and probably of the past year. It isn’t very common that I really like seiyuu-sung songs, as not all voice actresses sing well but if they’re voicing one of the main characters then they have to join in. But this was a good song, sung well and matched with appealing visuals. I especially like the overview of the town with all the clotheslines strung out across the street with the river sparkling in the background that appears just as the additional instruments all begin to play. This show was a lot of fun.

  22. “Wait, why are they playing the opening theme over this scene… no… nonononono… *googling* NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

    I seriously HATE when a show springs a finale at 10 episodes. Whats the deal with 10 episode series anyway? What fills in the time slot until next season starts? They skipped a bunch of stuff, probably enough to fill another two episodes so it’s not like they didn’t have material to work with.

    1. I was actually surprised it was only ten episodes, I admit I didn’t pay much attention to the episode count prior to this show airing and just assumed it would be 12/13 like most other shows. DEEN did redeem themselves giving it a second season so soon though.

    2. I told y’all a few times that it was only 10 episodes. Though maybe it was only in the comments, now that I think about it.

      Me, I count my blessings. They did a damn good job with 10 episodes, and we’re getting another season, so even if a few things were left out, that’s all right. Getting the extra 2-3 episodes might have resulted in no second season, so I’m happy with what we got. Plus, there’s still an OVA on the way.

  23. Why is KonoSuba getting a sequel while others aren’t? It might make sense if we think of anime as promotions for their source material.

    The KonoSuba anime appears to have been a very effective advertisement for its light novel series. The LN series launched in 2013 and has done OK (I guess?) with 8 volumes plus a couple spin-offs published – but hasn’t ever appeared in any of the “top 20” yearly sales lists. At the beginning of the year, KonoSuba Vol 1 had sold around 46,941 copies. (NGNL Vol 7 sold 156,331 in 2015 for comparison.) But as of last week, it’s up to 122,313, which is rather fantastic for a backlist title. In fact all 8 of its volumes were in the top 20 last week and the entire series sold 52,476 copies, according to a MAL thread “Japan’s Weekly Light Novel Rankings for Mar 7 – 13”. Maybe Kadokawa think another season would maintain excitement and push the series up to NGNL or Hataraku Maou-sama! levels of popularity? The fact that the anime looks set to sell well enough to more than recoup its costs certainly doesn’t hurt either.

    On the other hand, NGNL and Hataraku Maou-sama! are already well established popular series. Pure speculation here, but perhaps their publishers don’t think more anime seasons would increase sales enough to justify the opportunity cost of producing them?

      1. Oh and Japan has had the same curse as US, reality shows. Anime and regular Japanese shows have suffered hard in past years just like regular shows and soaps suffered in US. As reality shows lose steam in US we getting a wave of very well written show, shows over all way better than before the reality wave borrowing off of how HBO, and other cable shows showed that audiences want good stuff.

    1. @dbm

      That’s what I posit in my reply to a comment below. The producers wanted to sell LNs, they sold LNs with the others, but they don’t think they’ll get more of a boost through another anime series. So no NGNL or Hataraku sequels. With this one, I guess they think there’s more money to be made.

      Alternately, Deen might be pushing for it as well, and if they both think this is the best use of their time, they’re game.


      Crowdfunding is spectacularly ill-suited to anime. Each episode is just too damn expensive. Traditional funding vehicles are superior to crowdfunding in this instance. Something along the Netfix model would be phenomenal, though.

  24. Yeah I just marathon’ed the entire series over 2 days. Just watched it finally out of curiosity and couldnt stop laughing. Was sad it ended at episode 10. Was crazy funny and good although it follows the familiar harem patterns (since its in that genre). I personally usually hate harem type things but this was very well crafted I must say. Not surprised it got green lit over No Game No Life myself (I really like NGNL though but this felt better).

  25. The anime was superb. The source material was great, but to see them moving around made me want to get back to reading now.

    The cast were the real MVP, from the main 4 that held their own by feeding of each other’s antics (usually, Darkness’ quirks would’ve irritated me most of the time. But with Kazuma’s on-point straight-man comments, it all blends into good holes.). And the variety of supporting characters, both good and bad guys, made the show flavorful and interesting every episode.

    I’m glad 2nd season is greenlit, and I’m with Stilts with the comments about Hataraku and NGNL. They were great shows, compared to Illya’s show, but it’s a wonder why they didn’t get another season even with the good reception from viewers and fans. Why did Mondaiji still hasn’t been greenlit for a 2nd season, but Mushishi of all things has multiple ones.

    1. To be fair, Mushishi is in the same boat as Prisma Illya for me, where I like it and am glad it’s gotten all the sequels it has, but I’m completely mystified by it. Mushishi makes sense as a labor of love, because it’s the kind of anime that artists want to create (and it also doesn’t involve too much expensive action), but it still boggles the mind how it ever got the funding. Not that I’m complaining.

  26. I am curious, what are your thoughts on why NGNL and Hataraku haven’t gotten a second season? You said they were successful, so I was wondering why they aren’t doing those.

    1. LN series are often given anime specifically to sell more of the LNs. They’re advertisement, not storytelling vehicles in their own right. Any money they make off the BD/DVD sales is nice, but I understand that’s more to the studio’s benefit as opposed to the producers. For the producers, on the other hand, they get the profits from those boosted sales … and there’s often a much bigger boost effect on a season one of a NEW LN/manga series as opposed to a season two of one that’s already had an anime. Or that’s the hope.

      It also comes down to hope. You can expect a sequel to sell slightly less than the previous season. That’s pretty standard. Some series, like Kyoukaisen, are notoriously sticky, and only went down 2% in sales between seasons, but for most other ones, it’s more like 10-20%. So you know what you’re getting. On the other hand, a new series could be the one where lightning strikes and you get the next cash cow (Shingeki no Kyojin, etc). And that hope will keep producers greenlighting new series as opposed to finishing the old ones—especially when most LN and manga series go on for far too long, so there’s little chance of ever actually finishing them.

      For NGNL and Hataraku, they were probably made to sell more LN copies. They did that, so mission accomplished. And the publisher will keep some of those higher sales (a higher sale volume becomes the new normal, even if it still peters out with each sequel a bit), and may not improve them much through more advertising (another anime), so they’re satisfied. Off to roll the dice again.

      They may jog demand later on, if they feel they can benefit enough from it. Or the studio might even push to do it because of good BD/DVD sales. But it’s far from certain, and quality of the adaptation doesn’t have much to do with it.

      Oh, and they have to worry about production schedules and getting staff/cast back, etc. There are tons of complications.

      1. How does that mesh with those shonen shows that go forever? Naruto and Bleach and One Piece and all that, they all have like 8-12 seasons.

        Gintama too, although that show seems riddled with issues, much as I love it.

      2. Couldn’t tell you. They must be making money on them somehow, but I’m not familiar with the DVD/BD sales, whether they help manga sales, or what. (Bleach excluded obviously, since that shit got cut.) I don’t watch ’em, so I don’t pay much attention to ’em.

      3. Naruto, One Piece and such stuff goes for selling merchandise for kids. The more they stay online, the more toys, backpack diaries and carnival costumes they can sell.

      4. Thank you for the thorough answer. And wow, how unfortunate that that’s why we don’t get continuations of good shows. Woulda sucked if we only got one season of game thrones just to boost book sales.

  27. Just got done skimming through the LN and…it looks like the good parts all end here….well, for me, it ended in the episode with the flying cabbages. From this point forward in the LN, you can definitely feel the Gary Sue writing of Kazuma coming out. He’s gone from being a reactive straightman to a full blown asshole for the sake of being an asshole, and not in a good way. You can tell the author is venting his personal frustration at the real world thru his writing of the story.

    1. I dunno about the good stuff ending here, but be careful when intuiting things about the author through their writing. I’ve had people accuse me of some pretty crazy stuff that wasn’t true.

      A light example: Because of one character’s frustration with their job in my first novel, a reader assumed that I hadn’t all jobs. Uh, no. Not at all. That character just hated that one job. They’d be right in saying I have a bias toward being my own boss, at least in part, but that’s not the same.

      The characters in my books also fight and kill a lot. That doesn’t mean I’m in favor of that. I tend to be quite the dove, and never get into fights.

      Turns out that authors ≠ their stories. Their stories = their stories. That doesn’t feel as cool and revelatory, but it has the benefit of being more likely to be true.

  28. I was totally cheering when I saw the second season confirmation. I hope the OVAs also cover the time skips/characters that showed up out of no where. Overall, KonoSuba was the most enjoyable comedy anime this season for me and certainly falls on my list of favorite comedy animes. Studio Deen, you have redeemed yourselves with this series. Please keep up the standards. The BD for this series will be an instant buy for me.

  29. Things that I really like about this anime:

    -Familiar faces of background characters from Episode 1
    -MOE-fied Lich
    -Well-balanced personalities of 4 main characters(a very sensible male protagonist, an idiot goddess, a noble masochistic crusader, and a chunni arch wizard with explosion fetish)
    -An OP Harem MC getting OWNED!
    -No “Tsundere” character. Though I don’t dislike those, feels somewhat refreshing
    -Satou Kazuma is THE MAN!
    -Humor is well-timed and memorable

    anything else? Please add up.

    This is all I can think of, I’m pretty sure you guys

    1. I also hope that means we’ll get more episodes for season 2. Those sales are incredible considering its only been out for 4 days now. I suspect next week it’ll probably break 10k sold.

  30. Seeing this get an announcement for a second season really makes me feel a bit happy about the anime industry. I didn’t even jump onto the bandwagon till episode three because of the absolutely terrible sell the premise was. It didn’t help that I already had another anime where the characters are displaced into another world and in that the art looked fantastic.

    So after watching episode three I found myself desperate for more but I held back on reading since it could very easily go downhill. After the first arcs completion and we got to the glorious Eris all doubts vanished from my mind and I regret nothing.

    It’s a witty series which doesn’t take itself seriously and has some of the most entertaining character interactions that I’ve experienced. With a second season coming up we can expect even more of this in the future and if the pace stays the same we won’t be missing out on that much of what makes this series so enjoyable to me.

    The titles themselves are references to certain things that us readers can definitely pick out a few that we can recognize. Some small additions to my happy meter even before starting up the volume is always nice. I get all but one of the following so if anyone feels like enlightening me on the “Let’s go” one I’d appreciate it =D

    Ah! My Useless Goddess! (Aa, damegami-sama)
    Even with Chuunibyou I want to be a witch.(Chuunibyou demo majo ga shitai)
    They are calling for you, Darkness-san!(Yondemasu yo, Darkness-san!)
    The Useless Quartet(Namakura Quartet)
    Let’s go, Crimson Magic of Explosion!(Bakuretsu kouma ni Let’s & Go!!)
    Princess of the Six Flowers(Rokka no Oujo)
    110 Million Brides(Okkusenman no hanayome)

    Damn, this went on for way longer than I had expected.


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