Happy new year, and welcome to week 8 of “Up to Snuff*”. We wrap up the season as we began it – with Gridman and Golden Kamuy dominating the series rankings. Since both those series are complete (for now) the deck is going to be forcefully scrambled – which Winter series will seize our crack(ed) staff by the scruff of the neck and say “Vote for me!”? Or will a holdover like Tensura fight for the honor of Fall?

Given that the O-shogatsu period is largely an anime lull here in Japan, Up to Snuff will be taking a week off and returning to kick off Winter in two weeks. We may tweak the format a bit – new questions, new categories – but the feature has been a big hit and we appreciate your support. I look forward to seeing how writer opinion forms and shifts from the beginning of a season. See you in two weeks!

Without further ado, here are Fall’s final results:

* Name subject to change


Weekly Staff Poll

SSSS.Gridman – 17 (1 first-place vote)
Golden Kamuy – 14 points (2)
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai – 14 (1)
Zombieland Saga – 5 (1)
Release the Spyce – 5 (1)


A very special RC Hidden Gem: Xumbra

I wanted to close this season by talking about someone who really was a hidden gem – Xumbra. He’s been the power behind-the-scenes of Random Curiosity for years – handling the myriad back-end issues that demand attention in keeping the site alive – and he’s moving on to new challenges. He was also the producer of our much-mourned RC podcasts (and even an occasional participant, if you listened closely enough). Like the site itself those would have been impossible without Xum’s hard work. He’s been a great colleague and a great friend, and despite his love of cages he’ll be sorely missed by everyone here at RC. Thanks for everything, Xumbra – and welcome to the team, Pictor!


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