「参戦!てんこうせい」 (Sansen! Ten Kousei)
“Join the Fight! Transfer Student”

Best sit down and grab that popcorn boys and girls, because everyone’s favourite isekai crossover is back for more. Isekai Quartet 2 is arguably one of the more pleasant isekai sequel surprises of late, and while you’ll know more or less where you stand on it after the first season (you did watch it right? Good), there’s no denying this one will be a blast. After all, that quartet just became a quintet.

Considering Isekai Quartet relies entirely on one’s familiarity with the franchises and characters involved, I’ll dispense with the usual introductions and just say this season has so far stuck to the expected—and hilarious. Konosuba’s Aqua continues her crossover trend of becoming the world’s greatest goddess punching bag for all involved (oh that crying, glorious), while Overlord’s Ainz remains as beloved—and feared—as ever before (though I think love is starting to outweigh all in the grand scheme of things). Re:Zero’s Subaru is as Subaru does, and Darkness, well, should need no further introduction. It’s like nothing has changed, and damn am I happy about it.

The big shift of course is the introduction of Shield Hero’s trio of Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo, although given this episode’s introductory nature we never really saw what they’re capable of so far. Naofumi’s (non-)entrance may have been a blast alongside Filo indulging in her hobby, but adding these three in is likely to dilute the other relations and pairings built up last season, particularly with Naofumi and assumedly Raphtalia as part of the second class and the accompanying focus on it—and that’s before touching on the other franchise(s) supposedly waiting for their own introductions. Isekai Quartet has really added on the developmental workload for a ~13 minute short, although I’m going to remain firmly optimistic until we see what comedy plans are in store for our new arrivals. Considering Chomusuke is joining the party class to hopefully yield some more Megumin shenanigans, I don’t think that’s a bad idea in the slightest.

While I’m unlikely to cover this one further (shorts and comedy never really leave much to talk about), without a doubt I’m watching Isekai Quartet through to the end. It’s cute, it’s crazy, and with new characters to look forward to, you can be assured it’ll top the first season in more than one way.


  1. I’ve waited for this moment ever since Season 2 was announced. (And this moment, too…)

    Hopefully, Chomusuke appearing means that Wiz isn’t far behind.

    So who’s this other butler? (I’m only familiar with Overlord‘s Sebas Tian.) Is he from Re:Zero? (Incidentally, the only show in this crossover I’ve yet to watch–though there’s the currently airing Shin Henshuu-ban for that.)

    Other thoughts:
    – As much as I like Sora Amamiya as hot meganekko scientist Ayame (this season’s RikeKoi), or the buxom Illustrious (last season’s Azur Lane), I still find her role as (useless goddess) Aqua the most entertaining.
    – LOL at Subaru acting as another tsukkomi to Aqua.
    – Love how Kazuma’s the most genre savvy of the bunch in that scene with Raphtalia. Speaking of her…
    – If Naofumi’s party are actually part of Class 1, does this mean Raphtalia and CZ Delta are classmates? (Basically, Asami Seto talking to herself.)
    – Can’t wait to see the proper opening sequence for this season. Hope Naofumi and company are also in it.
    – Also looking forward to the English-dubbed version.

    1. “Basically Asami Seto talking to herself”
      I doubt they would have any conversations with each other. Just take the other example of Megumin and Emilia (Both are Takahashi Rie) last season

        1. @Maou: To be fair, Mare may have infused the ball with a bit of magic energy thanks to that magical staff of his (phrasing aside…) that he used as a bat. Said staff is also a Divine Item, which is already considered powerful (though not as game-breaking as Ainz) by Overlord standards.

          EDIT: May have effed up on the replies… Last one was for Atsu.

      1. Still would be funny to see the two together at least. Also, how Asami Seto voices Raphtalia and CZ Delta are as different as night and day, so it would make for a nice contrast if a seiyuu joke is on the way.

        And speaking of more potential seiyuu jokes, if Naofumi talks to Visha, wouldn’t her voice remind him of Therese Alexandrite? (Saori Hayami)

      1. Ah, good old trait connection… (Also confirmed via ANN’s own review.)

        I did like Sebas’ character in Overlord, so hopefully that would ease me into knowing more about Wilhelm in the “Director’s Cut” rebroadcast/re-run of Re:Zero Season 1.

  2. I’m really surprised that they haven’t produced a KonoSuba Season 3. It was hugely successful in terms of physical media, selling double if not triple most shows which have had sequels since and yet we get nothing. I wonder what the hold up is?

    Saying that I can think of plenty of anime shows which have been hugely popular at retail but haven’t had a single sequel meh. The politics behind these decisions really sucks because its clearly not for the fans.

    1. But back ontopic, I like in this series how with Ainz Ooal Gown we see more behind the guy(By the way he acts) with the scary looking avatar lol. I mean in Overlord he’s all serious and stuff except for the odd occasion when his guardians, especially Demiurge surprise him with some of the stuff coming out of his mouth or Albedos advances. Its easy to forget that there’s just a regular guy behind all that.

  3. That was fun. Poor Aqua. Those fools, who know only darkness.

    While I chuckled multiple times, I actually laughed when Raphtalia made her entrance wailing her master’s name. The comedy and satire is identical to the grim drama.

    On the subject of her seiyuu, I do like how she voices Raphtalia. In some of her roles, I hear too much of Chihaya. That’s not the case here.

  4. Wait, isn’t Kazuma technically considered a “hero”, too? I mean, he was reincarnated by a (useless) goddess to kill the demon lord…?

    This episode was also a reminder Aqua’s actually quite OP (against the undead)– is she a goddess or something?

    Really hope Seiya, the Cautious Hero, will somehow make an appearance. Him vs the strategist Ainz will be hilarious to watch.


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