Michiko to Hatchin – 07


Michiko and Hatchin arrive by boat in a small town while her bike needs to be serviced, and check in at an old hotel. A man falls asleep on Michiko’s shoulder while she’s waiting, so she bumps him over to wake up. He seems pretty relaxed as he rolls some tobacco into a cigarette, and Michiko actually appears flustered for once as he catches her looking in his direction.

Kuroshitsuji – 09


Back at home in the countryside mansion, Sebastian is cleaning the house alone while being spied on by Ciel’s last resort group of servants. They are trying to take a picture of Sebastian with a special camera, but find themselves in complete awe of how quickly and perfectly he performs his duties instead, without one decent picture to show for the entire escapade.

Vampire Knight Guilty – 08


Up on the rooftop after Yuki faints into Kaname’s arms, Zero asks Kaname what Yuki meant by confessing they are siblings after all this time has passed without ever knowing about it. Kaname only replies that Yuki is 100% Kuran pureblood, and even a low status vampire like Zero should be able to sense it. As Kaname carries her back to his room, Yuki dreams about her past memories that have finally become unlocked.