3-gatsu no Lion – 08

「Chapter.15 将棋おしえて / Chapter.16 面影 / Chapter.17 遠雷1」 (Chapter.15 Shougi Oshiete / Chapter.16 Omokage / Chapter.17 Enrai 1)
“Chapter 15 Teach Me How to Play Shogi / Chapter 16 Image / Chapter 17 Distant Thunder 1”

Just like real life, it constantly feels like Rei is taking one step forward and then two back. At least this week felt like it was only about one and a half instead of an entire two.

3-gatsu no Lion – 07

「Chapter.13 神さまの子供(その③) / Chapter.14 大切なもの。大切なこと。/ Chapter.15 将棋おしえて」 (Chapter.13 Kami-sama no Kodomo (Sono (3)) / Chapter.14 Taisetsunamono. Taisetsunakoto / Chapter.15 Shougi Oshiete ()
“Chapter 13 Child of God Part 3 / Chapter 14 Important Things. Important Matters / Chapter 15 Teach Me How To Play Shogi”

It’s hard to describe exactly how I felt, but I was in tears when a little bit of color finally entered Rei’s life.

3-gatsu no Lion – 05

「Chapter.9 契約 / Chapter.10 カッコーの巣の上で」 (Chapter.9 Keiyaku / Chapter.10 Kakkoo no Su no Uede)
“Chapter 9 Agreement / Chapter 10 Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

This week’s episode was something I’ve been dying to see. We finally get a glimpse into the specifics behind Rei’s situation and just what happened to make him the person he is today.