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D.Gray-man – 36

Allen and Lenalee are riding on a train through the countryside when it suddenly stops because of a carriage in the middle of the tracks.

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D.Gray-man – 35

Lenalee’s orders from Komui are to head to Spain to join up with Allen in searching for Cross, but Gozu to go to a border town to help a different Exorcist search for General Sokaro.

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D.Gray-man – 34

Inside the cabin in the woods, Kanda finds Gozu bound and gagged with Sophia’s father standing over him.

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Random Musings – D.Gray-man Manga And Gurren Lagann News Edition

  • I finally got caught up on the D.Gray-man manga last night after sitting down and reading seven volumes worth of material, all the way to the most recent chapter. Given how generally disappointed I’ve felt with the anime up until this point, I was curious to see what else the manga had to offer since I had previously stopped reading at a point right after the first Krory arc. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with how action-packed and fast-paced the manga was, and it turned out to be a lot darker and bloodier than I thought it’d be. Everything else I have to say about it I’m going to put in spoilers:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I really would love to see a good animated adaptation of the manga, but I have my doubts if the current anime is ever going to get there, and even if it does, the question remains if there will be too much edited out in terms of violence or religious imagery. Anyway, I’m going to give the anime four or five more episodes to see if there are any signs they’ll be returning to the manga story, and if it doesn’t look promising, then there’s a good chance I’ll be dropping the show by the end of this season.

  • In Gurren Lagann news, there was a GAINAX Gurren Lagann panel held at the Fanime convention in San Jose, California this past weekend featuring Yamaga Hiroyuki, one of the people responsible for planning the show and current president of GAINAX. You can read a full report here, but the interesting stuff included:
    -Drills were chosen because boys like drills in Japan.
    -Because of the negative reaction to episode four, they won’t be trying stylistic changes like that again.
    -Episode six was edited because it was airing early in the morning in Japan. The DVD will have the full version, which might feature what they originally had in mind: Kamina peeking at the girls in the hot springs.
    -The reason humans live underground will be explained in episode 16.
    -They are currently up to recording episode 21.
    -Yoko may or may not be 14 years old, but time underground may be measured differently.
  • Also, the official site has updated with their romanizations for the new bad guys: Adiane, Cytomander, Guame, and Lordgenome. Given that last name and focus on genetics, maybe we should be calling him the Helix King instead of the Spiral King. The Japanese word rasen can be translated both ways.
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    D.Gray-man – 33

    Kanda is on a mission to find a general, and his search brings in the direction of a village called Dankern.

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    D.Gray-man – 32

    Stranded in town waiting for the next ship to come in, Allen learns that some of the ships have sunk in the area.

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    D.Gray-man – 31

    Still trying to reach the Black Order headquarters after all this time, Miranda continues to meet with misfortune when she gets her wallet stolen by a thief.

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    D.Gray-man – 30

    Having just come from the battle in town, Allen and Lenalee find Barba crying in front of the hospital because Lenny died.

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    D.Gray-man – 29

    Excited to be back in beautiful England with Lenalee, Allen gets stopped on his way to visit a person named Mother by a man named Richard trying to sell shoes.

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    D.Gray-man – 28

    Excited to be on his first mission, Krory is joined by Lavi and Bookman in investigating a case of disappearing villagers.

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    D.Gray-man – 27

    As they ride through the night in a carriage, Komui explains to Allen and the others that the Millennium Earl probably thinks that the Heart resides inside a particularly strong Innocence-compatible person.

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    D.Gray-man – 26


    At Black Order headquarters, Komui receives a phone call from Kanda reporting what the Millennium Earl had said.

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    D.Gray-man – 25

    With Krory still getting used to living and eating at the Black Order, Allen is sent on a mission to deliver a suitcase to General Yeegar in Holland.

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    D.Gray-man – 24

    Having been kicked out of his own village for being a monster, Krory joins Allen and Lavi on the journey back to the Black Order headquarters.

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    D.Gray-man – 23

    Krory recounts that all of the things in the castle were collected by his grandfather, including some prized ancient plants.

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