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Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – 02

「来たるべきもの」 (Kitarubeki Mono)
“What Must Come”

If it wasn’t already bad enough that people are having difficulties trying to remember what happened back during seasons one and two, these two concurrent stories aren’t making things any easier.

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Chihayafuru – 03

「ふれるしらゆき」 (Fureru Shirayuki)
“From the Crystal White Snow”

Am I reading too much into the fact that Chihaya was wearing a “Let’s GO!” T-shirt when she and the boys visited a Go Karuta salon for the first time?

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Mirai Nikki – 02

「契約条件」 (Keiyaku Jouken)
“Contract Conditions”

You may have figured this out already, but Mirai Nikki probably isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for something to restore your faith in humanity.

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Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 04

「Englishじゃなイカ!?/止めなイカ!?/流れなイカ!?」 (English Janai ka!? / Tomenai ka!? / Nagarenai ka!?)
“Isn’t That English!? / Won’t You Stop!? / Isn’t It Washing Away!?”

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 02

「電脳世界は神様が居ない(゜Д゜)」 (Dennou Sekai wa Kami-sama ga Inai (゜Д゜))
“There is no God in an Electronic World”

Without skipping a beat, things picked up exactly where they left off last time — Sena and Yozora ready to rip each other’s head off. This time, instead of going after each other in the real world their hate spreads into 2D land.

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