Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Ace of Diamond
8:30 TX (10/6)
Gundam Build Fighters
18:00 TX (10/7)
Tokyo Ravens
24:30 MX (10/8)
21:00 AT-X (10/2)
Nagi no Asukara
22:00 MX (10/3)
Freezing Vibration
21:30 AT-X (10/4)
Log Horizon
17:30 NHK-eTele (10/5)
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
17:00 TBS/MBS (10/6)
Unbreakable Machine-doll
20:30 AT-X (10/7)
25:29 NTV (10/2)
Kyoukai no Kanata
24:30 MX (10/2)
Galilei Donna
24:50 CX (10/10)
Strike the Blood
23:30 AT-X (10/4)
Little Busters! ~Refrain~
20:30 AT-X (10/5)
Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (Season 3)
17:30 NHK-eTele (10/6)
23:30 AT-X (9/16)
25:30 MX (10/8)
25:30 MX (10/2)
Samurai Flamenco
25:20 CX (10/10)
Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsui Shimashita.
25:30 MX (10/4)
Monogatari Series: Second Season
24:00 MX (7/6)
Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!
20:30 AT-X (10/6)
Yowamushi Pedal
25:35 TX (10/7)
Miss Monochrome The Animation
25:35 TX (10/1)
Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Lovecome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru
25:50 MX (10/9)
Outbreak Company
25:28 MX (10/3)
Super Seisyun Brothers
25:53 TX (9/13)
25:30 MX (10/5)
Teekyuu Season 3
22:27 MX (10/6)
Non Non Biyori
26:05 TX (10/7)
Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season
25:35 MBS (10/10)
Hajime no Ippo Rising
25:35 NTV (10/5)
Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~
23:30 MX (10/6)
Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio ~Ars Nova~
26:55 MBS (10/7)
IS: Infinite Stratos 2
25:58 TBS (10/3)
Kuroko no Basuke 2
25:58 MBS (10/5)
24:00 MX (10/6)
Kill la Kill
26:05 MBS (10/3)
Tesagure! Bukatsumono
26:20 NTV (10/5)
Walkure Romanze
24:30 MX (10/6)
Golden Time
26:35 MBS (10/3)
25:05 TX (10/6)
Legend: 1 2 3 1 2
3 1 1 2 Not covering


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Weekly Shounen Jump
Weekly Shounen Jump
Legend: 1 1 Not covering

You’ve seen the fall preview, so now it’s time to tell you what we plan to cover for the coming season. This is Random Curiosity’s Fall 2013 blogging schedule.

As always, this is a tentative overview of our plans for the new season. We’ll also be doing introductory posts on many of the shows we’re not covering, so if something catches our eyes, things will be shifted around to accommodate. The schedule will be updated to reflect any changes.

The first thing you may notice is HOLY HECK BUSY THURSDAYS! Seriously, Thursdays are going to be a great day for anime this season, and super busy for the RandomC front page, so be sure to check back in frequently to see what new posts have popped up.

Next, in our ongoing quest to keep you guys as up to date on RandomC happenings as possible, we thought we’d tell you about something that has been kicking around the interwebs for a while now – the official Random Curiosity twitter account, @RandomC_Blog! Here you’ll be able to find:

  1. Automatic alerts whenever a new post goes out.
  2. Messages from the writers if any posts are going to be published later than normal.
  3. Messages from our system and/or tech people if the site is experiencing any technical problems.

Follow us or bookmark @RandomC_Blog if you’d like the most up-to-date news on Random Curiosity.

Following from last season, we’re still trying to put an emphasis on consistency, so whenever there’s a show that’s going to be consistently posted outside of our as-fast-as-we-can-get-it-out-there timeframe, we’ll make mention of it here.

  • Due to RL priorities Zephyr is going to be busy during the weekdays, so expect Kill la Kill to occasionally be posted as late as Saturday night EDT.

That’s all I’ve got for now, gentleman and gentleladies. Those are our plans for fall 2013. I hope you’ll continue reading our posts as we bring this year to a close.

9/25: Surprise surprise! Hunter x Hunter has moved to a new Tuesday night time slot. Thanks for the catch, readers.
10/14: Magical fantasy, interdimensional politics, and a moe meido and tsundere loli? I can’t help myself; Stilts will be covering Outbreak Company. Look at those Thursdays–c-c-c-combo!
10/19: I don’t have a clever comment for this one. It’s a sci-fi show, and Zephy is involved. Expected to the point of cliche? Maybe. But hey, explosions! Zephyr will now be blogging Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio ~Ars Nova~.
10/23: Due to various reasons, Zephyr has dropped coverage of Coppelion.
10/25: Due to a wonderful (but time-consuming) new RL opportunity, Seishun’s blogging time has been seriously curtailed. His coverage of the One Piece and FAIRY TAIL manga will stop, effective immediately.
10/26: M! Zephyr is an M because he can’t blog less than three shows! Zephyr has picked up coverage of Strike the Blood.


    1. There’s always a chance we’ll pick up more shows later on if something catches our interest. That said, we’d prefer to blog fewer shows well than blog more shows shoddily. This could very well end up being the final list.

      1. However, if we use history as our guide for every season since Spring 2012, we’ll most likely see some shifts thanks to changes of heart. After all, we wouldn’t be random if there wasn’t some shuffling around eh? :3

    2. You never know what might happen. I like to leave one hand free when the season starts, because surprises can crop up anytime. I wasn’t scheduled to cover Watamote this season, for example – but after the premiere I knew I had to.

      The other factor is simple volume – this season has a huge schedule of shows. Most of them aren’t going to be classics, but there are so many that inevitably, many are going to slip between the cracks.

      1. There’s also the fact that you guys are bloggers either with jobs and/or in university doing this in your free time. It’s not like we pay you, people shouldn’t complain about how much you all post when every post is a free gift.

    3. I’ve noticed in the past several seasons that the list looks rather bare when they first post it, but it fills out after a bit of time goes by once the bloggers get a better grasp of what’s airing when, their personal schedules in relation to that, and have seen early episodes which catch their attention more than they expected from previews. I’m pretty sure there will be more color on this list before all is said and done.

    1. Man I had a few season where I did 20+, good luck with that. I have 8 must watch this season and I feel it’s a bit much, considering you never know what you might pick up after giving the lot of them a try. could be 1 or many more on top.

  1. I’m surprised Seishun isn’t going to cover Freezing Vibration and Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai (more so the former since Divine’s coverage would in a sense be continued) Hopefully the first episode of each gives him some motivation! 😀

    1. I would have loved to make time for Freezing – I love the manga and there are so many great onee sama’s =3
      Unfortunately, I have a lot on my plate at the moment so I won’t be able to commit to blogging two shows this coming season – sorry about that =X

    1. We’ve had it for a while, we just never bothered to promote it since we just had it on autopilot. Now that we’re going to be using it for at least a few other things, we thought we’d tell you all.

  2. my schedule:
    sunday; yozakura quartet
    monday:arpeggio of the blue steel
    tuesday:tokyo ravens?/blazblue?
    thursday:infinite stratos, kakumeiki valvrave, nagi no asukara?,kill-la-kill?,golden time?
    saturday:log horizon?
    shows marked with question are optional and subject to evaluation, but I feel like thursday is gonna be a season in itself…
    all in all between 6 and 11 shows to watch – goodbye blue sky! (sinks into Watamote mode)

  3. nice!
    weekends gonna be busy as usual this season.
    no cover for Ippo, Daiya no Ace, Kyousougiga and strike the blood…=\
    well it still seems to me like you chose some of the big guns this season: KLK, KNK, refrain, nagi no askura.

  4. White Album 2 Introductory Chapter rating on VNDB
    White Album 2 Closing Chapter rating on VNDB
    Watching this : No one yet
    I still hope RC will at least notice this series a bit more, since closing chapter is #2 for untranslated VN in VNDB (#11 total) and if I’m not mistaken it’s at the top 3 of all time VN on erogamescape (if not at #1, kinda forgot about this).

    While I know that Satelight is not a really promising studio, looking at the source material alone this kind of expectation is basically in the same level of giving low expectation for Clannad adaptation (which is ranked below WA2~CC~ at erogamescape). We can’t even compare them with White Album 1, since WA1 rated far below the introductory chapter (don’t even compare it to the closing chapter).

    I’m suspecting it will be relatively unheard in the west, especially since I suspect the beginning would be too slow to attract any hype… Well, I guess I can only say “See you at the first episode impression post”.

    1. Some more info :
      IC is linear and only lasts about 8 hours and the overall length of WA2 is about 50 hours. You can consider it a prologue of the whole series. From the trailer, it may not look anything out of the ordinary, however, for a slice of life visual novel, the most important factor is its execution and WA2 is excellent at this aspect.

      White Album 2 Closing Chapter (or WA2 as a whole) is currently the top VN of erogamescape (Japanese vndb with much larger user base than vndb) with 95 median (Muv Luv Alternative has 93 and Clannad/ Fate Stay Night has 90). It’s also the best Visual Novel of 2011 by Getchu, 2ch and Amazon JP.

      I really hope Satelight won’t mess up the anime adaptation. The positive point is that Fumiaki Maruto, the scenario writer will be in charge of the script for the anime and unlike the first White Album anime. Moreover, the staffs at Aquaplus will involve heavily in the adaptation instead of leaving almost everything to the animation studio like the case of the first anime. source

      Also, The day a “girl game” outscored the Mario Bros.

    2. I think the reason for the low expectations here is that the majority of visual novel adaptions, especially of romance novels, falls behind expections and turns out to be fairly mediocre, disappointing those who had high expectations because of the visual novels themselves.

      The problem is that there is no telling in advance to whether the adaption will be good or bad. If we take Key for example: Air, Kanon, Clannad and Little Busters all have high ratings on VNDB, but out of those four, only Clannad was a direct hit as an anime. Kanon needed a remake before becoming great, Air was only moderately good and Little Busters is generally seen as the worst of Key adaptions.

      Another problem is that Satelight, while not being a horrible studio, is rather unexperienced with both romance series and visual novel adaptions. Their strength lies with sci-fi/mecha anime and even then they managed to mess up the adaption of Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse.

      However there is still a chance that someone will pick up White Album 2. Usually, for most of the shows, someone will make a review of the first episode, so if you’re lucky and the first episode is as fantastic as you expect, someone might decide to review the entire series.

  5. Not bad, there are some nice shows being covered here!

    Im hoping however that there are some shows that really just amaze you on the first episode that you decide to pick up, but even if that’s not the case I’m still looking forward to many shows being covered!

    Seishun: Valvrave season 2 all the way!!! Hopefully you try to pick up atleast 1 more other show this season. You came to randomc and proved to be an exceptional writer! Can you guess what 1 other show I think you should be pick up 😉

    Zephyr: How is it that you always manage to pick up like the best shows each season!! I can’t wait for the amazing coverage you shall be producing!

    Stilts: Leave it to you to not forget to pick up IS:2, I knew I could count on you for that! and here’s hoping Log Horizon does great justice as most people think its a cop-off of SAO but in reality its light novel was actually made before it.

    1. Zephy gets the best because Zephy is the best. Also he has really good taste, ahaha!

      And yeah, I’m hoping Log Horizon is as good as my senses are telling me it will be! I don’t usually blog 2-cour shows, but I couldn’t help myself. I want to see an MMORPG-based anime that does it RIGHT

      1. Probably you don’t have time, but you should give a chance to reading the SAO novels in baka-tsuki. The 2nd arc is indeed the weakest of all of them, but all the fans (me included) agree it gets much better later. The current arc (Alicization, volumes 9-13+) is very good in my opinion.
        Anyway, let’s hope Log Horizon becomes a great anime!

    2. ” Log Horizon does great justice as most people think its a cop-off of SAO ”

      Well they’re mistaken because SAO and LH are two different stories. SAO focuses on the people’s lives in or out of the MMO games. LH seems to focus only with the MMO they are trapped in.

      It seems that, at the great era of MMO, where .Hack, SAO and LH were first thought off(should be 2000 to 2010), social gamers seems to have this small fantasy of being trapped in game. Hence the trope of “being trapped in games” was born and was made use by the three series mentioned. Heck if you consider the Matrix just a bit, you’d see that it plays on the same trope.

      1. Forgot to put these just to clarify: .Hack came about in 2002. SAO was published in 2009 but the web version came before that. Log Horizon was first written the same year SAO was published and was published a year after.

    3. “Exceptional” – wow, I don’t think anyone has ever said such nice things about me! Thank you, my good Sir
      Unfortunately, I don’t think I can make time for two shows next season – but if I were to take a wild guess, it would be Freezing Vibration or Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai =3

      1. Actually Strike the Blood is already being covered by Zephyr.
        Dunno who is going to volunteer to blog Tokyo Raven but its up to some people if they really want it to be covered.
        Not everyone is free and has the taste for almost every anime.

  6. >mfw I’m watching all 8 shows on Thursday(it’s Friday for me since I live on the other side of the world).
    >mfw I’m picking up 26 shows for Fall.
    >mfw I still plan to pick up more when I feel like it.
    Why am I doing this to myself?

    At least most of the shows I’m anticipating are getting covered. Though no Kuroko. Seishun promised me he’ll cover it because Mochi is gone. Oh well, he already said his reason.
    I’m looking forward to Magi now that I caught up to the manga so it’s sad no one is covering it. Oh well. I should be happy with what I get. This is out of the writers’ own free time after all. Looking forward to the new season.

    Oh and Pupa and Neppu Kairiku Bushiroad are missing from the schedule lineup.

    1. Man, you’re trying to lay a guilt trip on me, aren’t you? 😛
      It is very unfortunate to see KuroBasu go uncovered – I love the series to bits and those glorious bishies demand our attention. At the very least, you’ll have an intro post to look forward to =3

  7. Looking forward to all of your posts on RC! Whether it be RL, work, school, or editing your own book (how you find time to just write so much is crazy, Stilts!), I’m just happy to see some of my anticipated shows getting coverage. 🙂 Many thanks!

  8. The 7 animes that I will mainly see this season are:
    – Unbreakable machine-doll
    – Magi 2nd Season
    – No Nagi Asakura (Kairi XD)
    – Kyokai no kanata (Cherrie-samaaa \(^ o ^)/)
    – Log Horizon (Stilts aniki, yeaahh)
    – Infinite Stratos 2
    – Valkyrie romance

    I’ll be aware of all the new releases, but I’ll be pending “Build Gundam F”, YQ-hana no Uta, Tokyo Ravens, coppelion, Freezing 2 and Valvrave season 2.

    Sorry Seishun, not sure I want to see Valvrave 2. Once was funny, but the second, I doubt it. I’ll be aware of your post, and I’ll see if I comment on your jokes and deductions of the show, you are very funny and interesting XD. You did a great job last season.

      1. Don’t worry Kairi, I just try to express my joy that you will write about Nagi no Asakura 🙂
        Amusing is the nonsense that I made when writing the name of the anime, I did not realize XD

      2. Haha, well I’ll try to do it justice! I’m looking forward to both my shows. ^-^

        Nah, don’t worry about it, I do this all the time. xD When Dansai Bunri was airing I was convinced the series’ name was Danshi Bunri for like a week and a half.

    1. Thanks for always saying such nice things about me =3
      Missing out Shadow74, come join the dark side! I hope I can somehow change your mind when the series premieres. It’s going to be a blast 😀

    1. We’ll never know; I liked how the manga adaptation went because of the battle tactics and the comedy involved in the plot. So although no one is going to blog it, there are going to be a lot of shows to look forward to. 🙂

  9. Seishun on Valvrave is no surprise. I very much hope I can keep up my quality for posts to match your blogs!

    Great to see Stilts on IS. I’ll be expecting a lot of fun and enthusiasm from your blogs for that. I hope you enjoy Log Horizon, and that for you it’s more Accel World than SAO, and that’s coming from someone who actually enjoyed SAO.

    I was expecting, and somewhat hoping, Zanibas would blog Golden Time. Here’s hoping we’re both in for a great and fun romantic comedy!

    Nice to see Cherrie and I will both be watching Samurai Flamenco. I’m eagerly looking forward to your blogs for it Cherrie!

    Looking forward to seeing Zephyr and Enzo’s blogs on Kill La Kill and Little Busters respectively.

    If there’s one thing I’m hoping for this season, it’s that I can more actively comment on the blogs for the shows I’m watching and get into the discussion.

    1. Personally I’m hoping Log Horizon is more like other, BETTER shows than either Accel World or SAO, lol. Accel World did disappoint me less, but that’s only because I went into it with no expectations, while I thought SAO had a more potential and just fzcked it up.

      Is it too much to hope for a good fantasy adventure story? A bit of Slayers, maybe a dash of Magi (when A-1 Pictures isn’t screwing up the adaptation), a dose of the Maoyuu manga without quite so much exposition (it is the same author, after all). I think that’s fair!

      1. well, the problem of log horizon is the threatening shadow of SAO and Accel world.
        this concept is pretty much worn due to them(which already kinda used from infinite “hack” anime).
        however, clearly it has poteintial to be something new and fun-to-watch, something like that SAO we wanted so barely to be and didn’t get it.
        I’ll try watch it without any expectation or prejudices.

      2. I don’t buy it. I could list mecha, harem romcom, or dating sim adaptations that haven’t used up their concepts after 15,532 different attempts, and the MMORPG-fantasy-story is done after two attempts? (three if you want to count Accel World, but it was more of a sci fi MMORPG/FPS thing.)

        There’s still plenty of life in it. This is the Maoyuu author, who does good work. I think there’s still plenty of room to do this right.

  10. Hmmm… Anime or sleep.


    Guess I have to stack up on coffee supplies this season.

    T-T No one gave love to loli battleships and come on! Sekai de ichiban deserves a blogger too, I mean, the PLOT was obviously there. (who didn’t ^_^)

  11. Damn my thursdays are packed..well I do have LB on saturday but the rest looks kind of..empty :p but maybe something will catch my eye 🙂
    But your best everyone and thank you for your hard work ~yoroshiku ne

  12. The good thing about my workplace is that I can sit and watch my shows 😀 the bad part is I have to dl it at home first in order to watch it at work on my tab Dx But i’m hoping a few surprise show blogging will pop up once the season offically starts! woot 18 shows and still deciding which one to add

  13. So looking at this schedule of all the shows, I’ve concluded that….

    I’m going to die this Fall 2013 season.

    Because there’s so many that I’m interested in and let’s not even talk about my schedule for the regular network TV shows. Dear god I have shows on ABC, NBC, and CBS to watch. Then HBO… Then Canadian network Showcase and UK’s BBC. I’m gonna keel over and die.

    Here’s to weekend marathons while drawing like a mad person for my Drawing 2 class!

      1. @ thedarktower:
        Definitely looking forward to that! I’ve watched the anime and although I wasn’t a huge fan (don’t shoot me T_T), I think HBO will do it justice! If there’s any network that I have faith in for these kinds of shows, definitely HBO. Maybe Showtime…

    1. I don’t follow any American shows except Big Brother -which ended- and football, but I’m going to be watching at least 24 shows this season its going to be hard to keep up. Does anyone have any tips for balancing anime? With all the shows I’m watching I’m not sure if I’ll have any time for older anime I’ve been meaning to see 🙁

  14. change in plans fellows:
    unfortunatly(or not) for Enzo, from now on – sunday without Hunter (quick – spot the refernce)
    the anime moves to late night at Tuesday.
    I hope you will continue cover the episodes, plus I really expect don’t quit that either 😛

    1. “Sunday without Gon” would have been a better pun…

      I will most certainly still cover H x H, but prepare yourself – in that timeslot, at the very least animation quality is going to take a sizeable dip. It’s also very possible the series will be cut off after 1 or 2 more cours, which is nowhere near enough time to finish Chimera Ant without major cuts, never mind what comes afterwards.

      1. okay, I admit – you won the pun 🙂
        chimera ant is a long arc. I doubt it’ll be done in 1-cour. 2-cour is still possible without making major cuts. but madhouse won’t let hunter finish that soon, hunter makes money and they’ll try to make as much profit as they can. anyway, number of cours or episodes doesn’t play a role right now with almost 100 episodes, plus we’ve already seen that they are doing the best to remain faithful to the manga.
        at the beginning of chimera arc i thought it’ll be 40-50 chapters. and i still think so. althought it seems we are almost half-way (23 episodes so far) and maybe there’s much more in comparison to the manga (only about third is done), but the chapters in the manga are very short, sometimes with little info and meaning (considering the preview for next episode). and I didn’t forget about the chapters where he describe every movement in at least 3-5 pages…S:
        I;ll trust madhouse on that matter. also, I hope they’ll make the second movie a good one, more than the first.
        but obviously you’re right, after chimera ant arc…the anime will probably come to an end. that Togashi, stop being useless and start writing!

      2. I don’t read or watch Hunter x Hunter (it’s on my list Enzo, I’ll get to it someday! Maybe ;_;), but you oughta give the author a break. Often there are extenuating circumstances behind storytellers going on hiatus. Health, family, just getting tired from working for so long…you don’t have to continue supporting him if you don’t like his “slacking” (that’s everyone’s right), but understand it might be the best thing for the author himself!

        Of course, I’m like 90% sure you’re just joking around and are itching for more story, in which case no worries ^^ Can’t hurt to stand up misunderstood creators once in a while, even when unnecessary.

      3. How does H x H make money in a late-night timeslot, exactly? That’s the problem. It doesn’t sell Blu-rays. It doesn’t move toys and t-shirts in a big way (though I’ve done all I can). Late night is all about discs and promoting the source material, and H x H doesn’t provide either. It’s potentially a very grim situation, with a best-case scenario being that NTV allows the series to finish with a drastically reduced budget because it’s a prestige title. The other possibility is that after the movie is released, the series is cancelled – because there’s nothing to promote. That would make this the final cour, with Chimera Ant effectively being cut off in the middle.

      4. @ ENZO – hunter has a solid fandom, back then from 1999 and the remake just expand it. what’s the matter now whether the series will be aired in evening or late night?those who watched it till now will continue to do so.
        besides, if it wasn’t a success until now, why would madhouse will bother to continue over 100 episodes?
        the series will be cancelled only at the end of chimera arc or the following arc, because after the chimera there isn’t enought story to adapt..and it won’t be epic as chimera ant.
        madhouse has their troubles a few years ago, and only hunter, chihayafuru and maybe ookami kodomo made significance enough from 2010/ I think they won’t miss the opportunity.
        but who knows…I just enjoy watching the series every week. why cancel it with our own thought? 😛

        I am aware of the hard work of mangaka and animators in japan, it’s tough work almost all the time and mostly isn’t rewarding enough.
        so yes, it was more like my willing to more story.
        however,rumor has it something stinky there, shonen jump, probably most popualr weekly magazine, won’t cover up for authors just like that. if i’m not wrong it’s not the first time. some say it’s helath, other say slacking off to play some stupid game.
        I really don’t know. but I do agree with you – let the author do what’s best for him right now, whether it to be in “hitaus” or other things.
        BTW, hope you;ll get to hunter someday..not maybe ;_;

      5. Money makes these decisions the vast majority of the time. There’s no financial incentive to let H x H continue for another year. If it does happen, it’ll be the exception and not the norm.

        H x H generally drew ratings between 3-4 in the Sunday AM timeslot. At 1:29 AM it will struggle to draw more than a 1, most likely. You don’t think there are plenty of people who watched it at 1055 because they happened to have their TV on, or they mildly like it and were curious to see what happens next? There’s a reason AM shows draw ratings 3-4X (or more) what late-night anime draw. If they sell a ton of discs, that’s not a problem – in late-night that’s where the money comes from. H x H never has and never will sell many discs.

        As to why Madhouse continued it for as long as they did, it’s because it drew decent ratings in the 1055 AM slot, enough to justify it’s production. It apparently got to the point where it wasn’t enough in NTV’s mind to justify holding down such a premium slot, and it was demoted to late-night.

    1. Oh hey, a fellow Princetonian =3
      I would love to cover Freezing if I had the time – but unfortunately, my plate is kinda full at the moment. At the very least, you’ll have the intro posts to look forward to 😀

  15. Not sure if anyone knows already but seems like they added Koroshiya-san: The Hired Gun to be airing during this fall season as well!
    Just great cause it looks like its another anime added to my watching list which is already maxed out!

  16. Well, I understand that there might be changes on which shows to be covered, but I’m quite disappointed that Kuroko no Basuke 2 and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic aren’t being in the initial covering list 🙁

    Red HeartGold ZX
  17. Dang, my Sundays and Thursdays are going to be the busiest when it comes to anime this season. Hmm, I’m a bit surprised that no one is blogging Magi since you guys blogged the first season. But I understand you guys only have so much time on your hands to blog. Here’s to hoping Kingdom of Magic will be better.

  18. Man, this season is crazy good so far. Watched Coppelion, Kyoukai no Kanata, Nagi no Asukara, Outbreak Company, IS2, and Kill la Kill just now, and enjoyed each one immensely. Can’t wait for the next 6 tomorrow; Golden Time, Freezing, Strike the Blood, Yuushibu, Log Horizon, and Little Busters. Think this might be the strongest overall season in a good while….

  19. Aren’t someone going to cover for Magi 2 and KnB 2? They’re are one of the most anticipated anime shows for this fall and are perfect to be covered because most people expect this animes…

    Cross Encounter
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