Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans
17:00 MBS (10/4)
Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle
23:30 AT-X (1/11)
Prince of Stride Alternative
23:00 AT-X (1/5)
Musaigen no Phantom World
24:00 MX (1/6)
NORN9: Norn + Nonette
21:30 AT-X (1/7)
Divine Gate
22:30 MX (1/8)
10:30 TX (1/9)
Rainbow Days
22:00 MX (1/10)
Akagami no Shirayukihime 2nd Season
24:00 MX (1/11)
25:00 MX (1/6)
Active Raid -Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hakkei-
22:00 MX (1/7)
Oshiete! Galko-chan
22:30 AT-X (1/8)
Bubuki Buranki
22:00 MX (1/9)
Ooya-san wa Shishunki!
22:27 MX (1/10)
Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desu Kara.
25:11 MX (1/11)
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo!
25:05 MX (1/13)
Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu
22:30 MX (1/7)
Koukaku no Pandora
23:00 AT-X (1/8)
Luck and Logic
22:30 MX (1/9)
Dimension W
22:30 MX (1/10)
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm
26:05 TX (1/11)
Haruchika ~Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru~
25:35 MX (1/6)
Boku dake ga Inai Machi
24:55 CX (1/7)
Sekkou Boys
23:00 MX (1/8)
Durarara!!x2 Ketsu
23:30 MX (1/9)
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
24:30 MX (1/10)
Oji-san to Marshmallow
25:00 TVS (1/7)
Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage
24:00 MX (1/8)
Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen
25:00 MX (10/3)
25:05 TX (1/10)
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd Season
25:25 CX (1/7)
Heavy Object
24:30 MX (10/2)
Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R
26:25 NTV (1/9)
Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation
25:46 TBS (1/7)
GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakeri 2nd Season
25:05 MX (1/8)
Haikyuu!! Second Season
26:58 MBS (10/3)
Dagashi Kashi
26:16 TBS (1/7)
25:55 TBS (1/15)
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
26:25 TBS (1/8)
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3 3 2 Not covering


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Weekly Shounen Jump
Legend: 1

Now that the winter preview has been released … four weeks ago—read this post if you’re wondering why the schedule is only coming out now—it’s time to tell you what we’re blogging this season. This is Random Curiosity’s Winter 2016 blogging schedule.

As always, this is a tentative overview of our plans for the new season … is what I would usually say, but it’s different this time. With 2-3 episodes under our belts, we’ve got a good idea of what each show entails, and we’re pretty confident in our picks. Will some of them blow up in our faces? Probably. But this is what we’re going with.

However, that doesn’t mean this list is absolutely final. Any show that hasn’t had two episodes—this season, that’s Ajin—is still up in the air, and if anything else changes, we’ll modify our plans accordingly.

In show news, Heavy Object fans, you’re in luck! Though the series has lost its luster for me, Takkun decided to take up the banner, so he’ll continue covering Frolaytia’s heavy ob—I mean, that crazy sci-fi battle show. As for everyone else, I’m pleased with both the series we’re covering, and how many are good this season—and also slightly annoyed. I wanted to watch less anime this season. Guh. Life is hard.

In staff news, with the monthly impressions coming to an end (sorry fans, read the last two monthlies for our reasons), Cherrie is back to blogging weekly. Jig is also getting into the swing of things and picking up a second show. Everything else is business as usual for now, though you might see a wild Zephyr reappear next season, and Zanibas is hoping to return before the end of the year, real life priorities willing. Let’s all hope the RL gods are kind to him, and us.

That’s it for now. If there are any changes in the schedule, this post will be updated accordingly. Thank you again for your continued support, and let’s have a good season of gushing about anime together. Huzzah!


  • 1/25: The animation may be wack, but the story more than makes up for it; Guardian Enzo will be covering Ajin!


  1. No more Heavy Object, Stilts? I guess even you patience was truly tried by that show.

    I’m really glad someone picked up Boku dake ga Inai Machi. It is my favorite show of the season so far. Though, Samu picking up Grimgar is also very nice.

    Gouka Ryuu
    1. It’s not that it was trying or anything, I just wasn’t much enjoying blogging it anymore, ’cause it’s a B-movie and I’d rather not think about a B-movie too much. Plus I wanted to blog Dagashi, and doing two shows on the same day makes cry.

      I really dislike dropping shows, which is why I’m glad I got to hand it off to Takkun instead. But not letting myself drop shows made me gun-shy to pick up multi-cour series, so I gotta get better at cutting my losses before I burn myself out.

      Agreed. BokuMachi is good shiz.

      1. I keep tellin’ y’all, I actually didn’t mind blogging that show up until maybe the last two episodes. By then I had run out of things to say and it was exasperating. But I can push through two crappy episodes no problem. That’s not even a challenge.

        I’m glad the posts were at least entertaining.

    2. Samu picking up Grimgar is also very nice.

      I’m really looking forward to blogging it! Chances are it’ll be one of the most popular shows of the season and should be able to generate plenty of discussion, which is always a good thing.

  2. All in all about what I expected, perhaps minus Akagami S2 which is a little surprising to see left off. Looking forward to the Grimgar and Dagashi posts, among other things.

    Purple Bomber
    1. There’s always a victim or two of how the schedule shakes out. A lot of us enjoy Akagami, but everyone who’s interested in it are pretty full up, and the unfortunate truth is that Akagami posts haven’t been that popular. I’m sure it’ll get a finale post, though.

      1. That’s a relief then! Better something than nothing at all : )
        It was just nice to read the opinions of others, especially with a show like that.
        Ah well, such is life!

  3. Aw, no Four Rhythm; that makes me sad…

    Oh well, at least Phantom World and Luck & Logic are still a go. I was really worried about the former (and I’m actually surprised about the latter).

  4. No Schwarzesmarken? A pity, this was the only place where the reviews weren’t ridiculous. Like saying Muv-Luv created the stasi or the nazis won the war. Oh well, what it’ll be, it’ll be.

  5. Okay, none of the three VN adaptation got covered although three of them received fairly positive reviews in introductions (and even 2nd episode’s)

    Now I’m a sad panda 🙁

      1. I was referring to:
        1. Ao no Kanata
        2. Shokomeza (Yeah, this is quite confusing. An adaptation of VN which is going to be released near the end of anime series… Since this should have the more complete story, which is the adaptation of which?)
        3. Schwarzesmarken (An adaptation of a VN which is an adaptation of an LN which is a side story of VN. Quite confusing too)

        I forgot about Otoge titles to be honest since they don’t exactly looks like an otoge adaptation.

        So well, no chance? That’s disappointing. Since we have no more Monthly Seasonal Reviews too. Would some kind of random mid series review which is not attached to any episode possible? I know Monthly Reviews are time consuming and quite tiring, but I guess a more “freestyle” post which is written when the series is on the good part (and could be written by anyone who was being impressed by it) could be much less stressful.

      2. I would add a note that when I wrote “disappointing”, it’s more of disappointing toward the situation rather than to you guys personally.

        Plus, at least Kono Subarashii is covered, I dig that. Thanks Stilts.

  6. No Schwarzesmarken? No Shokomeza? NUUUUUUUUUU!!!! //Jaws drop //Slams floor

    Also, I still don’t know what’s up behind Ajin and Reikenzan being hard to watch this time around. Could it be that they’re *exclusive animus*? //Facedesk intensifies

    Mihashi Nishizawa
    1. @Raiu: Owh my mahder, how can lah like this- aiyoyo… Oh well, let’s just hope that somebody picks em up for fansubbing!

      @Passerby: All the more reason to get new writers on board *wink* *wink* ;D

      Mihashi Nishizawa
      1. As much as I’d like to become the one-stop shop for all things anime blogging, I’ve talked before about why this isn’t as feasible as it seems. We might bring on another writer, we might not. I’m sure we will eventually. No idea about the near-term.

        Well, that’s not entirely true. I know quite well whether we plan to bring on another writer anytime soon, ’cause it’s usually me making those plans. I’m just not gonna tell y’all until/unless it happens :3

  7. It’s a pity GATE season 2 and Schwarzesmarken won’t be covered (although I can theorize some understandable reasons as to why–GATE is a wee bit too right-wing and Schwarzesmarken is chock-full of spoilers for the anime-only watchers). Oh well… As long as Gundam: IBO and Heavy Object (albeit under a different blogger) still remains covered, it’s all good.

    And I’m glad to read that Dagashi Kashi will be getting weekly coverage.

    TBH, Dagashi Kashi wasn’t on my “to-watch list” for this season, but your write-ups about the previous two episodes and my curiosity about Hotaru’s derpy yet cute face made me pick it up. Having Ayana Taketatsu (a.k.a.: KanColle‘s Yamato) voice Hotaru and Manami Numakura (a.k.a.: Arpeggio of Blue Steel‘s resident “Tsundere Heavy Cruiser”) voice childhood friend/”girl next door” Saya also helped.

    With all those factors (and the comedic/slice-of-life/widget-y nature of the show) Dagashi Kashi has been enjoyable so far. (Perfect when taking a break from the grimdarkness of Schwarzesmarken.)

    1. Supposedly the 2nd season of Gate doesn’t feature that much of “right wing” material? At least that’s what someone wrote in the comments section of the first ep IIRC.

  8. Errr no Ao Kanata? Thats sad… Because I got a feeling it might be a sleeper… Oh well we still got our monthly impressions and I can pretty much see that your scheds are pretty much full very full. But on the other hand I am glad no one would pick norn9… 3 episodes into the series and I haven’t still don’t know what is the main plot, aside from the girl with amnesia being special.

    1. In staff news, with the monthly impressions coming to an end (sorry fans, read the last two monthlies for our reasons)…

      Pardon me while I go cry in the corner, alone with the crushing knowledge that it’s true, no one ever reads the post. *shikushiku* *shikushiku*

      1. ooops… sorry stilts *pats back* *gives stilts tissue* yes i remember (after you made me remember LOL)… oh well. hopefully AOKANA generate enough hype to get blogged back here on randomc.

    1. See my reply to Jeffers above on the monthlies. Ignore the tears streaming down my face. They’re normal.

      As for Saijaku, I’m enjoying it more than I expected to, considering I didn’t even plan to watch it, but I still am. Unfortunately it doesn’t stand out enough to garner blogging in such an unexpectedly strong season.

  9. Well, at least a few of the things I’m watching are being covered. Like some other folks, I do wish someone had picked up Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: it seems like it’s going to be pretty solidly enjoyable.

    I’m glad Kono-Suba made it through. I don’t think I could have handled it if that one didn’t get covered.

  10. I’m happy to see an unpopular show like Luck & Logic being covered (thanks, Jig). Lots of great shows being picked up. Waiting a bit before making the schedule may have paid off. About the only one I’ll miss this season is Koukaku no Pandora.

  11. Well, it looks like I’m going to read a lot from Stilts this season. Those shows are some of my favorite from what I’ve started so far but overall it’s been a pretty solid season as a whole.

  12. A cup of Cherrie, a spoonful of Samu, a sprinkling of Passerby, and a dash of Jig (yay for Luck & Logic! Many other bloggers I know have dismissed it as “TCG harem nonsense”)… winter will be pleasant.

    (Pity nobody’s blogging Haruchika or Shirayukihime S2, but that’s life, I guess… if you’re all busy, then it can’t be helped.)

    @Mihashi Nishizawa You wouldn’t be Singaporean by any chance, would you?

    1. I live several hundred kilometers across that bridge 😛 If you’re reading this and you’re Singaporean, I envy you guys. Always getting the good stuff (; _ 😉

      Mihashi Nishizawa
    1. I can only speak for myself, but I’m loving this Winter season. I think it’s turned out much better than most of us expected, which is perhaps evident by how many more shows people wanted covered. I especially think the top anime of the season are way above what we’ve gotten in the past year or two, so this isn’t really a question of non enough good anime airing.

      Just to be sure, I went back and did the math to check, but this is our 2nd heaviest season (post-Divine leaving) if you consider the amount of shows covered by how many potential bloggers are available. There have been more covered in a season with 9/10 of us, but the last season that outdid this one was Winter 2012 (averaging at 3 shows per blogger), which was 16 anime seasons ago. So we’re actually covering a lot more than you may think at first.

    2. I think this is a good amount of coverage for the amount of writers we have. We try not to bombard folks with more than 2-3 shows a season because it’s time-consuming and someone might burn out quickly. So for the amount of staff we have, it’s a good number =)
      If you look way back when, we used to almost twice the amount of writers with twice the amount of shows covered. But having a staff size of like 12+ people is a lot o_o you can imagine all that admin work.

  13. Too bad everyone’s schedules are too full for Bubuki Buranki, would’ve liked to see that one getting covered.

    Still, at least Konosuba, Grimgar and Dagashi Kashi are getting posts. And maybe I should tip my toes into Erased’s coverage as well, though I’m avoiding the comments for fear of spoilers.

  14. I can’t say I’m suprised that Gate will not be covered. It’s so sanitized in the anime version that it borders on being incoherent, so no big loss. I hate that Ajin wont be blogged…very good source material. However, it will have to be sanitized as well. The manga is pretty gory at times. I fail to see a problem with the cgi animation… least its not rotoscoped.

  15. While I’m not surprised that nobody’s blogging Schwarzesmarken with Zephyr still on hiatus and all, I’ll join those that are disappointed about the lack of Gate coverage. It WAS the highly anticipated series after all, wasn’t it? No pressure. 😀

  16. Hi guys! Great job in shaking things up a little and actually trying out a lot of shows first before making a final schedule. That was really smart. I do have just two suggestions for my favorite anime blogging site!

    1) Guardian Enzo’s reviews are the same as the ones published in his personal website. Why can’t you assign him more shows? Like the ones that are not being covered here but he is covering in LiA? He can just copy-paste them right? More people will be able to read his reviews and more shows will be covered by RandomC. Just a suggestion and I would love a win-win situation for both websites 🙂

    2) It is a really really really great time to be a manga fan! We are now moving past the big three age and some great new manga have emerged like Attack on Titan, Assassination Classroom, Haikyuu, Shokugeki no Souma, and Boku no Hero Academia. Why can’t you guys review some more manga? I would be fine with very short reviews since less do happen in each manga chapter than in an anime episode. But if Samu can review a very low ranking Bleach which usually has the least happening every chapter, wouldn’t it also be great to review mangas that would even generate more discussion? Props to Samu though great manga reviews! I know that you are also a Haikyuu fan 😉

    Again, great job guys! I have been a big fan of you all since 2012. Keep up the good work ^^

    1. Please refer to my comment on exactly this, which I linked in a reply further up.

      tl;dr – Time. Preparing a RandomC post takes more time than doing an LiA post (primarily due to the screencaps), and covering a manga might not take as much time as covering an anime, but it still takes more time (to do more posts). It would also be extra overhead (particularly for me) if we had more writers, and I’m about at my limit.

      Remember, we don’t get paid for this. We do this for fun, but we can’t neglect our paying jobs (or school) to write about anime. I wish we could, but we can’t. We might try out some new post types, but we’ll have to think them up between our existing posts & real lives as well. Them’s the breaks.

    2. He can just copy-paste them right?

      Funnily enough, I used to think the exact same thing before I became a writer here. However, now that I know Enzo more than just following his blog, I know that there is a whole lot more that comes to making an RC post.

      As for the manga posts, I agree that it would be good to discuss different ongoing manga, but for the time being I’ll stick with Bleach, for a few reasons. The first is because it’s my personal favourite manga (and my gateway anime), even if I know it’s not the best, I still love reading and talking about it every week (I even managed to write 1.4k words on one chapter – so I would argue that stuff does happen sometimes). The second reason is because Bleach has been covered on RandomC for 10 years (the first post was June 2005). So whatever you may say, it’s the most blogged series on the site, and it would be a terrible shame to see it go uncovered until the end.

  17. I’m sad to see that HaruChika won’t be blogged, the cute mystery/detective anime of this season. I loved the first and second episodes, but the third episode totally confused me, because I couldn’t figure out how they managed to solve the problem, or more precisely, I couldn’t follow what they were saying or doing on the stage, or why, or what the point was……randomly making things up on the spot that “become fact”???? improvisation? I hope next episode will be easier to follow/understand. I find it kind of hard to believe that a character could unravel those mysteries without getting hints or being led toward the answer by the author.

    But I’m very glad (and a bit surprised TBH) that Showa Genroku is getting weekly coverage. Thanks Samu for picking it up! That anime has a very unique, old-school flavor, and I’m really happy to hear Seki Tomokazu in a main role again. <3

  18. Woooh you guys are blogging the shows i watch again T____T

    Still feels sad no coverage for GATE but i guess its to nobody’s tastes in RC

    And Stilts has finally stolen the “Divine Blue” colour for the schedules :O !

    1. Hm? Whatcha mean? I’ve always been teal. Divine Blue is still patiently awaiting his return (or the day we realize we really need some blue in the schedule and give it to someone, lol).

      Are the colors showing up goofy to you?

  19. Well, practically everything I’m watching this season is getting blogged, so awesome sauce 🙂

    Just out of curiosity though, is there any particular reason Phantom World and Prince of Stride alternative are getting blogged? I’m thinking the main reason is because they’re both animated by KyoAni and Madhouse respectively, which are both great studios, but is that all? I checked out 3 episodes of both, and both were “meh” to be honest, nothing really engaging about either besides the wonderful aesthetics. I don’t think I would continue watching them if they weren’t made by the aforementioned studios.

    1. Jig did track during school, so he wanted to blog about a running sports show. And Musaigen is pretty popular, so Bystander-chan decided to keep going with it. Sometimes our preferences lead the charge, and sometimes its the readers’ preferences that lead us. That’s a pretty good example of that.

  20. sad to see the huge amount of decent/not bad anime like: Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu, Haruchika, Snow White with Red Hair 2 and especially Bubuki Buranki couldn’t get coverage.I mean, which those solid shows like Erased, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu or Dimension W, I would watch them all without your recommendation. But with those mild/just average shows; reading your weekly episode reviews actually can make my change my mind if I want to watch them or not. So please consider covering more anime shows this season.

    1. I’ve linked this a couple of times in this thread already, but it still provides the answer.

      To customize: We’re well aware that covering midlist shows could help them get more viewers. I’da loved to see Akagami and Bubuki blogged myself (no idea on the other, not watching it). But we’re not the marketing arm of an anime conglomerate, we’re just fans who like to talk about anime, and the link above explains why we don’t recruit a thousand writers and cover everything.

      I like that people want us to blog more. It means we’re not entirely vestigial in this social media day. But it ain’t gonna happen, especially since we’re already blogging more shows than the past two seasons.

      Thanks for your comment and concern.

      1. Yeah, I get your point now. But I think making a vote could’ve improved it. We could vote for the shows we want to what; and for shows that didn’t have enough vote but one of you are passionate about; you could still pick them up. I don’t think the result is musch different, but sure a lot of middle level shows could’ve been saved there; since there always have passionate fans for those shows.

    1. We never don’t post a preview. It’s coming. In fact, it’ll be out within the hour.

      Just be aware that readers asking for it annoys the crud out of us. We understand why you do it, but srsly. We NEVER don’t do a preview, and never won’t do a preview as long as this site continues to exist. If you can count on anything, it’s that.

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