Amagami SS+ plus – 03

「桜井梨穂子 前編 ユウグレ」 (Sakurai Rihoko Zenpen — Yuugure)
“Sakurai Rihoko, First Chapter — Evening”

I don’t approve of an overly perverted Junichi taking advantage of younger girls like we saw in Sae’s chapter, but when it comes to Rihoko, I have to concede that the hornier he is the better. That is, if she has any hope of getting out of the dreaded friend zone.

Amagami SS+ plus – 02

「絢辻詞 後編 ケッセン」 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa Kouhen – Kessen)
“Ayatsuji Tsukasa, Second Chapter – Showdown”

I know I said that Tsukasa was probably going to see right through Noriko’s ploy, but I never anticipated that Junichi would have it so good right after she did. The infamous Amagami shed where kinky miracles happen makes its return!

Amagami SS+ plus – 01

「絢辻詞 前編 ユウワク」 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa Zenpen – Yuuwaku)
“Ayatsuji Tsukasa, First Chapter – Temptation”

Amagami SS is back and just as enjoyable as ever. I may be a bit biased when it comes to the sequel to my favorite romance of 2010, but I really couldn’t wipe the smirk off my face while watching this premiere.

Amagami SS – 26 (Extra)

「橘美也編 イモウト」 (Tachibana Miya-hen – Imouto)
“Tachibana Miya Chapter – Younger Sister”

The eagerly anticipated extra chapter centered around Junichi’s little sister is finally here, and it starts off strangely similar to Risa’s one that came before. The key difference is that when the progression verged on some dangerous incestuous territory, it held back just enough to remain innocently sweet.

Amagami SS – 25 (END)

「上崎裡沙編 シンジツ」 (Kamizaki Risa-hen – Shinjitsu)
“Kamizaki Risa Chapter – Truth”

I probably should have held off on the poll until this first of two bonus chapters, but I’m almost certain I would’ve felt bad for Rihoko if I did. With just a single episode to her name, Risa would’ve easily surpassed her and probably some of the other girls too. As Junichi’s stalker since elementary school, she’s not nearly as bad nor plain as she makes herself out to be.

Amagami SS – 24

「絢辻詞編 最終章 ヤクソク」 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa-hen Saishuushou – Yakusoku)
“Ayatsuji Tsukasa Final Chapter – Promise”

Well it looks like my hunch last episode about Tsukasa’s drastic change in personality was pretty spot on, as Junichi’s unsettling feeling about it brings back the girl she truly is. Looking back, it probably wouldn’t be wrong to consider the good girl persona as another act, except it’s difficult to see it as just that when Tsukasa had every intention of making that personality the new her.

Amagami SS – 23

「絢辻詞編 第三章 プライド」 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa-hen Dai Sanshou – Puraido)
“Ayatsuji Tsukasa Chapter 3 – Pride”

Holy crap Tsukasa snaps. This episode could have easily been titled “Faces”, as she gave us quite a few different looks afterward. Surprisingly, Junichi isn’t the recipient of her initial verbal onslaught this time, as a trio of classmates who like jumping to conclusions puts her over the edge.

Amagami SS – 22

「絢辻詞編 第二章 ウラガワ」 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa-hen Dai Nishou – Uragawa)
“Ayatsuji Tsukasa Chapter 2 – The Other Side”

Imagine my surprise when the other side of Tsukasa turned out to be more tsundere than anything else. And here I thought only Kaoru would be filling in that stereotype in this series. Tsukasa is a lot scarier with the way she threatens Junichi into keeping her secret, but there’s something kinky about the way she goes about it as well.

Amagami SS – 21

「絢辻詞編 第一章 ハッケン」 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa-hen Dai Isshou – Hakken)
“Ayatsuji Tsukasa Chapter 1 – Discovery”

The start of arguably one of the most anticipated arcs, a full-length shot of Haruka winning the Miss Santa contest, the sight of Tsukasa, Kaoru, and Keiko in their swimsuits, and more “nishishishi” from Miya than you can shake a stick at. This episode had just about everything to make Tsukasa’s story seem like an ideal one, provided that you like two-faced class presidents who are nothing like they appear.