Mid-Summer 2012 Podcast

Mid-Summer 2012 Podcast

For many people, the end of August means the either the end of summer or at least very close to it — too close in fact. Yet on the anime calendar, we’re only a little over halfway through the summer cour! So while the days are still long and the evenings are still warm, go for a nice walk, take the car out for a spin — and put on your favorite anime podcast because we have another great episode for you.

Minor Podcast 01 feat. BakaMochi and Stereoman

Minor Retrospective Podcast

In addition to our usual podcasts, we’re introducing a new shorter format featuring a smaller cast and more specific topics in order to discuss more than a season’s shows. And to kick things off, our guests this episode are two wonderful writers who haven’t had their time to shine in previous podcasts: BakaMochi and Stereoman.

Mid-Spring 2012 Podcast

Mid-Spring 2012 Podcast Banner

Random Curiosity is proud to present our first ever podcast! In this inaugural episode, the topic is a mid-season retrospective where we introduce our lovely voices and personalities to the world, talk about the shows we like and love but didn’t get to blog about, and discuss some of our favorite characters, music, and animation from this season.