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Steins;Gate – 04

「空理彷徨のランデヴー」 (Kūri Hōkō no Randevū)
“Rendezvous of Abstract Fluctuation”

The misguided hunt continues, switching focus to finding the IBN 5100 on a smaller scale, but fighting against SERN on a larger scale. For what purpose? To save the world. Even though he’s a mad scientist.

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Steins;Gate – 03

「並列過程のパラノイア」 (Heiretsu Katei no Paranoia)
“Paranoia of Parallel Process”

Steins Gate is first uttered on screen… and it does not mean what you think it means. Actually, according to Daru, it doesn’t mean anything.

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Steins;Gate – 02

「時間跳躍のパラノイア」 (Jikan Chouyaku no Paranoia)
“Paranoia of Time Leaps”

I knew the cast had a ton of female characters, probably because visual novels are still dominated by male players, but I didn’t expect this many to be introduced in the story already.

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Steins;Gate – 01

「始まりと終わりのプロローグ」 (Hajimari to Owari no Purorōgu)
“Prologue of the Beginning and End”

So who didn’t get this show? Yes, yes, I see a lot of.. nothing because I’m looking at a monitor, but I can guess most people with no previous knowledge of the story have really no concrete idea of what happened. Don’t worry, I’m in the same boat.

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