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Last Exile -Ginyoku no Fam- – 08


I certainly hope Gonzo has those little financial issues worked out, because they dropped a whole lot of yen on CGI with this episode.

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Fate/Zero – 10

「凛の冒険」 (Rin no Bouken)
“Rin’s Adventure”

Being a full episode about Rin, this could’ve easily been saved as a side story instead of one of the regular episodes, but only a fool would actually think that when childhood Rin is absolutely adorable. There were plenty of full-length pans, a shot of the million-dollar smile, and the arrival of the “true” Hero of Justice, making this a worthwhile endeavor in my books.

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WORKING’!! – 10

「ケータイ無問題」 (Kētai, Mōmantai)
“Cellphone, No Problem”

Souta sexually harasses Inami which prevents her from coming back to work. Just kidding! We all know he wouldn’t do that…Or would he?

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Bleach 475 – Why So Angry?

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「聖夜の夜に」 (Seiya no Yoru ni)
“On the Night of Christmas Eve”

It’s a tad bit early, but with the holidays quickly approaching, the timing of IM@S’ Christmas episode is probably about as good as it gets. Compared to recent weeks with Chihaya’s traumatic past and 961 Pro’s meddling, this was easily one of the more uplifting episodes to roll around too.

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 09

「理事長は追想が切ない(-_-)」 (Rijichou wa Tsuisou ga Setsunai (-_-))
“The Board Chairman’s Memories are Painful”

Honestly, I’m having some difficulty trying to express in words how I felt about the first eight minutes of this episode.

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