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First Impressions: He Is My Master – 12 (END)

Short Summary:Izumi’s still feeling pretty down when Mitsuki and Anna tell her that Yoshitaka is up. Visiting him in the hospital though, it seems he isn’t feeling much better than Izumi was. She slaps some sense into him and they go to take back his house. Takami is there waiting and still wants Mitsuki. Mitsuki […]

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First Impressions: Futakoi Alternative – 13 (END – SPOILERS ALERT)

Summary:The explosion from the end of last week’s episode had left the floor under Sara crumbling. Luckily, Rentarou rushes across and makes it just in time to grab her hand. Downstairs in the chapel, Souju boards the plane and takes off so that she can retrieve Rentarou and Sara. Outside however, the Ikaros folks have […]

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Miscellaneous: CHEMISTRY – Wings of Words (Gundam SEED Destiny OP4)

I assume this is the radio rip off of the Oh! My Radio program on J-Wave radio from yesterday. If you listen closely, you can hear them saying “the Wings of Words” at the 3:27 mark. This is unlike previous GSD openings, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see the actual OP sequence. CHEMISTRY is […]

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Subbed: Gokujou Seitokai – 08

Short Summary:It’s almost midterms time and the Gokujou Seitokai has a policy that all members must pass or resign from their positions. This puts Rino in quite a bind as she’s bad at studying (and pretty dumb in general). The group decides to help her study, but even with their talents, her improvement is marginal […]

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First Impressions: Kamichu! – 01

So, um, I’m not sure I understood enough of the first half to give a summary, so I’m just going to post some impressions. If you want to watch the episode in screens to see more screenshots, see lolitron’s post. Ignore his crazed pedo rantings though, reading it will make you go blind. Our story […]

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Miscellaneous: YUKI – Dramatic PV

In celebration of the release of the single, here’s the PV. ^_^This was a really fun PV that fits the title of the series it’s featured in. Which means, of course, that there’s plenty of Honey and Clovers. The animation style is very cute, and clips from a live performance of the song are interspersed […]

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First Impressions: Bleach – 38

Short Summary:The Ichigo vs. Zaraki fight goes into full swing as our hero fights the dreaded captain of the eleventh division. Unfortunately, Ichigo is unable to hurt Zaraki at all, so he goes on the run. Back at the eighth division, Nanao is informed of the death of Captain Aizen. She tells Captain Kyouraku and […]

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First Impressions: Sousei no Aquarion – 13

Short Summary:When we left off last week, Thoma was scaring the bejeezus out of Apollo by showing up in the cockpit. He takes Apollo and reminds him of the stuff they did long ago. When he finally releases his grip, Apollo can still only think of Baron. Thoma uses the Shadow Angel to throw Aquarion […]

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Subbed: Honey & Clover – 10

Short Summary:It’s the holidays, so the group decides to take a short trip. On the ferry, Mayama notices that Takemoto has been depressed lately and talks to him about it. After informing him of the situation (Hagu-chan, Morita, and the broach), Takemoto learns that Mayama always knew that he liked Hagu-chan. Mayama encourages Takemoto to […]

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Miscellaneous: Ai no Epuron (Apron of Love, ie. Celebrity Iron Chef)

Out of random curiosity, I picked up this show off of a torrent on Tosho. Boy was I glad I did. The basic premise is similar to Iron Chef, you have some celebrities/idols (usually three) who are cooking a selected dish for a panel of judges, at least one of whom is a celebrity of […]

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First Impressions: Tsubasa Chronicle – 12

Short Summary:Our heroes arrive in a new jungle world – one void of people. Mokona detects a strong power in the lake by where they arrived. Syaoran decides to dive in to find the feather. Unfortunately, he’s initially unsuccessful at finding anything. Sitting by the fire that evening, Sakura tells Syaoran of the birthday dream […]

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First Impressions: Gundam SEED Destiny – 36

We pick up where we left off last week, with Gilbert giving Shinn and Athrun their new gundams. Athrun is really angry at what Gilbert is doing and questions the war and the chairman’s actions. He gets even more worked up when he looks at Meer. Gilbert justifies the attack on the ArchAngel by saying […]

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First Impressions: Zettai Shounen – 06

Short Summary:We start with Ayumu looking at a cell phone picture of his family together when he was young. Later, his mother calls him and expresses her concern, but the conversation gets cut off by wierd static. That day, at 2PM, electronics across town start to go haywire: Miki’s father’s TV is cut off and […]

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Subbed: Gokujou Seitokai – 07

Short Summary:Mayura is spotted leaving the campus dressed for a date by the landlady. The Gokujou Seitokai is concerned, especially after their research reveals that the guy has rather sleazy intentions. Nanaho devises a plan and keeps it a secret from Mayura and the president. She has the girls set out to convince him to […]

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Miscellaneous: Dear Friends: Music From Final Fantasy Concert

Arnie Roth conducted this concert (he does all of them) and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performed it. Nobuo Uematsu wasn’t present, but we did get to hear a recorded message from him. Liberi Fatali was the first song, followed by introductions. Songs thereafter were played in groups of 3. If the Final Fantasy a song […]

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