Random Musings – Shadow Warrior Chronicles and HanTsuki Drama

  • So the news of the day is that Utawarerumono got licensed by ADV, and that its English release name will be “Shadow Warrior Chronicles,” at least according to what ANN is reporting from Otakon. I usually don’t care at all about dubs or how things are done stateside, but this was just too hilarious and ridiculous a name to pass up.
    Having said that, the growing consensus seems to be that either ADV or ANN screwed up and that the English titles for Utawarerumono and the other ADV license Shin Angyo Onshi – supposedly re-titled “Blade of the Phantom Mask” – got mixed up. This would make a ton of sense, since Shin Angyo Onshi actually has “phantom soldiers” (aka. shadow warriors) and Utawarerumono actually features someone with a mask. “Blade of the Phantom Mask” still isn’t a fantastic title, but it’s not bad either. And it certainly doesn’t make me crack up like “Shadow Warrior Chronicles” does (at least in relation to Utawarerumono).
  • In other news, it seems that Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora is getting a j-drama coming in October on TV Tokyo. Rika will be played by Ishida Miku. I certainly wasn’t expecting a drama for this at all, but it’ll be interesting to see how it matches up to the novels and the anime.
    Source: Yahoo News