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Guilty Crown – Lost Christmas

「an episode of port town」

Well, just in case anyone was about to forget about it, Guilty Crown returns with this 11-minute OVA after a season and a half after its finale.

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Guilty Crown – 22 (END)

「祈り convergence」 (Inori)

Well, after 22 weeks, Guilty Crown finally ends. And in true GC fashion, the finale mixes stunning visuals and a great OST with some questionable plot.

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Guilty Crown – 21

「羽化 emergence」 (Uka)

Well, I complained about wanting Guilty Crown to step it up a notch last episode, and this week Guilty Crown certainly offers up a lot of things as it heads into its penultimate episode. The conflict gets brought back to Gai, Mana/Inori and Shuu, which is fitting since that’s how ‘Lost Christmas’ came about the last time.

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Guilty Crown – 20

「追想 a diary」 (Tsuisou)

This was a pretty ‘quiet’ episode by Guilty Crown‘s standards, which is both a good and a bad thing. First, the good: exposition is never a bad thing. Next, the bad: this is the lead-in to the penultimate episode – not a good time for an info-dump, especially if it’s something viewers can piece together themselves.

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Guilty Crown – 19

「贖罪 rebirth」 (Shokuzai)

In many ways, this latest episode of Guilty Crown was a step in the right direction. However, there were still moments that I found rather irksome, which prevented it from being a complete step in the right direction.

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Guilty Crown – 18

「流離 Dear…」 (Ryuuri)

“Okay… I’m way too tired to be writing about an episode like this, so you guys can have first crack at it. I’ll have a full write-up tomorrow.”

I didn’t intend to make my original note to be as sarcastic as it ended up sounding — as I was simply too tired from work to put together a coherent post for such an episode full of “interesting” developments — but it does touch upon my ever-changing impression of this series.

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Guilty Crown – 17

「革命 exodus」 (Kakumei)

Well if there’s one thing about Guilty Crown that never disappoints, it would be its ability to surprise. Granted, that’s largely because I can’t see where the writers are going with a story that has a severe identity crisis, but hey, I can’t say I’m opposed to the idea that we have a new antihero protagonist and a new heroine to go with him.

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Guilty Crown – 16

「王国 the tyrant」 (Oukoku)

Hmm, where do I start? While I can understand Shuu’s decision to become a tyrant, maintain order with an iron fist, and try to save everyone that way, I really don’t understand the king-like treatment that Yahiro’s making everyone give him.

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Guilty Crown – 15

「告白 sacrifice」 (Kokuhaku)

I think I died a little inside watching the latest episode of Guilty Crown, as one of my big reasons I’m still enjoying the series was snatched away before my very eyes.

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Guilty Crown – 14

「攪乱 election」 (Kakuran)

As much as I love Hare, she does say the darndest things. Shuu can be a king? Come on Hare, you’re just playing right? Right!?

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Guilty Crown – 13

「学園 isolation」 (Gakuen)

After the conclusion of “Guilty Crown season one” last week, I’m admittedly torn over the direction of this continuation. The new opening sequence foreshadows a much darker and gloomier tone with Shuu manning up in Gai’s absence, but the episode itself switches back to the school life side of things with a culture festival during a quarantine lockdown.

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Guilty Crown – 12

「再誕 the lost christmas」 (Saitan)

Did I just watch the finale? Because it sure felt like I watched the finale. Every subtle development that’s been built up so far culminated to a finale-worthy conclusion — and in ways that were fairly satisfying too.

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Guilty Crown – Special

「軌跡 reassortment」 (Kiseki)

For a one-hour recap special that added absolutely nothing new — not even from the small amounts of narration — this felt like a pilot episode more than anything else. Viewing it as such, I dare say it was a pretty darn good one too because it cut out all the irksome developments and simply focused on all the stuff that makes Guilty Crown good.

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Guilty Crown – 11

「共鳴 resonance」 (Kyoumei)

Considering how the last episode went, this week’s was definitely a step in the right direction. Most of my complaints about Shuu’s flakiness were addressed with him coming clean with his friends about his Void Genome; however, just as things were looking up, the writers had to script in the most unconvincing reason to get them to help him save Funeral Parlor — “They believed in me.”

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Guilty Crown – 10

「縮退 retraction」 (Shukutai)

I’d like to think that I’m pretty forgiving as far as anime goes — particularly when it comes to overused stereotypes — but while Guilty Crown’s done a decent job of avoiding that pitfall lately, there always seems to be something else that rubs me the wrong way. This time it was Shuu and almost everything about his character.

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