It’s time to announce the winner of my contest – congratulations to Tonameki!

Tonameki was the first person to get all 14 chibis correct on the first try (some others got it right too but they just retried guessing under different nicks)! So our winner is Tonameki! Click here to get your chibi in its full size (clean PNG).

I promised I’d give you the correct answers with this post, so here they are, and I’ve also decided to add some information about them and this project of mine!

This project started with Verdant. I heard that he is called “Vampire Robot”, so I was wondering what a “Vampire Robot” is and decided to draw one. To make things a bit more fun, I thought I’d draw this “Vampire Robot” as a chibi. When I was done, Verdant showed the chibi to Cherrie (who holds some strange power over me), who suggested I should draw all of us. And that’s how I got into this hard, but fun challenge. I must say, there were times when I felt like giving up, but my love for RC and its amazing writers kept me going. I love you guys, and it’s been so much fun drawing these! I’m so happy I finished the project! Special thanks to Cherrie and Verdant for always being so encouraging, and to Stilts and Moomba for helping me pick colors when I was stuck, and to Prooof for making the fantastic background for my chibis, and finally to Divine for letting me publish this on RC (I’m sorry I always make fun of you). Now, to the correct answers and some information about the chibis.

1. Verdant
Verdant is known as the “Vampire Robot”, so I gave his chibi fangs and robot antennas. This chibi’s object is a toothbrush, a reference from Nisemonogatari – a show Verdant covered here on RC. Vampires are usually considered to be evil, but Verdant is one of the kindest people I’ve ever talked to, and I hope I managed to make his chibi look kind like him.

2. Unlisted
Unlisted was one of the chibis almost everyone had troubles with. I’ve chatted with him a lot (and he is really funny and kind) but still, I had problems figuring out how to draw him, so I asked Unlisted about the design. Unlisted wanted to be drawn with a pile of books. Sometimes, Unlisted can be found procrastinating. He usually studies the day before something is due, so I wanted his chibi to look a bit lazy and tired but at the same time a bit hardworking too. That’s why I added a cup of coffee. Too bad his papers are ruined now… Sorry Unlisted! I hope you don’t drop FAIRY TAIL because of this!

3. BakaMochi
BakaMochi likes dogs a lot and asked me to draw her with one. She also told me that she likes to use hair clips so I gave her one which unfortunately is very hard to spot on the banner. Her chibi’s pose is quite similar to the one that can be seen on the picture in her introduction post. Unfortunately, I know very little about BakaMochi because I rarely find her on our IRC channel, so I wanted her to look a bit mysterious. I hope to get to know BakaMochi better because she seems like such a fun person!

4. Divine
Divine was actually quite a challenge for me. I asked Cherrie for some help and she told me I should add a horse. Well, I can’t draw animals that well (because I suck), so I gave him a horse on a stick. But that didn’t feel “divine” enough, so I added a crown and a cape. Later on, Moomba told me to add wings, and so I did. I think the chibi suits Divine very much because it’s one of the few chibis I made based on our author names. It looks like a strong and kind leader – just like Divine himself!

5. Prooof
Prooof is a big fan of magi. As you might’ve noticed, the character on his gravatar is Fai from Tsubasa Chronicle. I made his chibi’s hairstyle quite similar to Fai’s, and I also added Fai’s staff on this picture. Like BakaMochi, I know very little about Prooof so I made his chibi look a bit mysterious too, but the few times I’ve had the chance to chat with him, he has been very nice and kind.

6. Takaii
The word “takai” has various meanings in Japanese, but one of them is “high”, so I wanted Takaii’s chibi to sit somewhere high. Takaii himself wanted a Mahjong piece on the picture so I made him sit on top of it. Takaii seems like a very kind, easygoing, and calm person to me so I gave his chibi a cup of green tea. I don’t know why but I connect green tea with the word “calm”; I hope I’m not the only one…

7. Guardian Enzo
The character on Guardian Enzo’s gravatar comes from a show called Cross Game. It’s a baseball show, so I gave his chibi a baseball uniform and tried to write “SEISHUN” on the shirt (based on the uniforms in the show). Guardian Enzo asked me if I could add the guardian logo from ReBoot somewhere on his chibi so I gave him a headband with the logo on it. And of course, a baseball player must have a bat – so I made one! Personally, I think Guardian Enzo’s writing reflects his passion for blogging very much, so I wanted his chibi to have a passionate look as in – passion for whatever he is doing (in this case – baseball).

8. Zephyr
Zephyr is a biomolecular science student (mentioned in his introduction post) so I wanted him to look like a scientist. Moomba suggested I’d make him look a bit crazy by adding burn holes and stains on the lab coat. But I didn’t want Zephyr himself to look insane; I wanted him to look like he is in control of whatever crazy experiment he is working on, so I made the chibi smile. Zephyr is a very cool person, so I tried to make his chibi as cool as him. As for the headstone in the background, those of you who visit our IRC channel know that Zephyr’s nick is “Ghost_Zephyr” over there. I connect ghosts with death, so I made a headstone that his chibi could lean on.

9. Cherrie
Cherrie is always encouraging me, she is very supportive and always nice, so I wanted her chibi to look kind and smiling. Her chibi was going to hold a slice of banana bread but I failed, and it became a piece of toast. And if you’re wondering why food is involved – just read the title for her introduction post! I wanted to connect her chibi a little bit with “cherry”. Cherrie herself asked for reddish-pink hair and I added a gradient to make it look cherry-colored (according to Google).

10. Asobi
Asobi was one of the chibis many of you had trouble with in my contest. Asobi is a very busy person, so it’s hard to find him in our IRC channel. But I managed to do so and he told me he’d like a sword and mentioned some shows where I could find some inspiration. He mentioned Sword Art Online in his introduction post so I thought I’d go with a design from that. There are so many sword designs in that show, so in the end, I mixed the blade from one sword, and the hilt from another, and on top of that, I changed the colors! Asobi’s chibi may look a bit angry and serious, but I assure you, he is really nice and I have lots of fun chatting with him!

11. Stilts
Now this is the chibi I had most fun drawing! I don’t have to say much about Stilts’ personality, it stands out anyway. I wanted the chibi to look fun, and a bit drunk, just like Stilts himself. I gave Stilts’ chibi some beer and a pair of stilts. As for his facial expression – I wanted his chibi to look like he is having fun in a mischievous way. He was one of the chibis that most people got before I even got the time to post my first hint! Stilts truly has an outstanding personality, doesn’t he?

12. Moomba
Moomba was almost as difficult as Divine when it came to the design. I honestly had no idea how to draw him so I based him on his favorite characters and shows. Moomba wanted a geass (reference from Code Geass) in one of his eyes, which unfortunately can’t be seen so well on the banner. I gave the chibi Lelouch‘s hairstyle as you’ve probably noticed. A musician must have something related to music – Moomba himself wanted a pair of headphones so I gave him red headphones, and also the pocket watch from Pandora Hearts – one of his favorite manga series! Moomba is a very talented composer and his music is amazing. He has composed the RC theme for our podcasts! Go listen to it!

13. Stereoman
It feels weird to write about myself here, but oh well. I don’t think anyone has missed that I’m a FAIRY TAIL fan, so I added the FAIRY TAIL guild logo to my t-shirt. Something you don’t know about me is that I’m a big fan of Hatta the Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. It’s a story I’ve loved since childhood and I still love it very much. The “Mad” in my twitter nick @MadStereoman comes from this character. So, I made my chibi wear Hatta’s hat and I made sure to add the price tag (10 Shillings/6 Pence) on it. I actually made my chibi wear clothes I have, and its hairstyle is similar to mine. I wanted the chibi to look childish, which is why it’s grinning and jumping up in the air (trying to glomp Moomba).

14. Zanibas
The final chibi is Zanibas. This chibi will probably make more sense if you visit our IRC channel, where you can “v0id” people – something Zanibas and I tend to do a lot. So, I made Zanibas chibi kick someone into the “v0id”, whatever that is… As for the chibi’s design, Zanibas is a yandere, so I added a gray gradient on the face. But I promise you, Zanibas won’t kill you! Zanibas is actually a lot nicer than the chibi! If you look closely, you might notice that the chibi is drooling – that is a reference to one of the shows Zanibas is covering right now – Nazo no Kanojo X.

And that’s all I have to say about this project. Once again, congratulations Tonameki!


  1. Thank you so much Stereoman. I really love your artwork (the cat represents my cat his name is Bono and I always put him on my head even though he hates it :D). Stilts I would love to drink with you sometimes 😀 and ofcourse with the rest of you guys and girls too. Finally I will have to thank some of the posters to as they pointed out the details I missed.


  2. Awwww…! Love you too Stereoman! No need to thank me, we’re soulmates remember? 😉
    P.S. I thought of another creative way to use our chibis =) I’ll have to run it by Divine first but seeing as I “hold some strange power“, it shouldn’t be too hard.

  3. When did this happen? I can’t believe I missed this!! T_T Although I doubt I would win, I would’ve still joined! *sigh* Anyway, Congrats to the winner! Btw, Stereoman I have a suggestion, why don’t you make a Zazzle Store with these chibi version of the writers or maybe the non-chibi versions like the one you have in your blog! ;). Joining is free and there are a lot of products you can put these chibis into and then you can promote them here!

  4. I would like to clarify one thing now that the contest is over:

    ANYONE who has been v0ided by me is the person being kicked into oblivion. Yes, Stereo has two representations of herself, and almost everyone that has fighting spirit in the IRC channel has a chibi representation :3.

    1. Croos seems to believe it’s him. He’s closing in to 500 (700+ if v0id didn’t get corrupted), so it could very well be him.

      Anyone who supports Croos’ beliefs can go into the IRC channel and type “/me kicks Croos into the v0id“.

  5. Still can’t get over that sword part for Asobi orz
    The coat looked like Kirito’s but I assumed it was Kerry’s orz

    Well congrats anyways. Lurking really paid of I think 😛

    1. The sword he drew is Kirito’s Elucidator sword hilt mixed with the Dark Repulsor blade.Perhaps if would have been more obvious if Stereo had Asobi dual wield.

      Suppa Tenko
      1. Yes I know that. That’s why I can’t get over it orz.
        And most probably it will be easier to guess if he had dual wielded, though I don’t think I would have won as I messed up some choices too. Oh well.

  6. This just had to happen when I am reaching the peak of my college life (i.e. busy with college and test)…..

    Congrats Tonameki-san for winning and I’m jealous Scratch tht, I only got one or two correct….. (I think its Stereo and Divine–>I guessed its either 4 or 5)

    -Comments on chibis-

    Divine is as “divine” as usual.
    Cherry, your chibi looks lk Yurippe/Haruhi w/out the hair band lol.
    Never though BakaMochi is female… And I though her chibi is takaii one… (tall)
    Verdant, vapmire robots? srsly? with toothbrush? I hope u r nice…..
    Unlisted chibi looks lk he just woke up frm late night study session XD
    So Stereo has a pony tail and a nice hat…. Wht your gender?
    Oky, nvr though Zaniii looks dat creepy….. (NEW IDEAS!) Poor croos-tan…..
    Moomba chibi reminds me of a dyed white hair and serious looking Yosuke.
    And I though Asobi is a female lol..
    Stilts… LOL should’ve notice the visual pun.
    I suddenly have a vision of Zephyr doing Okarin “stuff”….
    G.Enzo looks lk he reaching a lvl of seishun-ness close to Stereo and/or SeishunOtoko.
    And takaii is just…takaii.

  7. I didn’t really guess properly but got 4/5 right. Kind of wish I did it properly for the fun of it, to see if I actually got them right or not.

    I can’t believe I didn’t see Divine=Divine at first. Maybe it’s just because I don’t picture Divine as a blonde…but Unlisted’s chibi suits him as well don’t you think? I like that I identified Zanibas as the Yandere though. Kind of pulled that out of my a**.

      1. Which kind is Zanibas?

        If -it- (lol) is a girl I’m pretty shocked even more than with StereoMAN bahaha. Zanibas always sounded like such a bro to me. Obviously in a good way. Oh god so confused.

  8. A lot of thought went into this Stereoman! I really enjoyed reading all of the thought behind each chibi, and what sparked the ideas for their design. Great work! 🙂


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