Kakumeiki Valvrave – 16, 17, 18

「マリエ解放/情報原子(RUNE)の深淵/父の願い」 (Marie Kaihou / Jōhō Genshi (Rune) no Shin’en / Chichi no Negai)
“Marie Released” / “The Abyss of the Runes” / “A Father’s Wish”

My name is Michael, please allow me to abduct you! The death toll continues to pile up as the many conspiracies start to unravel…

Kakumeiki Valvrave – 14, 15

「大気圏の兄妹/カルルスタインへの帰還」 (Taikiken no Kyōdai / Karurusutain e no Kikan)
“Siblings of the Atmosphere” / “Return to Karlstein”

Blood splatters everywhere! Stranded right at the heart of enemy territory and more big-time revelations to come – nothing has ever turned out as planned when it comes to Kakumeiki Valvrave.

Kuroko no Basuke 2 – 26

「こんな所で会うとはな」 (Kon’na Tokorode Au To Hana)
“I’ve Never Thought We’d Meet Here”

Beautiful boys and their fervent passion for basketball – I love everything that KuroBasu embodies. A beauty-marked bishie and yet another player from the “Generation of Miracles” make their appearances – bring on the bromance, drama and badasseries!

High School DxD NEW – 12 (END)

「二天龍、激突!」 (Ni Tenryū, Gekitotsu!)
“Two Heavenly Dragon, Collide!”

“I don’t want to die just yet, I haven’t taken buchou’s virginity” – going out with a bang, an overwhelm of badassery and a galore of exquisite boobies. Bravo and well done, High School DxD!
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Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince – 24 (END)

「宇宙に散る花」 (Uchū ni chiru hana)
“Flowers that Fall in Space”

A majestic “Wing of Light”, guiding both the humans and the Wulgaru to a brand new evolutionary path – this was a finale that seems more like a new beginning than an actual conclusion!