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K-ON! – 09

Azu-nyan hazing not as bad as Churuya-san abuse, but equally amusing indeed.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 09

Ed wakes up in the hospital with Ross and Brosh watching over him, and they report that the laboratory was destroyed.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 09

On the Imperial side, a young man named Karl Oswald has recently been assigned to be Selvaria’s aide.

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Hatsukoi Limited – 08

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and Misaki consults with Yoshihiko about what it means to guys since she’s considering giving chocolates to Yuuji.

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Focal Point – Reboot!

The “reboot” (as is used in serial works of fiction) should really be classified as a sub-category of the adaptation. After all, both take a previous piece of fiction and “butcher” it in a way that often upsets FANS (I capitalize to emphasize the type of fan that makes the rest of us groan with our foreheads nestled in our palms), while at the same time potentially enticing newcomers to an established series.

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Light Novels: Bungaku Shoujo v01

Full title: “Bungaku Shoujo” to Shinitagari no Pierrot
Author: Nomura Mizuki
Illustrator: Takeoka Miho
Label: Famitsu Bunko
Year of publication: 2006
Pages: 254

This is a mystery novel. It was okay.


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And now, a few words about this week’s chapter of Bleach because it’s on my mind, and I can’t not talk about it. Spoilers abound after the jump.

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Eden of the East – 08

After having a nightmare about Shiratori ripping apart a Johnny, Akira wakes up back home with Saki watching over him.

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Tears to Tiara – 07

Word gets out that there’s a fighting tournament in Londinium, but Arawn knows that they can’t participate if members of the Empire do.

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Light Novels: Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu v01

Full title: Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu
Author: Inoue Kenji
Illustrator: Haga Yui
Label: Famitsu Bunko
Year of publication: 2007
Pages: 283

This thing won an award, you know. I’m sure that’s supposed to count for something, but the award system for light novels never made much sense to me, since it seems they’re usually given to the publisher’s own works, which makes it feel like a “Look How Awesome Our Shit Is!” award more than anything else. Maybe I should convince Omni to give me a Random Curiosity Best Light Novel Blogger Award, narrowly beating out… myself?

Authoring the novel series is Inoue Kenji, and this particular volume is his debut work. It’s a pure comedy, and a popular one at that – Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! has the title skyrocketing from #8 to #3 in the past couple of years, and a manga adaptation started in the June issue of Shounen Ace. On top of that, there’ll be an anime version some time this winter. Illustration of the light novels is handled by Haga Yui, a lady who’s otherwise drawing a manga called Lotte no Omocha!, a fact that’s supported by the very nicely done colour manga introduction to the light novel. The grayscale illustrations inside are equally well made, with good use of shading to create a high quality effect.

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May’n – Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare (Shangri-la OP)


I know I’ve been posting a lot of PVs lately, but there have just been a lot of good songs and videos that have gotten my interest. May’n’s latest falls into the former category. You may remember that I wasn’t too keen about Shangri-la as a series, however one of the bright spots was the May’n opening song. It’s very catchy, and May’n shows off more of the vocal talents that we heard in Macross Frontier. The title also has some interesting background to it because it’s based on an old poem of the same name by Yosano Akiko. The PV, unfortunately, isn’t that great since it just has May’n singing and dancing, and there’s not a lot of variety in camera shots. I realize of course that I’ve been spoiled by some good videos lately, so your mileage may vary. In fact, when Divine saw the video, he mentioned that he was content with just watching May’n dancing in that outfit for four minutes. In any case, I love the song, but the PV not so much, and I’m still not that inclined to find the time to watch Shangri-la.

The single for Kimi Shinitamou koto nakare is already out.

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Bleach – 221

Barragan isn’t too happy with the performance of his fracción and gets off his throne, but his remaining two fracción promise results and have him sit back down.

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A commenter on the Negai post last week reminded me of some of the past groups I’ve posted about, and one of those groups put out a really good song recently. MONKEY MAJIK is a band that I talked about a few years ago but haven’t been paying attention to for a while. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, they’re a group led by a pair of Canadian brothers who speak Japanese. Aishiteru is the aptly-titled theme song they perform for the NTV drama Aishiteru (which incidentally I hear is quite good). It’s a really nice love song that, like their others, is a mix of English and Japanese. The PV was very interesting to watch too because it’s a combination of papercraft-esque animation with ragdoll characters and real life. I’m not sure I completely understand it, but it appears to tell the story of a guy in love who falls out of heaven, gets eaten by a fish, and the girl saves him in the fish market. I know it sounds like of stupid, but I thought it was worth the watch and definitely the listen. I’m even curious about the drama now.

The single for Aishiteru is due out June 10th, 2009.

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Basquash! – 08

Flora has been chasing after Dan and company, and she finally catches up with them in a desert town.

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K-ON! – 08

You wanted more music? You got it.

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