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Usagi Drop – 04

「てがみ」 (Tegami)

It’s uncommon to see a serious anime featuring young children, but Usagi Drop portrays their interactions very naturally.

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Sacred Seven – 05

「心のカガミ」 (Kokoro no Kagami)
“Mirror of the Heart”

When there’s a big f–king gun that’s only good for one shot, it’s an absolute tease if it’s never fired. The rational side of me understands Makoto’s hesitation to use it when Ruri’s right next to him, but come on… shoot the Corundum Laser Cannon. With a name like that and an expensive ruby burned in the process, it’s just begging to have its trigger pulled.

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Ouran High School Host Club (Drama) – 02

「Episode 2」

Now that I’m settled in with all the actors in their respective roles, I have to say I found this second episode absolutely hilarious.

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Ro-Kyu-Bu! – 05

「ハードに火をつけて」 (Haado ni Hi wo Tsukete)
“Light a Fire Hard”

I don’t think there was any doubt that Takenaka Natsuhi would become more central to the story than as a stepping stone for Tomoka and the others to elevate their game. After all, he provides an outsider’s take on the girls and is quick to call Subaru a lolicon too.

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Mayo Chiki! – 04

「あんまりジロジロみるな・・・」 (Amari Jirojiro Miru na…)
“Stop Staring So Much…”

I can’t shake the feeling that Mayo Chiki has skipped quite a few episodes of development to help explain the closeness in Jirou and Subaru’s relationship, but I am starting to wonder if it’s because I’ve been unconsciously brainwashed into believing that anime characters take an entire season before there are any noticeable changes in them.

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「自分を変えるということ」 (Jibun wo Kaeru to Iu Koto)
“What It Means To Change Oneself”

It was no Iron Chef — one of my favorite cooking shows — but the 765 Pro girls were surprisingly good at cooking.

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Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi – 04

「いまだ天魔は歌われない」 (Imada Tenma ha Utawarenai)
“The Tenma Has Yet to Sing”

I wouldn’t say that this show is bad, but it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. Sure there may be a ton of questions that are being brought up, but there’s the hope that everything will be answered in the end, right? Either way, the events in this episode raised so many different questions that I felt inclined to start drafting a flow chart.

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Dantalian no Shoka – 03

「叡智の書/月下美人」 (Eichi no Sho / Gekkabijin)
“Book of Wisdom/Queen of the Night”

I’m certainly not the first person to point this out, but one of the refreshing things about Dantalian no Shoka is that pretty much everyone in it is smart. It certainly spares us a lot of cliched moments of people doing stupid things and asking stupid questions.

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Mawaru Penguindrum – 04

「舞い落ちる姫君」 (Maiochiru Himegimi)
“Descending Princess”

Ikuhara must not like me or something. Just when I got into the “Survival Strategy” swing of things and was looking forward to another “Himari” appearance, he decides not to have one in the very next episode.

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BLOOD-C – 04

「なげけとて」 (Negeke tote)
“Even If I Lament”

Well, four episodes later, we finally got the craaazy development we’ve been waiting for — is it a dog… or a cat!?

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NO.6 – 04

「生と死と」 (Sei to Shi to)
“Life and Death”

So here’s the dilemma I’m facing after the 4th episode of this series. I find myself laughing, repeatedly and uproariously, and not being sure whether I’m supposed to be laughing at all.

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Kami-sama no Memo-chou – 03

「僕が二人にできること」 (Boku ga Futari ni Dekiru Koto)
“What I Can Do For Those Two”

I feel like there’s a huge breach of privacy going on here with Alice’s incredible hoard of information, largely gathered by tapping phone calls, hacking databases and secretly tracking people.

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Naruto 549 – And 146 Chapters Later…

July 28, 2011 at 2:20 am Comments (40)

Bleach 458 – Turn to the Dark Side

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Kami-sama Dolls – 04

「ヘルマ」 (Heruma)

As unusual as it may sound, there’s a lot happening every episode, but I still haven’t gotten into the story about a small village and its mysterious god-like dolls. I’m not the least bit disappointed about Aki escaping again, Kuuko butting her head into things, and Koushirou/Kirio showing up, but I’ve never really felt compelled to say anything about what’s going on either.

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